The Eastchester School District Budget Results are In!

The results for the Eastchester School District was revealed last night at 9:30 pm, and it seems the budget has passed with 1090 votes for yes and 489 for no.

The Eastchester current budget is $75,726,680, and the proposed budget was $77,375,997 - a budget to budget increase of $1,649, 317.

Board of Education Trustee Results:

Willa Brody Hughes 1146

Vito Catania 1159

Robert Summer 1138

"I wish to express my deep appreciation to the Eastchester community for the passage of the 2014-15 school budget," says Dr. Walter Moran III, Superintendent of Schools. "In these difficult economic times, the community's continuing support for our educational programs and initiatives is truly gratifying."

On behalf of the Board of Education, Robert Summer, President of the Eastchester Board of Education wanted to thank the community for supporting the budget.

"The outcome shows that the community understood the needs and priorities expressed in this budget and supported them, despite the difficult economic times," says Mr. Summer. "It is recognition that the education of our children is a priority of the community when done in a manner that is efficient and respectful of all constituencies and yet provides a quality education that will allow our children to excel in the 21st century."

Mr. Summer believes that the passage of the budget is recognition that the schools are the heart of our community.

"The administration and faculty do a tremendous job educating our children on a day to day basis and this budget allows them to continue doing so while respecting the taxpayers who provide 90% of our funding," he adds. "Despite the ongoing assault on funding for public schools and local control, the community has expressed its confidence in the education we are providing for our children. This community has a history of supporting the school budgets when the need is well demonstrated. The community should be proud of its vote."

Another member from the Board of Education trustee member, Willa Brody, also added her thoughts on the vote:

"Given the tax cap and cuts in state aid, each year we are challenged with balancing our budget and preserving the quality and educational integrity of our schools, while remaining sensitive to the needs of the taxpayer. We therefore appreciate the community's response and support of this year's budget."

And lastly, the Eastchester PTA Council co-presidents Andy Bellach and Marianne Gordineer issued a statement:

The PTA Council wishes to express its gratitude to our community, including our PTA members, for supporting the school budget. PTA members - parents, grandparents, educators - are strong advocates for our children. And, their voices were heard loud and clear today through their support for a fiscally and educationally responsible budget that stays within the "tax cap" (despite the continued failure of Governor Cuomo to provide any meaningful mandate relief to our schools) and continues to offer essential educational opportunities that prepare the children of this community for college and careers. Thanks to all for making sure that your voices were heard!"

For more information on the budget, please visit Eastchester School District.