Rogue Traders: Compelling Tales of Wall Street Hackers

Wall Street: two words that hold a lot of meaning. For some, it's a workplace. For others, it's a distant, incomprehensible alien world. No matter what you think of Wall Street, it affects us all – after all, it is the financial center of the world.

Many people don't understand (or attempt to understand) what Wall Street is really all about; excuses range from complaints about complexity to the continually spreading epidemic of apathy. If you're one of those people, author Scott E.D. Skyrm can enlighten you with his new book Rogue Traders.

Rather than droning on about stocks and numbers and other such Wall Street jargon, Skyrm's goal is to educate you and entertain you simultaneously, whether you're a Wall Street investor or a hot dog vendor. A talented writer by all accounts, Skyrm has "assembled a bunch of great stories to help investors and the general public to learn about the financial markets." These stories rival any great Hollywood flick without "really need[ing] excessive drug use and riches to tell them." Each one compellingly chronicles the tale of rogue traders (hence the title), who are essentially "stock brokers who worked the system until it crumbled around them." In revealing the grand mistakes made by such intelligent people, Skyrm hopes to teach readers of all types about "what not to do," which is just as important (if not more important) than knowing "what to do."

Skyrm is a business master and writing genius who stands firmly by his beliefs about the strength of capitalism and the importance of Wall Street. His knowledge of this modern-day marketplace is truly remarkable. He is currently working on a follow-up novel, More Rogue Traders. For now, pick up a copy of Rogue Traders; enjoy it and learn something all at once.



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