Fairfield Mom Creates MiddleMeets Group For Parents/Educators of Tweens & Teens

Fairfield, CT - Georgette Pascale is a doer. After selling her marketing agency last year, the single Fairfield-based mom of three teens delved into several new ventures as a serial entrepreneur. She observed in the process of finding a new avenue for herself that were no communities for parents and educators of tweens and teens in Connecticut -- just "mom" groups for younger children or empty nesters. Most excluded dads, she noticed, which she found perplexing. So she created a new unique local community called MiddleMeets.

"The crux of us in this age group are middle aged, raising teenagers and also taking care of elderly relatives. It's really, really challenging," she shared.

And while it's become an information and learnings sharing forum, it's also a social outlet. "We laugh our asses off via relatable memes while sharing resources and the latest education re: college, driving, drugs, therapy, tutors... We've helped several families that needed a resource because of a suicide attempt or not knowing where to turn in the school system. I am able to vet certain companies and organizations so this oft-ignored group knows where to turn. Or if they just need to vent," says Pascale.

"It's a community where you don't have to feel alone while navigating the world our teens live in. And they aren't BAD teens on the whole; we feel for them because there is SO MUCH PRESSURE between sports, school, etc. This week I hosted a lunch with two local therapists so a group of about 20 could learn, yet also ask questions in a safe setting regarding their teens," she explained. 

MiddleMeets is currently a private FB group of almost 500 -- and free to join, made possible through affordable sponsorships. 

Pascale feels the introduction of this group is timely: "Midlife is FINALLY getting noticed more in the press because of the now-gone stigma of menopause, more advice on aging elders, embracing ourselves the way we are, etc..."

Private FB group:




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