New Paradigm Theatre Seeks Nonprofit Partner for Aug. 2020 "Footloose"

Fairfield, CT - New Paradigm Theatre, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is well known for its multicultural productions that reflect the theme of each show by partnering with another local community nonprofit to “share” the stage.  This reflects the organization’s mission to benefit the local community through a collective impact initiative. 

Past examples of NPT partnership nonprofits include:

OLIVER in 2016 The Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport was chosen as the OLIVER theme was “Homelessness to Hunger to Hope”.  The cast volunteered at their soup kitchen and raised money for this charity during the Prologue Bazaar before each show, as well as sharing their extensive PR networks. Many “in need” children where included in the show. 

PETER PAN in 2017:  KEYS (free instrumental lessons for youth in need) was the nonprofit partner for this show. Children from their program on scholarships were included in the show as well as fund raising during the Prologue Bazaar. Once again featuring them in all the extensive PR (see below).

HUNCHBACK in 2018:  The Connecticut Burns Care Foundation was chosen to reflect the show’s famous song, “God Help the Outcasts” and the treatment of the Hunchback as it compared to how children with burns are often treated. Kathy Gerrity, the Executive director of the CT Burns Care Foundation led an information session for the youth in the show, helped to give the curtain speech, appeared on Channel 8 with NPT and benefitted from the extensive PR for the show. 

WEST SIDE STORY in FEB 2019: NPT and the Norwalk Symphony co-produced and were proud to partner with Building One Community, B1C. The Center for Immigrant Opportunity (B1C), is a nonprofit organization that educates, employs, empowers, and engages immigrants and the community. We hosted a Self Defense class that featured this non profit, the Norwalk PD and gave tips on self defense especially for young women. Visits to Channel 8, Channel 12 and print coverage were extensive.  

BYE BYE BIRDIE in AUG 2019:  The American Legion Post 12/Veterans were chosen.  As a patriotic Veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness, and with the resonating themes of military service and Americanism, it was a fitting partner as the musical is inspired by the phenomenon of singer Elvis Presley, one of America’s most significant icons in rock and roll history, as he was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1957.  The American Legion family includes the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion; organizations comprised of descendants of Legion eligible Veterans.  “We are honored and grateful to NPT for this opportunity and along with them we wish to thank all our Veterans for their service to this great nation.”  NPT also featured a group of the Veterans onstage during one of the Footloose scenes.

SOUTH PACIFIC in FEB 2020: NPT and NSO co-produced and partnered with The Nice Festival. Janet Evelyn, Executive Director, states that “NICE is committed to bringing awareness to the multiplicity of our global cultural heritage. The performing arts have not only been a conduit through which people of different race and culture can share natural commonalities but one of the most efficacious in addressing social injustice worldwide. The song “Carefully Taught” from the musical South Pacific reminds us how important it is to expose our children at a young age to the different cultures to encourage understanding of our unique backgrounds.”

To continue this important social justice work in support of the themes in "Footloose", the charities that apply should echo themes such as Youth, Teens, Community, Disenfranchised populations, Arts youth leadership or any group that feels they can tie in their mission with the theme of the show.  NPT is especially interested in non profit partners that are seeking publicity. 

To be eligible and apply for the experience, which includes being included in all of NPT's extensive PR (TV, Radio and newspapers), social media, and a donation of “tips” from our pre-show performers, NPT requests that your nonprofit send a cover letter with how you believe your non-profit echoes the Footloose theme.  Once NPT receives that, they will request that you:  

  1. Meet with a representative from New Paradigm Theatre to discuss how the Footloose theme(s) will work alongside and in conjunction with your mission. 
  2. Participate in some of NPT's PR. NPT requires that you supply information on your organization for our press releases and that you send NPT's press releases to your email list and encourage ticket sales. 
  3. If possible, attend any special events that the partnering nonprofits host to promote the show to speak about your mission.  
  4. Your Executive Director must be available to participate in pre-arranged opportunities to talk about your organization and how its mission fits into the themes of Footloose. i.e. possible TV appearances or radio.  In addition, they (or a board representative) must be available on the day of the show, August 14th and 15th 2020, for a pre-show speech where you will talk about your mission to the audience. 
  5. You must supply a volunteer to stand behind your information table for your nonprofit for the Pre-show Bazaar (an hour before the show(s)) to hand out your own information and to garner more names on your email list.  This Pre-show Bazaar also will gain you donations.  

This partnership does not cost your nonprofit anything but NPT does require that you are an ACTIVE participant in meeting the above requirements.  You will be able to promote your mission and your upcoming events. NPT will only choose one nonprofit partner. 

Press and PR each year has included appearances on:

  • Channel 8 and Channel 12 
  • Stories in all local papers 
  • CT Post:  http://www.ctpost.com/entertainment/article/ Paradigm-Theatre-brings-Peter-Pan-11942756.php) 
  • Appearances on radio, and social media posting and blogs. 
  • ** We always mention our nonprofit partners and their mission in each of our appearances  and in print.

To inquire about more info or to apply please contact: 

Artistic Director Kristin Huffman:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 646-342-3200

Letters from past nonprofit partners: 

COUNCIL OF CHURCHES GREATER BRIDGEPORT - 2016:The Council is a committed partner with NPT in supporting efforts to engage the community in the performing arts. We are excited about the possibility of collaborating to create a full scale musical "updated" production of “Oliver”. Youth will participate onstage/backstage w/ guidance from pro actors/ tech. 

For The Council of Churches this is a wonderfully creative way to bring a STEAM component into our after school curriculum. We have already partnered with NPT for the past two years, as they have provided the entertainment for our major spring fundraising event. They have been generous partners, and in everything they do they model the importance of including young people in every aspect of their production, on stage, off stage, and in leadership positions as well. 

Last year I was a guest speaker at a Youth Board meeting and had an opportunity to interact with the young leaders who drive the youth program. In turn, the young people volunteered at one of our soup kitchens, and learned firsthand what an impact they can have. They also listened to and learned from the clients and guests they served, enjoying fellowship and dinner with them. NPT is the kind of partner who seeks to find every avenue to allow their artists, students, and audience to learn, grow, contribute, and participate in the kind of systemic change that actually makes a significant difference. 


The Reverend Cass L. Shaw President and Chief Executive Officer 


KEYS (Kids empowered by Your Support)-  2017:  Last year, we sent a KEYS student musician to work with NPT on their very innovative and successful show, Oliver, which was staged at the Fairfield Theatre Company. This year our intention is send more musicians and singers for the summer production of Peter Pan. This is a great opportunity for our students, so many of whom are multi-talented and yet inexperienced in theatre at the high level of excellence that NPT provides. With NPT they will have a chance to learn stagecraft, singing and acting on a big stage, and perhaps most of all- mix and blend with students and instructors of other backgrounds. This is just the kind of experience that gets kids excited about education beyond high school. We also look forward to having NPT’s publicity efforts enable audiences across Connecticut to learn more about the KEYS programs and how to support music education in Bridgeport. We thank you for your support of this wonderful collaborative program. 

 Sincerely, Rob Silvan   KEYS Founder and Executive Director 

The Connecticut Burns Care Foundation 2018 (CBCF) was chosen from the non profits who submitted. The NPT board of directors read Executive Director, Kathlene Gerrity’s cover letter and saw the pictures of the young people in their organization and realized it was the perfect fit.  For 40 years, CBCF has worked to support burn survivors as well as to present programs for education and advocacy to prevent burn injuries. 

“The production of Hunchback this summer is a perfect match for our peer support program because The CT Burns Care Foundation’s mission is all about inclusion; burn injuries are some of the most painful ones that a human can experience. But the scars and disfigurements often lead a survivor into a lonely existence, and mental health issues such as depression and social anxiety can stay with them for decades after the tragedy,” said Gerrity. “We are grateful to NPT and their team for the opportunity to raise awareness about burn injuries.” 

Building One Community (B1C) Feb 2019  NPT and the Norwalk Symphony co-produced and were proud to partner with Building One Community, B1C. The Center for Immigrant Opportunity (B1C), is a nonprofit organization that educates, employs, empowers, and engages immigrants and the community. “As a center for immigrant opportunities, the themes presented in West Side Story resonate with our mission to support the most vulnerable. Although our clients are immigrants from over 87 countries, the majority of our clients are of Hispanic origin, who are trying to find solace for themselves, friends and family members, while being persecuted and targeted by the negative rhetoric surrounding immigration in our current political climate.” says Michelle Saldivar, Special Project Advisor for B1C. 


New Paradigm Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit theatre fostering creative problem solvers, leaders, and global citizens through theatre arts education and productions.  




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