EHS Prom 2015: A Few Helpful Reminders

With the Eastchester High School prom only one more sleep away, I can't help but notice that there seems to be more stress surrounding the event than excitement. We've all been neurotically planning our outfits, limos, and weekend plans for months, and it's hard to believe that the night is actually here. Here are a few reminders to ensure that everyone gets the most of their prom experience.

1. Be on time for your appointments - With the local nail salons and hairstylists juggling multiple clients a day during prom season, I wouldn't be surprised if they are fully booked tomorrow. Make sure to show up during your allotted time to avoid clashes and to ensure efficiency for everyone!

2. Pick up your corsage and boutonnière- Though annoyingly expensive, your prom look wouldn't be complete without a corsage and boutonnière on you and your date. Depending on its nature, you might also need to refrigerate yours as soon as you pick it up to avoid wilting!

3. Take a lot of pictures- I'm sure this is already at the top of everyone's list, but in all seriousness: This is our senior prom, and it's only going to come around once. So take as many pictures as you can, even if you might seem obnoxious to other people—it's your night anyway!

4. Thank your parents- Even if you paid for prom all by yourself (and if you did, kudos to you), you parents are such a huge part of why you've gotten to this point. So don't roll your eyes if they shed a tear at pre-prom and want to take one too many pictures- hug them goodbye and tell them you love them!

5. HAVE FUN- After all of the panic about posting dresses on the Facebook page to make sure no one else would get the same one, the anxiety behind every well executed and heartfelt promposal, the drama about who's riding on whose limo, and the collection of money enough to fund a small country, it's almost as if we forgot that the main point of this event is to have fun. This is the very last time we will all be together as one until graduation, and even then, we won't realize that it's all over. So laugh, feast, and dance the night away. Who cares if his tie doesn't match her dress exactly, or if your hairstyle isn't exactly the way you wanted it? This is your senior prom. Enjoy it in all of its imperfect glory: It's perfect anyway as long as you're with your friends, right?


A huge thank you to Mrs. Rothschild and the entire EGO office for making this night possible! Our gratitude also goes out to the Glen Island Harbour Club for hosting EHS's senior prom for yet another year!