Will supply chain issues and the labor shortage improve in 2022? Chief U.S. Economist with Goldman Sachs Webinar Tomorrow

Small businesses are being impacted in a big way by supply chain issues. Just last week, a local running company with stores in Darien and Ridgefield blanketed the business section of the New York Times. 

Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8 from 1 to 2pm to hear David Mericle Chief U.S. Economist with Goldman Sachs weigh in on supply chain distributions, shutdowns, and labor shortages. Mericle will be the guest on the popular Wednesdays with Woodward Webinar series.

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Economic Outlook 2022 with Goldman Sachs’  Chief U.S. Economist

Shutdowns and reopenings (and more shutdowns). Supply chain disruptions. Unemployment and labor shortages. Record highs on Wall Street, record government stimulus and record economic growth.

The year 2021 has been a roller-coaster ride driven by a pandemic that’s managed to reshape the workforce and the global economy. So what will the economy look like in 2022? And what does it all mean for your business? Join us as Goldman Sachs’ Chief U.S. Economist David Mericle gives us his forecast and takes your questions. 

Presented by the Travelers Institute and Goldman Sachs.

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Presented by the Travelers Institute and Goldman Sachs.


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