Service Awards Given to Sandy Hook First Responders, Police and DESPP Civilian Supports

State Police Troopers, DESPP civilian staff, and state and federal law enforcement officers received service awards on July 8 during a ceremony at Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

Awards were presented to first responders, major crime detectives, emergency services troopers, troopers and civilians who served as peer support, dispatchers, municipal & federal law enforcement, troopers and officers who served as liaison officer to victims' families and numerous civilian support personnel from within the six divisions of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman addressed the recipients during the ceremony.

The honorees received medals and certificates from Commissioner Dora B. Schriro and State Police Colonel Brian Meraviglia.

"The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, will remain with us forever. Hearts were broken that day in Connecticut and around the world," noted Commissioner Schriro. "Today we recognize the many first responders at work that day – and in the weeks and months that followed – who went above and beyond the call of duty. We are grateful for their service, and the exceptional cooperation between municipal, state and federal law enforcement agencies. All involved demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and selfless dedication that rose far above what could have been expected or anticipated."

Receiving awards were:

First Responders (State Police and Local Police)

Lt. Michael Hofbauer
Lt. Michael Perry
M/Sgt. Michael Davis
Sgt. William Cario
Sgt. Joseph Salmeri
Sgt. Michael O'Donnell
Sgt. Adam Wagnblas
Sgt. Joseph Roden
TFC Christopher Kick
TFC John McGeever
TFC Edward Benecchi
TFC Dennis Keane
TFC William Blumenthal
TFC Anthony Cipriano
TFC Josef Duva
TFC Carlo Guerra
TFC Ken Cournoyer
Det. Christopher Zullo
Det. Patrick Dragon
Tpr. Laurence Greg
Tpr. Andrew Katrenya
Oxford Officer Luke Ramirez
Sgt. Thomas Bennett
Det. Brian Marino
Det. Janice Warkoski
TFC Matthew Bell
New Milford Police Det. Scott Flockhart
Newtown Police Officer Thomas Bean
Wolcott Police Officer Leonard Greene
Brookfield Police Officer Jared Turner

State Police Emergency Services Unit
Capt. Louis J. Fusaro
M/Sgt. Christopher McCarthy
Sgt. Raoul Palen
Sgt. Christopher Bartolotta
Sgt. Michael Alogna
Sgt. Chick Bistany
Sgt. Patrick Cauley
Sgt. Jeffrey Dubuc
Sgt. Kenneth Albert
Sgt. Shawn Corey
Sgt. Eric Murray
Sgt. Joseph Mercer
Sgt. James Kodzis
Sgt. Robert Girard
TFC Michael Avery
TFC Mark Wyler
TFC Eric Basak
TFC Arthur Derderian
TFC Brian Faughnan
TFC Chad Gomez
TFC Christopher Lunz
TFC Robert Maynard
TFC Steven Rief
TFC Daniel McCarthy
TFC William Rochette
TFC Joseph Voket
TFC David Luke
TFC David Lavoie
TFC James O'Donnell
TFC Richard Oenning
TFC Kevin Cook
TFC Steven Chapman
Tpr. Jeffrey Poach
Tpr. Michael Beauton
Tpr. Collin Konow
Tpr. Carson Konow
Sgt. Stephen Ostroski
TFC Scott Crevier
Dr. Richard Kamin

Major Crime Detectives (State Police, FBI and Newtown PD)

Lt. David DelVecchia
Lt. William Baldwin
Sgt. James Thomas
Sgt. Josh Pattberg
Sgt. Eric Dency
Sgt. Jeffrey Covello
Sgt. William Telford
Det. Karoline Keith
Det. Arthur Walkley
Det. Daniel Sliby
Det. Michael Tranquillo
Det. Steven Rupsis
Det. Raymond Insalaco
Det. Rachael VanNess
Det. Daniel Jewiss
Det. Michael Mudry
Det. Alison Peters
Det. Michael Downs
Det. Frank Mugavin
Det. Christopher Fongemie
Det. Matthew Greenstein
Det. Matthew Gunsalus
Det. Patrick Meehan
Det. Peter Farr
TFC Kenneth Dillon
TFC Anthony Cretella
TFC Joseph Russo
TFC James Foley
TFC Mark Pereira
FBI Special Agent Samuel Dispasquale
FBI Special Agent Lisa Skelly-Byrnes
FBI Special Agent Michael Zuk
Newtown Police Officer Jeffrey Silver
Sgt. John Turner
Sgt. Joseph Quilty
Sgt. Kevin Stratton
Det. Michael Fitzsimons
Det. Richard Covello
Det. Peter Pinelli
Det. Marc Grandpre
Det. Thomas Kiely
Det. Christopher Allegro
Det. John Kimball
Det. William Flynn
Det. Joseph Bukowski
Det. Paul Lukienchuk
Det. Jeremy Combes
Det. Andre Roy
Det. Patrick Dwyer
Det. Vincent Gogluicci
Det. James Nolting
Det. John McDonald
Det. Shawn Sequeira
Det. Kevin Slonski
Det. Scott Wisner
Det. Tanya Compagnone
Det. Matthew LaCluyze
Det. James McGlynn
Det. Daniel Cargill
Det. Jeffrey Payette
Det. Priscilla Vining
Det. David Lamoureux
Det. Keith Hoyt
Det. Ryan Luther
Det. Brian Connolly
Det. Daniel DeJesus

Families Liaison Officers

M/Sgt. Kevin Mingo
Sgt. David Wagner
Weston Police Sgt. Patrick Daubert
Weston Police Sgt. Matthew Brodacki
Det. Brian Marino
Det. Janice Warkoski
TFC Jason Cassavecchia
TFC Gregory Trahan
TFC Robert Evangelista
TFC Catherine Taylor
TFC Edward Anuszewski Jr.
TFC Timothy Lehane Jr.
TFC Thomas Macholl
TFC Orlando Mo
TFC David Merriam
TFC Paul Macisco
TFC Dennis Keane
TFC Robert Maurice
Tpr. Adam McOmber
Tpr. Corey Clabby
Tpr. Scott Blair
Tpr. Dawn Taylor
Tpr. Sean Hickey
Tpr. Tamia Tucker
Tpr. Catherine Koeppel
Tpr. Gerard Joyal
Tpr. Joshua Sawyer
Tpr. Jessica Colburn
Tpr. Johnathan Kauffman
Tpr. Nicole Vallieres
Tpr. Edmund Vayan Jr.
Tpr. Michael Burke
Redding Police Officer Jason Heibeck
Shelton Police Officer Michael McPadden
Redding Police Officer Anthony Signore
TFC Walter Greene
TFC Dean Aresco

Peer Support Group (State Police and DESPP Civilians)

Sgt. Troy Anderson
Sgt. William Bundy
Sgt. Matthew Garcia
Sgt. Chris Ganzer
Sgt. Karen Gabianelli
Det. Daniel Crowley
Det. Kathleen Henry
Det. Adam Rosenberg
Rev. Dr. Paul Krampitz
Rev. Dana Hallenbeck
Rev. Edward Goetz
Fr. Michael Dolan
Dr. Mark Hall
Dr. Robin Grant-Hall
Phyllis Pavlik, LCSW
Dr. Anne Balboni

Law Enforcement Support Personnel (State Police Troopers & Dispatchers, FBI, paramedics)

M/Sgt. Kevin Rafferty OS
Sgt. Michael Roach
TFC Timothy Loomis
TFC Richard Binkowski
Sgt. Seth Mancini
Dispatcher Betsy Brennan
Dispatcher Mark Nadeau
Dispatcher Karen Laprade
Dispatcher Ryan Rigon
Dispatcher John Gebauer
Dispatcher Cynthia Dielemans
Lt. Sean Cox OS
Sgt. Dwight Washington
Sgt. Steven Zonghetti
Det. Richard Garcia
Det. Steven Bellandese
Det. Adam Brown
Det. Ian Nicholson
Det. Veronica Carpenter
Det. Gary Williams
Det. Andrea O'Donnell
Det. Gary Perry
Det. Daniel Rybacki
Det. Steven Orlowski
Det. Myles Ginley
Trooper Michael Prescott
Trooper William Ortiz
FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Kevin Kline
FBI Special Agent Thomas F. Veivia
FBI Special Agent Gary Sanford
FBI Special Agent Jon Lauria
FBI Special Agent Jeffery Kuroughlian
FBI Special Agent William Aldenberg
FBI Special Agent Mark Lauer
FBI Special Agent Ian Kaufmann
FBI Special Agent John Sullivan
FBI Victim Specialist Ashley Hall
Paramedic Bernie Meehan
Paramedic John Reed
Paramedic Matthew Cassavechia

Civilian and Law Enforcement Support (administrative support, CT Telecommunication System, civilian and sworn personnel from the six divisions of DESPP and municipal police)

Linda Rosa
Paul Zito
Scott Wright
Mike Varney
Warren Lundquist
Matt Valleau
Mark Mattson
Robert Boudreau
Christine Plourde
DEMHS Regional Coordinator Thomas Vannini
DEMHS Regional Coordinator John. B. Field, Jr.
DEMHS Regional Coordinator Robert F. Kenny
POST Training Officer Karen Boisvert
POST Training Officer Geoffrey Anderson
State Fire Administrator Jeffrey Morrissette
State Fire Plan Administrator William Higgins
Mill Plain Fire Chief Dennis Ring
Westport Assistant Chief Michael Kronick
Greenwich EMD Daniel Warzoha
Dr. Guy Vallaro, Director, Scientific Services
Deputy Director of Identification Robert O'Brien
Forensic Examiner Lucinda Lopes-Phelan
Forensic Examiner James Stephenson
Forensic Examiner Rachel Maloney
Forensic Examiner Joseph Weronik
Sgt. Richard Alexandre
Forensic Examiner Eric Carita
Forensic Examiner Kevin Parisi
Forensic Examiner Cheryl Civitello Carreiro
Forensic Examiner Liz Sautter
Forensic Examiner Nick Juliano
Forensic Examiner Paul Penders
Det. Bryan Ferrucci
Det. George Jupin
IT Analyst Joseph Ament
Admin. Asst. Sandra Baker
Attorney Brenda Bergeron
Det. Francis Budwitz
Det. Andrew Burke
Area Coordinator Michael Caplet
Trainer Robert Christ
Hartford Police Det. Steve Citta
Program Supervisor Dana Conover
GIS Coordinator Dan Czaja
Legislative Program Mgr. Scott Devico
Program Specialist Robert Drozynski
Program Specialist Gemma Fabris
DOC Lt. Julie Gasiorek
Lt. Arthur Goodale
Det. Michael Grieder
Emer. Telecomm. Mgr. John Gustafson
Emer. Mgmt. Director William Hackett
Urban S&R Coordinator William Higgins
Intelligence Officer Mark Housley
Det. Michael Kowal
Exec. Sec. Yvonne Lewis
Fairfield PD Det. Kevin McPadden
Waterford PD Patrol First Class Richard Morgan
Intelligence Analyst Brett Paradis
Intelligence Officer Peter Payson
Program Specialist Emily Pysh
Det. Matt Reilly
Trainer Thomas Romano
Sgt. Kenneth Rigney
IT Services Director Jason Rosa
Sgt. Luis Rosa
Trainer Gary Ruggiero
Trainer Robert Scata
Dep. Comm. William Shea
Program Supervisor Cynthia Tangney
Admin. Asst. Lee Toffey
Program Specialist Brian Toolan
Mgr. Operations, Exercise & Training John Warren
IT Analyst Marshall Weaver

State Police Command Staff

Col. Danny Stebbins
Lt. Colonel Robert Corona
Major Butch Hyatt
Major Brian McLean
Major Brian Meraviglia
Major William Podgorski
Capt. Dale Hourigan
Capt. Thomas Begert
Capt. Edwin Henion
Lt. Mark Cassista
Lt. Mark Sticca
Lt. J. Paul Vance
Lt. Michael Jagoda
Lt. Anthony Schirillo
Sgt. Robert Palmer
Sgt. Paul Hufcut
TFC Kelly Grant


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