Art/Place Gallery Reception for Jeffrey Starkes' Solo Show, July 7

Fairfield, CT - The public is invited to a reception at Art/Place Gallery on Sunday, July 7 from 3 to 5 pm for “Afterthoughts”, the solo show of oil paintings by member, Jeffrey Starkes. He will talk about his work at 4 pm. The show runs from July 2 to 28 and can be viewed every afternoon at 70 Sanford Street in Fairfield. See www.artplacegallery.org or call 646-258-6912.
Jeffrey Starkes has a BFA degree from Paier College of Art and he lives and works in West Haven, Connecticut. After a long career as an art director and graphic designer, he is now an emerging abstract artist working primarily in oils. His paintings have been displayed at galleries and exhibitions throughout this state. His style is characterized by dynamic arrangements of torn shapes, hard edges, and the illusion of a layered spatial depth achieved through his use of transparency.

Jeffrey says, "This show is really an opportunity to take care of some unfinished business. Over the roughly twelve years that I have been working as a full-time artist and painter, there have been a lot of good ideas, sketches and visual concepts that never became finished paintings...
Abstract painters are often confronted with the problem of too many possibilities. To avoid becoming paralyzed by unlimited choices and options, we develop a set of personal rules and strict guidelines...This self-imposed discipline keeps our work consistent and focused. Unfortunately, it also means that many good visual ideas and concepts are rejected for further exploration because they don't fit within the rules. It seemed like a good time to reexamine past ideas and decisions. In looking through old sketches and studies I rediscovered visual concepts that were refreshingly bold and direct, and others that were foundational to all my paintings to date. It was time to finally bring some of these ideas to life. I wanted to honor and illuminate the creative thinking of my past before moving forward."


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