Board of Selectman Meeting Scheduled for Wed. Feb. 8, 4pm

The Board of Selectman will meet on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at 4pm, in the first floor conference room of Independence Hall. The highlight of the meeting is to hear, consider and act upon the following appointments to the Riverfield School Building Committee, which also require RTM approval:

i)      Paul R. Cheek (NR Promised to register by Wednesday), 100 Pease Avenue

ii)     Dan Graziadei (NR Promised to register by Wednesday), 606 Reid Street

iii)    Christine M. Messina (R), 54 Drumm Road

iv)   Tom Quinn (D), 88 Miro Street

v)    Lawrence H. Ratner (U), 675 Winnepoge Drive

vi)   Maureen A. Sawyer (R), 43 Thor Place

vii)  Scott E. Thompson (D), 25 Hunter Road



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