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Why Small Businesses Matter

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You're IT MerriMane!

Three questions with Jasmine Hodgson, founder and owner of MerriMane.

Why did you start your business?

MerriMane was created from my personal need for outerwear that would be a year-round staple for my two daughters and take them from the playground to a party and all of the adventures between. I was guilty of purchasing beautiful wool coats for Lily and Claire that were worn once and needed to create something that I could not find in stores—a jacket that was fashionable and functional. Beginning with sketches in a scrapbook and sourcing the softest most durable fabrics, MerriMane’s signature Velveteen Fleece™ was born. A unique, velvety blend that is as equally soft as it is durable the Velveteen Fleece™ maintains the same look and feel wash after wash—a first for the outerwear market.

Finish this sentence in regard to your business: I wish I could...

I wish I could ensure every child is able to get outside and play year-round in a comfortable jacket without worrying about getting messy! I chose truly machine washable fabrics in the hopes that children are free to explore and Mom's can rest easy knowing the jacket will be looking new after a quick wash.

Best selling product/service?

In starting MerriMane on my own, I committed to focusing on just a few styles that I knew both children and their parents would love. Our Bloom style for girls has been flying off the shelves. The colors, floral linings and decorative ruffle trim have made the Bloom my top seller thus far.

Visit MerriMane online here.

MerriMane tags Wiggles & Giggles in Darien. "The owner Erica Wood has been a great support to me as I have started this line and the jackets are now carried in her adorable Darien boutique!" says Jasmine.



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