Get in the Holiday Spirit With Container Crazy Cathy T's Decorations Class

We just got through Halloween, and now, Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching. After that it will be Christmas – as we all know!

Some of us do not like to be rushed into the holidays – and many don’t care for seeing the decorations a little too early at the retail stores either.

But because my work involves planning events and classes to learn how to dress up the home for the holidays with evergreen decor and more, my decorating starts rather early, and so does information about upcoming holiday crafting classes.

5th Annual Kissing Ball & Holiday Creations Class on Dec. 6

For those who have not attended this class before..well, let’s just say it is a “Do not miss type of event” if you enjoy creating with FRESH greens — and a large variety of them. There will be 14 different types of evergreens to work with when you make your holiday decor item of choice.

Things You Can Make at This Class 

At this class, you can make a large or regular size Kissing Ball to adorn your front steps. Or you can create a wreath to hang on your door. You may also make a beautiful long and wide Candle Centerpiece for your holiday table or a Mailbox Swag to drape over your mailbox with beautiful, colorful and fresh evergreens.

Gearing Up For The Holiday Spirit Early

As I prepare for this event, I start going through my holiday decor to dress up the house.  It includes tossing out old holiday decorations too – or donating them to Goodwill, thus me tossing out an old tree! But the goal is to make the environment as festive as possible and to provide more space for our growing group of KB Makers in Cathy T’s classroom located in Broad Brook.

In a way, offering this class makes me get started a little bit early for the holidays – it puts me in the spirit.  Just the act of taking out decorations made me want to open a bottle of wine!  And because it is offered early in the month of December, it will get you into the spirit too – your decor will be enjoyed all month long before the hussel and bussel of the holidays.

Register Today

The class is about 4 weeks away, on Saturday, Dec. 6, starting at 11 a.m..  So, if you haven’t pre-registered, now is the time.  Join a great group of KB Makers, a festive environment, light snacks provided by attendees, and some festive beverages.  All while learning how to make your creation of choice with evergreens.

Sign up for the 2014 Kissing Ball and Holiday Creations class here, or email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To confirm your seat after pre-registration, a check must be mailed for the item you wish to make at class by next week, so don’t delay.  Once registered, you receive full details.

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To see some of ContainerCrazy CT’s previous blog posts on holiday decorating, visit the Holidays page on the blog.

You will see results of ideas for decorating pumpkins to using mesh ribbon to create holiday decor in and outside the home, and of course posts about the annual class held by Cathy Testa of ContainerCrazyCT on making evergreen creations in December. Look for photos there, or by going to the top of the blog page for Cathy T’s Classes menu.

Pre-Thanksgiving Container Garden Design Class

In the meantime, I will be also focusing on preparing for Thanksgiving (only one week before this class), and the Container Gardening Design class I’m teaching at the Tolland/Vernon location for the Master Gardener’s Program.  The Wednesday, Nov. 19 evening class is open to anyone.  Learn more and register for the container gardening design class here.


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