Rep. Larson Updates Greater Hartford Area Residents on Iraq & Syria Sept. 4

With increasing violence and political turmoil in both Syria and Iraq, Rep. John Larson (D-CT1) will be holding a community forum on Thursday, Sept. 4 in West Hartford to give his constituents the most recent update from Washington.

"The extreme violence and latest political unrest witnessed in Iraq has brought to light old and new questions about the region," said Larson in a statement on Aug. 26.  

Throughout the forum, attendees will have an opportunity to ask Rep. Larson questions and give their opinions on our nation’s current and future involvement.

"There is no question that Americans are weary of war," said Larson. "It remains unclear with regard to strikes in Syria whether the President needs Congressional authority. It is Congress’s duty to weigh in and clarify. As this serious situation continues to evolve, Congress has the responsibility to examine the issues and potentially vote on authorizing military force."

Larson said he looks forward to speaking with his constituents and bringing thoughts back to Congress.

The community forum takes places from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the University of Hartford Gray Conference Center, located 200 Bloomfield Ave. in West Hartford.
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Please RSVP online or by calling Larson's office at 860-278-8888.


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