Westport's George Billis Gallery presents A Glimpse Ahead art exhibit May 14-June 13

The new Elisa Contemporary Art exhibit, A Glimpse Ahead, will open May 14 as a Pop-Up exhibit in the George Billis Gallery at 166 Main Street, Westport CT, 06880.  The exhibit will run through June 13, 2021. There will be an Opening Reception on May 14 from 4pm – 7pm and a Closing Reception on June 10 from 5pm - 7pm.

A Glimpse Ahead is primarily a Figurative exhibit with a focus on the Summer Season. The artwork includes Ocean Swimmers, Surfers, Pool scenes, and Waterscapes. It is a curated selection of work aimed at creating a sense of peace, relaxation and joy.
The exhibit will feature the artwork of Hawaii Artist Carol Bennett; San Francisco Minimalist Jeffrey Palladini; Texas Pop Artist Mitch McGee; and Westport Artist Dale Najarian.
Water flows through the art of Bennett: "I throw myself into the water almost every day- it grounds me, the body floats and the mind drifts. The "Swimmer series" has followed me over the years, resurfacing and evolving.  Presently I'm working on wood, I'm intrigued by wood grain swirling like water and how that ground moves through the swimmer's form".  The exhibit will include works on Wood panel, as well as a series on paper with a painted wood grain background.
The Pool Scene series by Palladini features Male and Female Swimmers on lounge chairs – bringing to the viewer of a sense of relaxation and ease. We will also feature a new Birch wood dimensional figurative work by Pop Artist, Mitch McGee. 
The exhibit will feature several new abstracted waterscapes on canvas and wood panel by Najarian.
Artist: Carol Bennett
Title:  Dissolve
Medium: Acrylic, Oil and Varnish on Wood Panel
Dimensions: 35.5 x 35.5
Year: 2016
Artist: Jeffrey Palladini
Title:  Chaise 19
Medium: Oil and Charcoal on Wood Panel
Dimensions: 12x48 
Year: 2015
Artist: Carol Bennett
Title:  Malibu Dawn Patrol
Medium: Mixed Media on Wood Panel
Dimensions: 22.5 x 30 framed to 28x35
Year: 2019
Artist: Dale Najarian
Title:  Jewel Landscape
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 36x36
Year: 2021