Martial Arts-Westchester Krav Maga: Fun and Fitness for Westchester Kids

Are you always looking for creative ways to keep you little ones physically active and entertained? KI Martial Arts-Westchester Krav Maga in Tuckahoe offers a variety of karate classes starting from three year olds to teens and adults.

You can also make it a family activity by signing up for family karate which is offered several times a week in the evening. The Japanese character "KI" stands for "life force", "breath" "energy" and "spirit". These ideals represent the attitude and the basis of instruction at this school.

KI Martial Arts was established in the spring of 2009 by Sensei Vladimir Zolottev, who migrated from Romania. Having started karate at an early age, he became a member of the Junior Romanian National Karate Team at the age of thirteen and at the age of sixteen became the youngest trainer of the Junior Romanian National Karate Team.

His passion and enthusiasm for working with children is evident, as he says "you can't forget that they are kids, along with the instruction you have to make it fun for them."

Parents are welcome to call and set up a free trial class before signing up. If a child feels unsure they are encouraged to watch a class and consult with Sensei Vladimir. Building confidence, coordination, discipline, strength and focus are few of the many benefits of learning martial arts. The small class setting also serves as an intimate social group that can encourage kids to be more social, learn team work and have fun.

Sensei Vladimir is also experienced in working with children with special needs. If a child may not be able to take part in group sessions he provides private lessons after completing a free assessment to learn about the child's needs. He has been working with special needs children in Westchester as early as 2001. His goal is to use private lessons to enable the child's growth where he or she feels confident and capable of being integrating into group class.

KI Martial Arts is available to for special events such as karate themed birthday parties. The center also provides outreach to nearby towns by offering a sports badge for scouting programs. KI Martial Arts lead by Sensei Vladimir is deeply rooted in the community and has a passion for enriching the lives of children in Westchester.

For more information on martial arts or to book a reservation, please visit KI Martial Arts-Westchester Krav Maga.


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