Nordic Fish Market Ribbon Cutting May 15, 3pm

Fairfield, Conn. – The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce that its new member, Nordic Fish Market, has scheduled its Ribbon Cutting on May 15th.  The official ribbon cutting ceremony will be officiated by First Selectman Michael Tetreau, at 3:00PM.

Founder and owners Frank Lanzo and Jardar Nygaard are lifelong anglers with a passion for fish and seafood. Both have logged extensive sea time on commercial fishing boats and have been in the seafood industry their entire lives.  

Jardar was born in Norway has been in the Seafood Industry since his first Fish Market job at the age of 16. He also worked on his father’s salmon farm at the age of 17, and is currently partner of Stella Mar Oyster Co.  In addition to Aquaculture, Jardar has worked in several commercial fisheries. Jardar and his family started Fjord Fisheries in Greenwich in 1990, for which Jardar was the buyer and operations director since its founding at his age 18.  Jardar was sole owner of Fjord Fisheries from 2001 until he sold it in 2012. (To be clear I currently have no affiliation whatsoever with fjord fisheries). Still today, his father ("Papa Fish") can tell you how to triangulate the fishing spots on Tjendemsbukta, the bay directly behind the family homestead in Jendem, Norway. 

Frank is a US Coast Guard licensed captain who owned and operated the fishing charter boat Judith Lynn, fishing out of Norwalk for 17 years. Frank has profound knowledge of fish habits and migration patterns, which was essential to getting his customers on the bite. As such, he has been finely in tune to fisheries management practices and has always been very conscious of sustainable fisheries. Frank worked as a professional chef and has formal culinary training, and is passionate about quality. Frank has also worked on boats in several commercial fisheries, and knows first-hand what perfect fish looks like.

Jardar and Frank have been friends for over 20 years, having first met when Frank was handling sales for a seafood distributor and called Jardar to sell to him.  

Frank answered a few questions about his new business, per below: 

Why open an independent fish market?  

“With more than 50 years of experience in the seafood industry, we both know this business very well, every granular aspect. We have discussed this idea for a few years, but we both needed to be well positioned to commit 100%. Our circumstances allowed us to start looking late last year and here we are. We can compete as an independent because we are the best at this, hands-down. Our combined experience and background equals great quality and the knowledge to back it up.” 

Why open in downtown Fairfield?

“Jardar was considering moving to Fairfield from Greenwich last year and was looking at homes in Fairfield. He fell in love with the town, but circumstances left me in Greenwich a little longer. However, I look forward to moving to Fairfield in the near future! After looking at a few other towns, and given the fact that there is not a fish market in Fairfield, it just made simple sense to both of us, to open in Fairfield.”   

And to reinforce their decision, Frank remembered that during his years of fishing charters, he had many customers from Fairfield who would frequently lament about the lack of a great fish market in town. 

What is your specialty?

“Our specialty is seafood, plain and simple. We have both done it so long, that we can do it in our sleep. As lifelong anglers, commercial fishermen, and aqua culturists, our experience and contacts allow us to trace all of our products to the source.  Above our logo, are the words:  Beyond Fresh.  Beyond Fresh means we stand by the freshness of our seafood and we offer deep knowledge for our customers. We set a higher standard and hold ourselves accountable for all the products we handle. It doesn't get done from a spreadsheet, it gets done by having your hands on it. If you go into a fish market and the owner himself can’t deftly fillet a fish, run away screaming.”

Why should people shop at your market?

“Because our fish is fresh, fresh, fresh … we insure only the freshest and healthiest products are presented in our store. We have the most knowledge, hands on experience and desire to provide only the best. In addition, customers will find a unique sushi section, offering a variety of delicious, hand-made items.  While seafood is an expensive commodity, it is our desire to remain as competitive as possible and always provide the best experience for our customers.”


Event:  Ribbon Cutting

Date:  Wednesday, May 15th

Time:  3:00pm

Location:  Nordic Fish Market

Address:  1499 Post Road, Fairfield, CT   06824    



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