Stop Stereotyping The Vans Warped Tour!


Today we introduce you to the work of a young journalist, John Mastroberardino. John is a local resident, Eagle Scout and a freshman at SUNY Purchase. He begins his college journalism career with this music review of the Vans Warped Tour, a touring event that features a broad range of emerging talent.

Here he writes about understanding the commitment necessary to really appreciate such a diverse group of bands, "Starting in March of every year, four to six bands are announced weekly until early April. As they’re announced, I have a listen to the bands to see whether I like their sound." It is this preparation, he explains, that often leads to surprises,"Had I not listened to [The Wonder Years] beforehand, I would not have gone to see them, and I’d be deprived of some good music."

To read John's complete review, click here. We look forward to sharing more of John's work with you in the future.


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