Petchester Veterinary Opening

Pet owners rejoice, for Petchester Veterinary's doors are opening for your pets' healthcare needs! Located on 309 White Plains Road and run by Dr. Sills and Dr. Adi and their assistants, Petchester Veterinary is sure to be a source of comfort for all local pet owners.

I briefly attended the ribbon cutting party – a warmhearted reception, by all means -- and I must say, the place exceeded my expectations tenfold. When you first walk in, the first things you'll notice (aside from the company logo on the wall right in front of you) are the two doors to your left and right. The left door is labeled "Cats & Exotics"; the right door is labeled "Dogs." Simple enough. Either way you go in, you'll love the way the lobby/waiting room is set up, with paintings on the walls and all.

Of course, the most important thing about the veterinary is the staff. (Duh.) The veterinarians at Petchester Veterinary will all greet you with warm smiles, be able to answer your questions with their extensive knowledge of pets, and are certainly qualified in doing what they do.

The bottom line is this: whether you're bringing a dog or a cat, and for whatever reason, you will be satisfied with Petchester Veterinary.


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