Bible Camp 2015: Everest: Conquering Challenges with God's Mighty Power!

Summer is often viewed as a time to expand our geographical horizons as we travel to exotic countries all over the world with our families. We are able to enrich our cultural viewpoints as we explore our surroundings and learn about heritages different than ours. But just how often are we able to spend our summer exploring within ourselves?

The Eastchester Bible Camp hosted at Immaculate Conception offers youths from grades 1-12 the opportunity to strengthen their spirituality, as it may not play a huge role in their daily lives. With this year’s theme being “Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power,” campers will learn to trust in God when faced with difficult challenges through daily bible stories, songs, crafts and activities. Each day, a new bible story will be taught that demonstrates how much God cares for the campers and provides for their needs, and by the end of the week, the campers will gain a full understanding of just how prevalent God’s work is in their daily lives.

Started thirteen years ago, Bible Camp originated as a very small program that catered to a mere 20 children from grades 1-5. Soon after, the program extended its services to students in middle and high school, with last year’s camp including over 85 participants. With both indoor and outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and an end of the program performance, participants will be able to grow in their faith alongside their peers and learn what it truly means to be a child of God. The teens attending Bible Camp serve as role models and buddies for the younger kids as they all explore the depth of God’s role in their lives.  

Bible Camp’s mission is to spread the good news by sharing God's love and giving back to others, and is carried out through the service projects that the campers participate in every year.  Past projects have included raising money for Catholic Relief Services to provide clean water and drinking wells for the children in third world countries, donating school supplies and books to local schools in need, sending children's clothing to underprivileged children in Appalachia and Nicaragua, and donating non-perishable foods to our local HOPE food pantry.

Having been a part of Bible Camp since the very beginning, Eastchester mom Mrs. Lisa Cartalano shares in amazement that the bonds shared between the children and adults of Bible Camp are simply unbreakable. “This program has enhanced the lives of its participants by providing an opportunity for children to serve others, use their God given talents and share their faith with their peers,” she reflects, “It goes beyond that one special week in August that we share together. We hope that the lessons of Bible Camp become a way of life!”

This year, Bible Camp will be held at the Immaculate Conception from August 17th to the 21st from 8:45AM to 11:45AM in the lower church. Registration ends this Sunday, June 21st. For children entering grades 1-6, the cost will be $75, and $25 for those entering the Teen Bible Camp (grades 7-12). A downloadable registration form can be found at www.assumtion-immaculate.org/ministries/camp.php. Don’t pass up the opportunity for an exciting week filled with faith, fun, and friends!


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