Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk Statement Regarding SeaQuest


The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk holds itself to the highest standards for animal care, exhibit design and guest safety; a level that earns us prestigious accreditation by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (the AZA). Our guests can feel confident that the animals displayed in The Maritime Aquarium receive care that meets or exceeds professional standards, and that the Aquarium is an institution that demonstrates excellence in – and a commitment to – animal care, safety, conservation and education.


We recognize that not all commendable institutions displaying live animals are able to meet AZA’s high standards.


However, we are concerned when we read that SeaQuests’ operations in other locations not only have fallen short of AZA standards, they have triggered criminal charges and regulatory fines in response to their care of animals and their attempted procuring of species from the marine environment.


Such actions should not be tolerated by Connecticut residents, who can take pride in its AZA-accredited institutions: The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk; Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo; and Mystic Aquarium.



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