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You're IT Greenfield Animal Hospital!

Three questions with Katie King, Practice Manager at Greenfield Animal Hospital.

Why did you start your business?

Greenfield Animal Hospital was founded in 1980 by Dr. Thomas Marsh to provide convenient, yet outstanding veterinary care to the four-legged residents of Fairfield County. In January 2020, Dr. Andrew Marsh took over following his father's retirement and it's been an honor to continue to serve this great community.

We are so proud to be privately owned and strive to deliver exceptional veterinary care that is customized to our clients and patients' needs.

What is your best-selling product/service?

We offer a full complement of services to provide for all our patients' needs ranging from routine veterinary care to treating sick and urgent cases. We perform a wide range of surgical and dental procedures on-site, as well as, advanced diagnostics such as digital X-rays, ultrasounds, and in-house laboratory services.

We also have a therapeutic laser that accelerates the rate of healing for a variety of ailments and access to top specialists that can care for our patients in our facility.

Have you re-imagined your small business?

There's no doubt that COVID was a stressful and difficult time, but it allowed us to re-evaluate our workflow and re-examine how we serve our patients' and clients' needs. While operating curbside, the telephone was the primary means of communication we had with clients and there were a LOT of calls!

To reduce hold times and have more accessible communication, we added two-way texting and also launched our very own Greenfield Animal Hospital app so clients can now conveniently message us through our app chat, see when their pet is due for an upcoming service, request & manage appointments, and order food & medication.

We also noticed during our curbside operation that many dogs and cats were less stressed because they were able to wait separately from other patients with their owners in the car before being seen for their appointment, rather than in a busy waiting room.

We incorporated what we learned in the design of our new facility, which is currently being built just down the road from our current location! The new, spacious lobby will feature separate dog and cat waiting spaces to reduce stress, as well as dedicated dog & cat exam rooms and separate spaces in our treatment area. In addition, the new facility will also have an updated cat boarding space to better cater to our feline friends.

We're excited about the opening of our new facility (expected Spring 2024) to be able to continue to deliver the highest quality care with our patient's and clients’ emotional well-being and comfort in mind!

Katie would like to nominate Greenfield Hill Dog Grooming to be featured next!

Greenfield Animal Hospital is located at 212 Hillside Road in Fairfield. Visit Greenfield Animal Hospital online here!

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