C2 Education: Here to Soothe All of Your Final Exam Worries

There is no time of year that gets students as stressed and anxious as finals season. In a matter of weeks, they must remaster all they have been taught over the course of the school year, with their final scores determining their academic fate for next year. If all of this seems all too overwhelming for you, have no fear, because C2 Education is here to help you get the grades you need to finish off the year with a bang.

From now until June 20th, The Eastchester C2 Education program is offering a special event called Free Homework Help in order to ease the stress of finals for our local students. Each student who enrolls will be given a free two hour study session with a C2 tutor in any subject area he desires to ensure that he is ready for his exams. Our tutors are hand-picked based on high academic standards and qualifications. After successfully proving their aptitude on a teacher qualifying test in the top 5%, C2 tutors undergo rigorous and intensive training to build their qualifications as an instructor and tutor for their students.Center Director Dawn Park oversees every step of this process to ensure that each student is in the best program, curriculum, and with the best teacher.

C2 Education strives to make each student's learning experience under their care as unique, personal, and individual as possible. With customized and structurized programs fit for every type of student, C2 has the best recipe to guarantee a student's success. With a diagnostic assessment, the C2 team is able to specifically identify a student’s strengths and areas of improvement. The information from the assessment test helps to build a unique and personalized curriculum. Furthermore, upon detailed completion of a customized curriculum, a student will be placed in a session with a 3:1 student to teacher ratio with 1:1 personal instruction. This is considered to be the golden ratio in tutoring— it allows for personal attention but also teaches time management and independence. Also, students are more focused and motivated to learn when they see their peers learning.

Aside from this, C2 also preps students of all ages for standardized tests. Students seek C2 assistance for college entrance exams including current SAT, new SAT, and ACT, Regents, and private school entrance exams such as ISEE, TACHS, SSAT, and SHSAT.

If one is interested in becoming a regular C2 student, he must simply enroll himself and schedule sessions at times convenient for him. C2 is very flexible in terms of when students can come in, and even give them the freedom to choose how many sessions they want to attend.

Here is the perfect way to finish the year off strongly and get the grades that you desire! In the words of Ms. Park, "At C2 Education, we believe in our students and in their potential for greatness. We take students toward their dreams. C2 helps our
students and their families benefit from a better education, now and always." Schedule a session now before time runs out! Simply call (914) 793-2800 or visit their website at www.c2educate.com.


Also, don't forget to join their free webinar, "Becoming a National Merit Scholar & the New PSAT" tonight at 8PM EST!


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