East Windsor ranks 127 in school spending amongst CT Towns

The quality of East Windsor’s school system has a direct correlation to so much of what makes it a great town. Home values, crime, and family all receive a boost from a strong school system.

Every town has different thoughts on what portion of the town’s tax dollars should be spent on education. Much research has been done on the effectiveness of educational spending, and the effectiveness that additional spending has on a better quality education and school system.

East Windsor currently spend $127,166 on education according to Connecticut State Comptroller, which represents a cost per student of $102.

East Windsor has 1,252 students enrolled, which ranks 112 amongst the 202 school districts in Connecticut.

The amount that East Windsor spends on education is $127,166, which ranks East Windsor number 127 in educational spending of the 151 reporting towns in the state of CT.


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