A Hidden Gem North of Manhattan


Tucked away inside of the Radisson Hotel in our neighboring town of New Rochelle, NoMa Social restaurant embodies all of the elements of a NYC hotspot without having to travel: excellent food, chic vibe and a sophisticated customer base.

NoMa (meaning North of Manhattan) Social creates an intimate setting for interactive dining and drinking experience, with live entertainment on the weekend along with a variety of celebrity events. Fortunately the HamletHub got a chance to sit down with the Executive Chef Bill Rosenberg for a private tasting of the Mediterranean infused menu with my favorite type of eating styles, small plates.

The shrimp plate was flavorful and zesty thanks to the hints of toasted garlic, marsala and chili flakes – perfect for anyone craving fish. Next was the Duck Confit – most of the time this type of meat can be oily, but it was cooked with enough flavors that it didn't have that typical taste. The best part was when the feta cheese melted as I mixed around the duck and mushrooms.

The Soprasada Tosta was not only rich in flavors that were quite different from each other, but it was also a beautiful display. The quail egg and avioli tasted excellent with the soprasda, with the egg yolk cooked just enough to create the perfect texture.

Last was one of the best cheese dishes I ever had, (and Robyn Santiago's, the publicist for NoMa, favorite), the Haloumi a la Plancha. I never had haloumi with a sweet topping like the black mission fig jam, which blended perfectly together. The texture of the cheese matched with the softness of the jam, topped with olive oil, was absolutely delicious.

Chef Rosenberg not only created tiny pieces of artwork with each dish, but was also able to combine a variety of ingredients and flavors that most people have never tried – and more importantly, everything tasted incredible. Those who have tried his food end up coming back for another taste, just like they did from his previous restaurant position.

Before joining NoMa Social, he was executive chef/owner for more than 10 years of F.I.S.H., Port Chester, New York, and because of his superior culinary skills he was able to bring his loyal clientele down to New Rochelle. 

For those of you who have not yet had the chance to visit NoMa Social, I encourage you. It could quickly become your favorite spot to not only eat at but enjoy the company of others, as it has such an inviting atmosphere.


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