CT's Beardsley Zoo's Mayor-Elect Tahu the Otter's Inauguration: Dec. 5

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – Tahu the North American river otter will officially take on the duties and responsibilities of Mayor of the Zoo on Tuesday, December 5 at 11:00 a.m.at the Zoo’s otter habitat. The Swearing-In Ceremony will be conducted by Zoo Director Gregg Dancho, with the Oath of Office administered by Connecticut Zoological Society President Charles Dumais and witnessed by Zoo staff and friends. After taking the official oath of office, Tahu will immediately get into the swim of things.

The Rainforest Party earlier issued a statement on behalf of the current mayor, Rhubarb the two-toed sloth,  promising allegiance to Tahu and a smooth transfer of power. As the second-place winner, Allie the box turtle will serve as deputy mayor and will step in if Tahu is unable to fulfill her duties through the duration of her term. Tahu is the first river otter to hold the Zoo’s highest office. 

The ceremony will be carried live on the Zoo’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

The highly contested race was decided by online votes, with the public voting for the candidate of their choice by making a one-dollar donation for each vote. Tahu won by a whisker.

“Tahu knows what it takes to keep her head above water and is an excellent choice to represent the Zoo’s family of animals,” said Zoo Director Gregg Dancho. “By electing an animal as mayor of the Zoo, we hope to highlight the importance of biodiversity to the planet and every living creature’s unique role.”

Mayor Tahu will hold a 12-month term.  

Submitted by Fairfield, CT

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