Darien-based financial reporting firm, Mirador, LLC, celebrates five years in town and record growth


A personal touch “brings Wall Street to Darien” as the firm works with clients to navigate uncertain economic times 


Financial reporting and technology consulting services firm, Mirador, LLC, recently celebrated a major milestone - its five-year anniversary. Launched in August 2015 with one employee and one client, Mirador’s client base and revenue have increased exponentially every year. Today, the firm has over 40 employees and continues to rapidly expand.


“Our incredible pace of growth is a testament to Mirador’s model of exquisite client service provided by an amazing staff, coupled with best-in-breed technology. We specialize in providing our clients with an unparalleled view of their total financial picture, while identifying hidden risks and opportunities. Now more than ever, this is so important,” said Joseph Larizza, Founder and Managing Partner.


Since its inception as a leading provider of bespoke portfolio-performance reporting solutions for high net-worth families, wealth management firms, and endowments and foundations, Mirador has expanded its service offerings beyond financial reporting. In these engagements, Mirador acts as an outsourced Chief Technology Officer (CTO), working with clients to choose and integrate the right combination of software and technology to support their business.


In its short history, Mirador has achieved numerous successes, including winning two consecutive Private Asset Management (PAM) Awards in the “Best Reporting Solution” category. Other highlights include starting a branch office in Salt Lake City; the opening of a subsidiary, Mirari Wealth Limited, in Dublin, Ireland to serve clients with non-US based investments; obtaining the EU Privacy Shield certification; and partnering with several key solution providers to provide expanded offerings to clients.


Mirador has laid deep roots in Darien – all four founders live in town, and thirty-three of its forty-plus employees live in Darien or surrounding areas. As the firm continues to grow and requires additional office space, Mirador expects to be one of the anchor tenants in Baywater Properties’ mixed-use project in Darien, The Corbin District. “When we started growing at an exceptional pace and needed more space, I looked at various locations and felt that downtown Darien for our headquarters was ideal on many levels. Our employees can either walk to and from the train, and/or their homes in town. This decrease in commute times adds greatly to our employees’ quality of life, and therefore our overall productivity,” said Larizza.


“The past few months brought unforeseen challenges. I am incredibly proud of how our company responded and I think the Mirador culture was a big factor,” said Heidi Davis, Mirador’s Chief of Staff. “Our staff is a diverse blend of parents who recently re-entered the work force, college graduates who relocated to the greater New York City area, as well as full and part-time employees who adapted to our new work environment without missing a beat. Mirador is an inclusive, flexible and innovative company, and the quality of our work is reflected in our growth.” She continued: “We were fortunate that we had already based our business outside the city – as many companies and residents are moving out. We had built our business around the remote model and had the technology and mindset in place to work under these new circumstances.”


Mirador’s two other founding partners, Jeremy Langlois and Michael Pakula, added that the combination of being a technology-enabled company where staff can work from anywhere, together with a headquarters in such a desirable location as downtown Darien with its access to Metro-North and local establishments, has been a catalyst to attracting top talent.


For more information about Mirador, visit: www.miradorllc.com or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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