"Take the Time" Art Show Reception at Kershner Gallery, Dec. 1

Fairfield, CT - The public is invited to a reception at the Kershner Gallery on  December 1 at 4:30 to 6:30 pm for “Take the Time”, the artwork of Sarah Chapman, Charles Hall, and Michele Hubler, The artists will talk about their work at 5:15 pm. Fairfield Public Library, 1080 Old Post Road  or call 203-246-9065

SARAH CHAPMAN was born in the south of France and now lives in Westport. She studied Fine Arts in Aix en Provence andtaught elementary school in many countries and for many years. She is a certified yoga instructor, a facilitator of Yoga Nidra (Sleeping guided meditation) and a Reiki practitioner currently training to become Reiki Master. She is also the founder and active participant of the JoYga Project to help people living on the street and to fight indifference and donates a percentageof the amount of each painting sold to the project.

Sarah started painting and taking photographs when she was about 12. She published and illustrated a bilingual children’s book, did private sales or commission work for brand names and donated paintings to schools and other organizations. She has exhibited at the Rowayton Arts Center, the Bruce Kershner Gallery, and in NYC. 

Sarah says, “Art has the power to reflect our society, our history, our dreams, the seen and the unseen… Art has the power to make us see the things that surround us, the power to make us see what we have done and what could be done.” She has created several series of works that involve what “we  see in our external world to connect us deeper with our inner world.”  They reflect her interest in meditation, “a way to make the Invisibles Visible” and to “finding stillness within the fluctuations of life.” 

CHARLES HALL is a disabled Vietnam veteran from Windsor Locks who is getting help with PTSD, after struggling with it and unemployment for many years.

Four years ago, he became immersed in photography, and says, “I have found Photography to be my outlet, to get me out of the house now (rather than being home alone). I enjoy photography, and for that time I am out, I can forget about things and concentrate on taking my pictures... All my photos have special meaning to me as it is not only photography to me, it is also therapy...”

Since 2016, he has shown in more than thirty juried and solo exhibits in galleries, art centers, libraries, hospitals, and other venues throughout Connecticut and other New England States. His photos were published in a book, “Nature Inspired: Autumn”. Charles has received a number of awards for his photographs, including First Place for Color, First Place for Black and White, and Best of Photography. His memberships include Arts Center East in Vernon, Ct., Scantic River Artisans in Hampden, Ma., and the Simsbury Camera Club in Simsbury, CT.

MICHELE HUBLER  is a resident of Black Rock. She has been creating art on her I Pad since  2012 without having had any formal art training or understanding of a well executed design. 

She says, “I was like a kid with a new toy. I just wanted to create & create I did. Over time my technique, design & composition savvy ‘blossomed’ - everything was coming together. Even now I have no visual concept in mind when I begin a piece nor do I work to a planned end - it’s very much a random process from start to finish. Simply put, it just happens!.. There’s a great deal of freedom in creating I Pad art. A stylus is my brush - the I Pad is my canvas - my studio - my portfolio. The entire process motivates me to explore the seemingly endless possibilities at my fingertips to create artwork that’s vivid & visually well defined in technique, depth & detail.” 
Michele has had her work  in the Pequot Library, Kershner Gallery, Westport and Ridgefield Art Walks, and in a national digital art event at the Nest Gallery. She is  an exhibiting member of the Rowayton Art Center, the Fairfield County Arts Association, and is founding member of the Black Rock Art Guild (BRAG).


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