EHS School Newspaper The Eaglet Wraps Up a Successful Year


At many high schools, the student newspaper is the pulse of the school community. Students and faculty alike greatly anticipate the publication of each issue, and are more than happy to either see their own writing, or maybe even just their picture, published in the paper. Though Eastchester High School’s student run paper, The Eaglet, may not share this same glory, this year, it has made great strides towards producing issues that truly allow for everyone’s voice to be heard.

Though the staff this year was composed of a mere 15 students, the individuals who make up The Eaglet are a very hardworking, motivated, and passionate group of people who are responsible for making the paper as successful as it was this year. Advisor Mr. Bryan Johnson notes that this year’s paper had a “distinctive flair and voice,” one that has not only attracted new writers, but has also tapped into corners of EHS that may fly under the radar on a day to day basis. With a whopping 60% of the staff graduating this June, the remaining staff has big shoes to fill, but it is nothing that incoming editor-in-chief Caitlin Cimons won’t be able to handle.

Today marks the release of The Eaglet’s June issue, which is the final issue of the year. Among other things, this issue explores Eastchester’s Relay for Life, the district wide Arts Festival, the amazing seasons of both the Girls Varsity Lacrosse and Boys Varsity Baseball teams, and the community wide Dancing With Our Stars event held late last April.  

Each issue of The Eaglet tells a unique story about the happenings in the EHS school community. This year especially, the paper featured many student reflections, adding a more personal feel to every publication. The team has worked very hard this year to produce issues that not only celebrate the greatness at EHS, but also, capture the essence of what it truly means to be an Eagle.

The Eaglet is always looking for new writers. In an ideal world, each club and activity would have a representative on the newspaper staff, as this will further help The Eaglet embody the Eastchester community's values, opinions, and contributions to the school. If you are interested, simply stop by Mr. Johnson’s room or attend a meeting next fall. With a very little time commitment, The Eaglet offers a way for students to be more involved in their school community, and even make a difference, one article at a time. Who knows? You might even unlock a hidden passion of yours.


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