Megan Searfoss, Owner of Ridgefield and Darien Running Company Blankets Biz Section of New York Times

It's not every day that a small business owner in Fairfield County blankets pages in the New York Times. 

Today, Tuesday, November 30, Megan Searfoss the owner of Ridgefield Running Company and Darien Running Company appears in the New York Times (NYT) business section in an article titled "Supply Chain Problems Have Small Retailers Gambling on Hoarding".

A real issue indeed due to the pandemic, the article shines a spotlight on the risk indie store took by ordering in bulk to combat supply chain backlog.

While Searfoss normally has about 3,000 pairs of shoes in stock ahead of the holiday season, the article states, "She watched supply chain concerns in Vietnam mount this summer and into the fall, she secured a new storage facility and is now carrying around 4,100 pairs." A decision that cost her about $165,000 more this year. 

Several other independent businesses dealing with supply chain issues are featured in today's NYT article including a furniture store that sells through Etsy, a local bookstore, and an online home goods store called Sololi with roots in Westchester County.

Read the article in its entirety here.

Searfoss was featured in the New York Times last year when they shed light on Solitary Leisure (aka running).



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