East Windsor Housing Market Data released by Zillow

The housing market for East Windsor decreased by -0.54% from the previous month according to the latest Zillow survey.

Zillow released their monthly Home Value Index from November 2016 which shows the median price of a home in East Windsor at $164,400, which represents a decrease of -0.54% from the previous month. The index for East Windsor is up 1.42% from last year.
Zillow also reported that the average value per square foot of a home in East Windsor is $ 122.

The average of the index for each town in Connecticut is $242,800, which is up .20% from the previous month, and up 1.85% from last year. The average of the median values per square foot in CT is $163.

Zillow believes US homes will continue to regain lost value since 2007 and could surpass pre-recession highs by mid-2017.

Zillow also reports that rents are more unaffordable than ever in many markets. On average in the US renters spend 29% of their income on rent.

More information on how Zillow computes their price index can be found here http://www.zillow.com/research/zhvi-methodology-6032/


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