Fairfield's HamletHub https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield Sun, 22 Jul 2018 00:38:34 -0400 HamletHub.com Town of Fairfield Kings Highway East Pedestrian Improvements to Begin July 25, 2018 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/47191-town-of-fairfield-kings-highway-east-pedestrian-improvements-to-begin-july-25-201847191-town-of-fairfield-kings-highway-east-pedestrian-improvements-to-begin-july-25-2018 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/47191-town-of-fairfield-kings-highway-east-pedestrian-improvements-to-begin-july-25-201847191-town-of-fairfield-kings-highway-east-pedestrian-improvements-to-begin-july-25-2018

Fairfield, CT - The Town of Fairfield’s Engineering Department announced today that roadway construction will begin on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, or shortly thereafter, on U.S. Route 1 (Kings Highway East) between Chambers Street and Villa Avenue in Fairfield.

The project includes curb relocation and replacement, widened sidewalks, a new stamped concrete median, new driveway ramps and pedestrian ramp improvements on Kings Highway East between Chambers Street and Villa Avenue.

The work also includes drainage improvements, minor traffic signal revisions and landscaping improvements including a pocket park. In addition, new signage will be installed throughout the project area along with lane striping revisions.

The purpose and need for the project is to address the deficient sidewalk network through the project area to improved pedestrian access and safety.

This is a Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Project, No. 50-218, that was awarded to Colonna Masonry Concrete & Asphalt Paving LLC on June 28, 2018. The project is scheduled to be completed on July 19, 2019.

Lane Closure Information:

Kings Highway East (U.S. Route 1) 
No interference with two lanes of operating traffic in either direction Monday through Friday between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM and Saturday and Sunday between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

All Other Roadways

No interference with one lane of operating traffic in either direction Monday through Friday between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM and Saturday and Sunday between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM. The Contractor may be allowed to maintain an alternating one-way traffic operation Monday through Friday between 8:00 PM and 6:00 AM. The current proposed schedule has the Contractor working along U.S. Route 1 (Kings Highway East) from Chambers Street to Fairchild Avenue in 2018 and from Fairchild Avenue to Villa Avenue in 2019.

Plans are available for viewing at the Fairfield Engineering Department or on the Town website at http://www.fairfieldct.org/filestorage/10726/13912/15829/17604/60140/65102/2018-49_DRAWINGS-_Kings_Highway.pdf.

For questions or information, please contact the Town’s Engineering Department at 203-256-3015. 

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Update on So. CT Gas Main Replacement in Fairfield, CT's Beach Area https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/47190-update-on-so-ct-gas-main-replacement-in-fairfield-ct-s-beach-area47190-update-on-so-ct-gas-main-replacement-in-fairfield-ct-s-beach-area https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/47190-update-on-so-ct-gas-main-replacement-in-fairfield-ct-s-beach-area47190-update-on-so-ct-gas-main-replacement-in-fairfield-ct-s-beach-area

Fairfield, CT - The Town’s Department of Public Works has the following update on the SCG Main Replacement Program in the Beach Area:

The Gas Main replacement on Reef Road from Richard White Way to Millard Street is complete. The section from Millard Street to Oldfield Road is to be completed by 7/24/18. Connections of individual natural gas house services are to be completed by mid-August. The final pavement restoration is to follow in the fall of 2018.

The Gas Main replacement on Charles Street, Pratt Street, and Howard Street has been completed. Connections of individual natural gas house services are to be completed by mid-August. The final pavement restoration is to follow in the fall of 2018.

The Veres Street Gas Main replacement began 7/20/18 and is expected to continue for approximately three (3) weeks. House services and final pavement restoration are to follow. When construction is in front of your home, the contractor will make accommodations to allow you to exit your driveway. If you make the contractor (Burns) aware of your schedule as the construction is approaching, the contractor can make the necessary adjustments.

The Southern Connecticut Gas Company (SCG) has informed the Town of Fairfield of its plans to upgrade the existing natural gas mains in the beach neighborhood. The existing mains in this area are generally over 70 years old, low pressure, and cast iron pipes (which tend to be somewhat brittle). SCG is replacing theses with higher pressure, smaller diameter PVC pipe. This is the current industry standard, and according to SCG this will improve performance and reliability. This work will require excavations in the Town road for the main gas line and for the individual home services. The Fairfield Public Works Department (203) 256-3010 will be overseeing this excavation, and also the temporary and permanent pavement restoration work. The Fairfield Police Department will be overseeing traffic control during all of the construction work. The roads involved in this project are as follows:

PAULDING ST-(Millard St to Dwight St) 
QUINCY STREET- (Reef Rd to Rowland Road) 
REEF ROAD-(Oldfield Rd to Richard White Way) 
WHETSTONE HILL CT The work on these roads is expected to continue throughout 2018, and in some cases the final paving will be performed in spring of 2019. As SCG provides a time schedule when the specific roads are to be under construction, the Town will be posting that information. Please note SCG has tentative plans for another project in 2019 for similar work in the beach area. A list of those roads will be posted shortly. 

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Fairfield Resident Named Manager of Michaels Jewelers Trumbull https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/47187-fairfield-resident-named-manager-of-michaels-jewelers-trumbull47187-fairfield-resident-named-manager-of-michaels-jewelers-trumbull https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/47187-fairfield-resident-named-manager-of-michaels-jewelers-trumbull47187-fairfield-resident-named-manager-of-michaels-jewelers-trumbull

Fairfield/Trumbull, CT - Michaels Jewelers in the Westfield Mall at 4065 Main Street in Trumbull has welcomed a new manager, Mr. Blake Williams of Fairfield.

Lindsay Michaels-Gorski, a fifth generation of the Michaels’ founders and current director of marketing for the statewide jewelry specialist, announced that Mr. Williams is, “Certified by the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America in Diamond Essentials.

“A GIA Diamond Specialist,” explained Michaels-Gorski, “is a highly-trained specialist who has studied at the GIA. This national independent nonprofit organization’s mission is to protect the gem and jewelry-buying public through research, education, laboratory services, and instrument development. Their recognized goal is to uphold the highest standards of integrity, academics, science, and professionalism in the gem and diamond industry.”

Michaels has been the first jeweler in Connecticut to earn Certified Gemologist and Appraiser titles, and it possesses the only AGS Accredited Gem Laboratory in the state and one of the largest group of jewelry and gems appraisal departments in their retail stores statewide.

Blake Williams possesses 15 years of experience in the jewelry retail business. He commented that he, “Grew up working in the industry with his family and he wanted to bring his expertise to the broad expanse of Michaels’ stores across Connecticut.

“One of my favorite aspects of the jewelry industry,” remarked Mr. Williams, “is custom designing and creating unique, sentimental and personable pieces of jewelry for customers, plus developing lasting relationships.”

With 10 locations across Connecticut, plus their PANDORA franchise locations, Michaels Jewelers is Connecticut’s leading retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry. This family-run business was founded in 1885 by Abraham L. Michaels and is managed today by fourth and fifth generations of expert jewelers.

Currently, there are Michaels Jewelers stores in Danbury, Orange, Avon, Bristol, Torrington, and well-known malls in Connecticut including Westfarms, Manchester’s Buckland Hills, Westfield Trumbull, Westfield Meriden and Waterbury’s Brass Mill Center. In 2010, Michaels opened Pandora retail stores in the Westfarms Mall, Danbury Mall, and Stamford Town Center, plus Pandora boutiques are located in all of the Michaels locations.

In 2012, Michaels expanded their Pandora retail locations into New York, New Jersey, Arizona and New Mexico in The Westchester, Paramus Park Mall, Menlo Park Mall, Willowbrook Mall, Coronado Center, Tucson Mall and Park Place Mall.

To contact Blake Williams directly in the Trumbull Michaels Jewelers store call 203-372-6594 or email to bwilliams@michaelsjewelers.com.

For more information on all the Michaels Jewelers locations nationwide, visit https://www.michaelsjewelers.com.


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Fairfield Garden Club and Conservationists Assess Fairfield's Chestnut Trees https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47189-fairfield-garden-club-and-conservationists-assess-fairfield-s-chestnut-trees47189-fairfield-garden-club-and-conservationists-assess-fairfield-s-chestnut-trees https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47189-fairfield-garden-club-and-conservationists-assess-fairfield-s-chestnut-trees47189-fairfield-garden-club-and-conservationists-assess-fairfield-s-chestnut-trees

Fairfield, CT - Late afternoon Thursday, July 19, Fairfield's Conservation Director, Brian Carey, led a tour near Lake Mohegan of the stands of American chestnut trees gifted and planted in 2012 by members of the Fairfield Garden Club and Fairfield Public Works. 

Fairfield Garden Club members, including current Club president Barbara Geddes Wooten and Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis, who's retired from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station's Department of Plant Pathology and Ecology, assessed the trees. Both were instrumental in the process of developing the tree-planting project. The American Chestnut Restoration Project was created by the Fairfield Garden Club to celebrate The Garden Club of America's Centennial in 2013. As of July 1, 2017, 61 of the 100 trees planted were thriving in eight public spaces in Fairfield. 

Planting these 100 hybrids may be a linchpin in the return of the giant of the forest to southwestern Connecticut. In the late 19th century, a blight wiped out the American chestnut. The strong wood was used in the building trades. Many turn-of-the-century Connecticut products made were made from Chestnut including musical instruments and pianos (in Ivoryton).

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Land Conservation Supporters to Gather at Trout Brook Valley Preserve, July 26 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/47188-land-conservation-supporters-to-gather-at-trout-brook-valley-preserve-july-2647188-land-conservation-supporters-to-gather-at-trout-brook-valley-preserve-july-26 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/47188-land-conservation-supporters-to-gather-at-trout-brook-valley-preserve-july-2647188-land-conservation-supporters-to-gather-at-trout-brook-valley-preserve-july-26

Easton, CT – The Connecticut Land Conservation Council and Aspetuck Land Trust will sponsor a tour of the Trout Brook Valley Preserve in Easton. This 1,009-acre land conservation success was made possible in part by a $6 million grant from the State of Connecticut in 1999. The tour will provide an opportunity for members of the Aspetuck Land Trust, other community leaders, local elected officials, and State legislators to discuss land conservation investments and priorities in the region.

The gathering will be held Thursday, July 26, from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., with remarks by invited Elected Officials at the beginning.
The event site is the Trout Brook Valley Preserve blueberry orchard, Freeborn Road, Easton
Directions: From Merritt Parkway and Rte. 58 (Hi Ho Motor Inn), go north on Rte. 58. Continue through light at Rte. 136, pass Bluebird Gas Station and Restaurant on left, and then take third left onto Freeborn Road. When the woods on the left stop at the first house lot, turn right onto a dirt road into the woods and drive 500 feet to park.
The Aspetuck Land Trust (ALT) is a local non-profit land conservation organization founded in 1966 to preserve open space in the towns of Westport, Weston, Fairfield and Easton. ALT preserves provide passive recreation and educational opportunities for people to learn about and enjoy nature, while preserving the flora and fauna and rural characteristics of local communities. ALT maintains 45 trailed nature preserves and other conservation-only properties on over 1,800 acres of land. More than 1,000 individual members support the organization through annual membership contributions.  For more information visit www.aspetucklandtrust.org


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Lead Actor Gina Naomi Baez of NPT's "Hunchback" Interviewed https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/life/47185-hunchback-s-leading-lady-gina-naomi-baez-interviewed47185-hunchback-s-leading-lady-gina-naomi-baez-interviewed https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/life/47185-hunchback-s-leading-lady-gina-naomi-baez-interviewed47185-hunchback-s-leading-lady-gina-naomi-baez-interviewed

Fairfield, CT - New Paradigm Theatre, a company well-known for its inventive productions that are presented with multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-gendered casting, recently interviewed Gina Naomi Baez, playing the role of “Esmerelda” in NPT’s exciting production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Fairfield Theatre Co. Three shows August 18/19th.  (Tickets)

Though The Hunchback of Notre Dame is thought to be a male-driven show, New Paradigm Theatre Company has put an emphasis on highlighting the strengths and talents of the women of the musical--both on and off stage. With a driven female-dominated production team, and an exemplary leading lady, this spectacular group of women are redefining women’s roles in Hunchback. They're using their strengths to tell a beautiful story of love and hope. 

The women behind The Hunchback include leading lady “Esmeralda” played by Gina Naomi Baez.​ Below is a Q and A with this popular actor who is currently shooting the recurring role of Marisol in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have it Season 2, coming soon to Netflix.

Q: What drew you to the role of Esmerelda and is this the first time you have played this role ?

 A: This is the first time I am playing this role. It has been an absolute dream role of mine since I was a little girl. I remember when the Disney animated movie came out. I loved Esmeralda’s spunk and I was obsessed with the music, especially Esmeralda’s  “God Help the Outcasts”.  My grandmother’s name was also Esmeralda. As a little girl , I remember thinking how cool it was that my grandmother had the same name as a Disney character. 

Q: What is your career/life goal?

A: My career goal is to be on Broadway.

Q: Since Hunchback deals with how it feels to be an "Outcast", are there any specific stories you can relate to us where you felt like an outsider?

A: I think everyone feels like an outsider at some time in their life and that’s why I think the show is so special because it truly speaks to everyone on one level or another. If I am going to be truly honest. I honestly feel a little like an outsider almost every day. I had cancer when I was a pre-teen. I feel like going through that experience changed me in a way that not many people understand and gave me a unique outlook on life. 

Q: What are you looking forward to the most about working with children Gargoyles?

A: I am looking forward to the creativity!

Q: How much research do you do when playing a role like this that is based on famous literature and then equally famous movies?

A: I am currently reading the Victor Hugo Novel and I also have been researching the Romani, their history, etc. 

Q: What does a "Day in the life" of Gina Naomi Baez look like?

A: Auditioning, Rehearsing, Shooting, Vlogging, creating content for my internet famous dog, editing, going to the gym, writing and brainstorming.

Q: What are challenges or roadblocks that you have faced and what advice would you like to give to other young actors?                   

A: Never give up and be yourself.

New Paradigm Theatre is proud of its platform to support diversity. Riding on the heels of New Paradigm Theatre’s 2016 sold-out multi-ethnic production of Oliver! Reinvented and 2017’s Peter Pan at Fairfield Theatre’s Warehouse, NPT will continue their collective impact productions with The Hunchback of Notre Dame on August 18th and 19th. NPT's goal is to bridge the gap between the arts and the local community with their performances. 

Young people of all abilities will participate side-by-side with Broadway pros to create this production.  Emmy and Oscar winner Paul Bogaev will again be the musical producer as well as playing a leading role! TV and Stage veterans Scott Bryce and Jodi Stevens will co-direct.

NPT has chosen their community “partner nonprofit” that reflects the theme of this summer’s show. This year NPT chose The Connecticut Burns Care Foundation (CBCF) from the non profits who submitted.

Artistic Director and Broadway veteran, Kristin Huffman (Milford CT) says, “New Paradigm is a theatre with a social conscience. We produce events and shows that not only entertain with Broadway pros, but that also connect directly to our community.


GINA NAOMI BAEZ (ESMERALDA) :  Gina is so excited to be playing one of her dream roles! She is currently shooting the recurring role of Marisol in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have it Season 2, coming soon to Netflix. Credits include: Off-Broadway: Women on Fire (Royal Family), A Taste of Things to Come (York), Fatty Fatty No Friends (NYMF), Under Fire (NYMF), Chautauqua! (Public Theater), Monument (Prospect). Regional: Man of La Mancha, In The Heights, Little Shop of Horrors, Oliver!. TV: "Orange is the New Black”. Gina is a singer/songwriter and viral youtuber: YouTube.Com/GinaNaomiMusic. Her new venture is her “Eyes On Broadway” Vlog also on YouTube! Thanks to Scott, Jodi, Kristin, Sam, Tink and my Family! This performance is for my Mama, Esmeralda. www.ginanaomibaez.com - @GinaNaomiBaez

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Sen. Hwang Speaks to Upward Bound Program at Fairfield University https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47186-sen-hwang-speaks-to-upward-bound-program-at-fairfield-university47186-sen-hwang-speaks-to-upward-bound-program-at-fairfield-university https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47186-sen-hwang-speaks-to-upward-bound-program-at-fairfield-university47186-sen-hwang-speaks-to-upward-bound-program-at-fairfield-university

Fairfield, CT - Sen. Tony Hwang on July 17 visited with students from Fairfield University’s Upward Bound program.

The federally funded program provides low income, potential first-generation college students with the tools necessary to access postsecondary education as full participants. 

“As someone who personally participated in the Upward Bound as a teen, I know this program’s value,” Sen. Hwang said.  “The program helps improve academic performance, motivation levels, and self-confidence of students so that they reach their ultimate goal of achieving a college degree.  I commend Fairfield University on being a leader in supporting students as they push beyond barriers to college access.  This visit was inspiring.  I appreciate the opportunity to talk with the students and to urge them to keep working hard in pursuit of their goals.”

Rony Delva, Executive Director for the Fairfield University Upward Bound Program, added, “Our students and staff were delighted to welcome Senator Tony Hwang, a long-time supporter and friend of the Upward Bound Program at Fairfield University. Tony’s words of encouragement and positive message resonated well with our students.  As a former Upward Bound student, Tony understands our mission, which is to prepare college bound students for a brighter future.”

All Upward Bound activities and services are provided at no cost to the students and their families.

*Sen. Hwang represents Connecticut’s 28th Senatorial District which includes Fairfield, Easton, Weston, Westport, Newtown and Sandy Hook.  He can be reached at 800-842-1421 and at Tony.Hwang@cga.ct.gov. On the web: www.SenatorHwang.com.

Attached photo: Sen. Tony Hwang (center) stands with students from Fairfield University’s Upward Bound program.

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D'Agostino Applauds Local Dental Practice for Community Service https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/life/47184-d-agostino-applauds-local-dental-practice-for-community-service47184-d-agostino-applauds-local-dental-practice-for-community-service https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/life/47184-d-agostino-applauds-local-dental-practice-for-community-service47184-d-agostino-applauds-local-dental-practice-for-community-service

Fairfield, CT - State Representative Michael D’Agostino (D-Hamden) today applauded the efforts of a Fairfield dental practice for coming to the aid of a young Hamden constituent. Fourteen-year-old Conrad Carter was being bullied at school over the appearance of his teeth, which affected the youngster’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Seeing that he was in desperate need of orthodontic work, Conrad’s mother, Tara Hughes, reached out to D’Agostino after she learned her dental insurer would not cover the cost for braces. D’Agostino’s office contacted the Connecticut Foundation for Dental Outreach which identified First Impressions Orthodontics as a possible resource.

“After learning about Conrad’s plight, the doctors and staff at First Impressions did not hesitate to accept Conrad as a patient and provide braces -- at no cost,” D’Agostino said. “I can think of no better example of a community coming together to support this young man and his family in their time of need.”

“Community service is in our DNA and compassion is one of our core values,” said Dr. Greg Mokotoff of First Impressions. “Classmates demonstrated a lack of compassion by their treatment of Conrad, so First Impressions felt compelled to step in and help. It fits with our humanitarian dental missions both here and abroad and we’ll be leading a volunteer mission to Guatemala this fall.”

“The Connecticut Foundation for Dental Outreach is honored to have played a part in finding assistance for Conrad’s unmet oral healthcare needs,” said Josephine Bicknell, Director of Programs. “Dr. Mokotoff, who is co-leader of the Connecticut Mission of Mercy Free Dental Clinic pediatric department, graciously provided extensive treatment at his office. We are so grateful to him and his staff for all they have done for Conrad.”

“I thank God first and foremost for touching our hearts,” Ms. Hughes said. “A special thanks goes to Rep. Michael D’Agostino, his aide Sonja Jelks, Drs. Greg, Cass Burrell and Matthew Rhee and their staff for their dedicated work and services. From the first moment I met Conrad, I could tell he was an outstanding young man who was conscious about the appearance of his teeth,” Dr. Rhee said. “We knew that we could help him so we decided to take on his case."

“Our practice feels very strongly about community involvement,” Dr. Burrell said. “We are always looking to help others in need. We have asked Conrad and his mom to “pay it forward” (provide help to someone in need).”

“I would like to thank everyone for this once-in-a-lifetime chance for making my dreams come true,” Conrad said. He was fitted for braces in May.


- Conrad Carter (the patient) second from left in rear, and Rep. D’Agostino, pose with the First Impressions team providing Conrad’s treatment.

- Left to Right, Dr. Matthew Rhee, Tara Hughes, Conrad Carter, Dr. Greg Mokotoff, Rep. Mike D’Agostino.

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Carriage Barn Issues Call for Annual Member Show Entries https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47183-carriage-barn-issues-call-for-annual-member-show-entries47183-carriage-barn-issues-call-for-annual-member-show-entries https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47183-carriage-barn-issues-call-for-annual-member-show-entries47183-carriage-barn-issues-call-for-annual-member-show-entries

New Canaan, CT - Since 1977, the New Canaan Society for the Arts’ annual member show celebrates the range, interests, and talents of artist members working across various subjects, styles, and media in art. New and current members may enter up to three pieces, one piece will be chosen for inclusion in the exhibition. To enter, membership must be current for the duration of the show through October 13, 2018.  Prizes will be awarded and the entry fee is $20 for up to three pieces.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the artistic activities of the New Canaan Society for the Arts. Those interested in exhibiting or participating in other activities can join or renew their membership online at www.carriagebarn.org.


August 18, 2018 – Submission deadline

August 24, 2018 – Notification of selected work

September 9, 2018 – Opening Reception & Awards 3 – 5 PM

The entry prospectus with specific information is available at the Gallery’s website www.carriagebarn.org.  For further questions, please call the Gallery at 203-594-3638.  

The Carriage Barn Arts Center is a nonprofit arts organization that promotes the visual and performing arts and that enriches the community through exhibitions, education, and other cultural experiences. Exhibitions, lectures, educational workshops, concerts and other events are held in this adaptively reused historic building on the grounds of a former estate, now Waveny Park. 

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Season General Auditions for Fairfield Center Stage https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47181-season-general-auditions-for-fairfield-center-stage47181-season-general-auditions-for-fairfield-center-stage https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47181-season-general-auditions-for-fairfield-center-stage47181-season-general-auditions-for-fairfield-center-stage

Fairfield, CT - Fairfield Center Stage (Christy McIntosh-Newsom, Artistic Director; Eli Newsom, Executive Producer) is holding open SEASON GENERAL AUDITIONS for its upcoming 2018/2019 season on Sunday, August 26th from 12-3pm and Monday, August 27th from 6-9pm at The Fairfield Museum and History Center (see below for address info). Seeking actors and singers of all ages, types, ethnicities, etc. Non-equity, no pay.

These season generals are a great way to be considered for all of the productions via one audition. This audition will also serve as the OPEN CALL AUDITION for our holiday production, A CHRISTMAS CAROL EXPERIENCE*. Each remaining production, however, will have its own open call auditions specific to that show, closer to each production date.

2018/19 season to include:

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH (Director: Christy McIntosh-Newsom, Choreographer: Emily Frangipane, Music Director: Eli Newsom), THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW FLOOR SHOW at Trevi Lounge (Director: Brian Bish), ONWARD AND UPWARD: A one-night-only benefit concert at Penfield Pavilion (Director: Christy McIntosh-Newsom), A CHRISTMAS CAROL EXPERIENCE (Director: Perry Liu, Choir Director: Clay Zambo, Choreographer: Lindsay Johnson), FCS ROCKS: QUEEN’S A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (Venue TBD), DREAMGIRLS (Director: Brian Crook, Choreographer: Emily Frangipane, Music Director: Eli Newsom), VOWS: A New Original Musical by Clay Zambo, and THE SECRET GARDEN (Director: Christy McIntosh-Newsom, Choreographer: Jessica Rahrig, Music Director: Eli Newsom).  


*Since these auditions will also serve as the open call audition for A CHRISTMAS CAROL, if you would like to be considered for A CHRISTMAS CAROL, please attend these auditions. Please see below for a full character breakdown



Sunday August 26th from 11:15am-3pm (open call sign-up begins at 11am, sign-up ends at 2pm. Children under the age of 15 may sign up between the hours of 11:15am-12:30pm only)

Monday August 27th from 5:30-9pm (open call sign-up begins at 5pm, sign-up ends at 8pm. Children under the age of 15 may sign up between the hours of 5:30-6:30pm only)

Actors will be seen in order of arrival, with the exception of the actors who have secured appointments.



Fairfield Museum and History Center

370 Beach Road, Fairfield CT 06824


What to prepare:

All actors should bring a current headshot (or recent photo) and 1 page acting resume or list of theater/performing experience.


For those who would like to be considered for just the musicals (ONWARD AND UPWARD, QUEEN’S A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, VOWS, DREAMGIRLS, THE SECRET GARDEN): Please prepare a selection/short song (around 1 min.) from a musical or pop song in the style of the show (singing from the show is ok). Bring sheet music in the appropriate key. A capella singing is highly discouraged, please bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided. If you would like to be considered for multiple shows you may prepare two songs (you may only be asked for one).   


For those who would like to be considered for just the plays (A CHRISTMAS CAROL EXPERIENCE, lip synching for THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW FLOOR SHOW): Prepare prepare one short monologue that best shows you/your acting range--keep in mind that these generals are a way for us to get to know you as an actor.


For those who would like to be considered for both the musicals and plays:

Prepare both a short monologue and a song in the style of the show(s) for which you are interested in being considered. See details above.  


Appointments:   For convenience we are offering limited appointment time slots.  Appointments are not necessary, however they are recommended.

To access the audition sign-up form, visit https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0b4eaaac2ea0fc1-20182019. Please make a note of your appointment time and date as you may not receive a reminder. Audition slots are limited, first-come, first-served. Actors without appointments will be seen as time allows between appointment slots. Those without appointments should allow for 1-2 hours of wait time.


A Note For Performers Under the Age of 16:

We will be casting a few younger performers for A Christmas Carol Experience and The Secret Garden and will utilize younger performers for our fall benefit concert and New Works events.

Please note that all roles for the Fairfield Center Stage season are non-Equity, no pay.




Fairfield Center Stage is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more info about FCS or the upcoming 2018/19 season visit www.fairfieldcenterstage.org


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Witness & Conservation Officer Save Norwalk Woman from a Burning Car on I-95 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/47180-witness-conservation-officer-save-norwalk-woman-from-a-burning-car-on-i-9547180-witness-conservation-officer-save-norwalk-woman-from-a-burning-car-on-i-95 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/47180-witness-conservation-officer-save-norwalk-woman-from-a-burning-car-on-i-9547180-witness-conservation-officer-save-norwalk-woman-from-a-burning-car-on-i-95

Fairfield, CT – Quick action by Bridgeport resident Frederico Davis and Connecticut Conservation Police Officer Hey saved a Norwalk woman’s life, who experienced a medical emergency Wednesday, July 18, on Interstate 95.  

Both Davis and Hey witnessed a two-car motor vehicle accident that occurred noontime on the southbound side of Interstate 95 in the area of the Black Rock Turnpike overpass. Both found on the left shoulder of the road a motor vehicle on fire, with the passenger compartment filling with smoke as a result of the accident. Both Davis and Officer Hey removed the semi-conscious driver from the vehicle before life threatening injuries could occur.

“It was the quick action by the Bridgeport resident and the uniformed Conservation Police Officer working together that definitely saved this woman from the toxic smoke, burn injuries and possibly losing her life," says Assistant Chief Erik Kalapir. “Luckily, the driver of the second vehicle involved in the collision did not have any reported injuries.” 

Fairfield Fire Department units responded and arrived eight minutes after receiving the emergency telecommunication information from Connecticut State Police. The fire was extinguished and the incident was quickly cleared. Additional agencies on scene were American Medical Response, for pre-hospital assessment and care, and the CT Department of Transportation, assisting with traffic flow.

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SHU Opens Audiology Clinic to Bridgeport Community https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47179-shu-opens-audiology-clinic-to-bridgeport-community47179-shu-opens-audiology-clinic-to-bridgeport-community https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47179-shu-opens-audiology-clinic-to-bridgeport-community47179-shu-opens-audiology-clinic-to-bridgeport-community

FAIRFIELD, Conn.—The Sacred Heart University Audiology Clinic has opened its doors to the Bridgeport community and invites area residents to make an appointment to get their hearing loss diagnosed and treated.

The full-service clinic delivers hearing health care for individuals across the lifespan, while providing SHU speech-language pathology students with the opportunity to accrue required clinical hours in audiology and aural rehabilitation under the supervision of a licensed audiologist. 

An audiologist is a professional who specializes in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists treat infants, children and adults for various hearing impairments. They work in diverse settings like hospitals, schools, clinics, universities, private practices, Veterans Administration hospitals, hearing aid dispensaries and otolaryngology offices.

The audiology clinic is inside SHU’s Center for Healthcare Education, 4000 Park Ave., Bridgeport. It provides hearing testing and diagnostic audiology and dispenses hearing devices and services. The clinic also offers educational workshops to help people improve daily living and overall quality of life. It aims to provide inter-professional opportunities for other SHU health profession students to observe and learn about diagnosis and treatment for people with hearing loss.

Hearing loss is a progressive condition that worsens over time. Symptoms appear so gradually that the individual may be unaware of the condition for some time. Even when hearing loss is suspected, a person takes an average of seven years to seek medical treatment. The third most commonly reported physical condition, following arthritis and heart disease, hearing loss affects roughly 20 percent of the U.S. population.

Professor Jamie Marotto, Au.D., CCC-A, a licensed audiologist in Connecticut, heads the clinic, under the auspices of the University’s Speech-Language Pathology Department. Marotto earned a doctorate in audiology from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., and a bachelor’s degree in communication disorders and Spanish from the University of Connecticut.

Marotto describes hearing loss as “an invisible disability” that often goes unnoticed as it progressively worsens. Affected individuals might bluff their way along until the loss becomes more severe and puts them at increased risk of other health issues such as cognitive decline and falling. 

“People need to understand it’s not just something that happens as they as they get older; they can do something about it,” Marotto said. “It’s neat to have the audiology clinic in the center of SHU health care education. We really are able to teach students about hearing and the implications for overall quality of life. Hearing plays a big role in how to treat patients, no matter their disability.”

Hearing aids are more powerful than ever

Hearing aids are much more effective today than in the past, because they amplify the things the user needs to hear and not all the background noise, according to Professor Rhea Paul, chair of SHU’s Speech-Language Pathology Department. Paul, a former professor at Yale Child Study Center, Southern Connecticut State University and Portland State University, earned a doctorate in communication disorders in 1981 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“People sometimes buy hearing aids but have difficulty getting them to work properly. Our students will help people use their hearing aids to maximum potential, adjusting to their particular needs, and assist with their care and maintenance,” Paul said.

People who might have tried hearing aids in the past and not found them effective might want to consider trying them again, Paul said. “Most people don’t get very much counseling or training, which our students can provide. The important thing to remember is hearing loss isolates people and is one of the high risks for other conditions that are deleterious to their health.” 

Today’s digital devices are smaller and more powerful than ever, and include many features designed to improve comfort, convenience and clarity. They are available in various sizes and styles, so finding one that appeals to a person’s lifestyle needs and cosmetic preferences should be easy. 

Since Sacred Heart is a nonprofit university, the audiology clinic staff can serve people with less of an obligation to generate a profit than private providers have, Paul said. The clinic has the advantage of providing students with the experience of working with people who are learning to use their hearing aids at a lower cost, not full market cost. “We have the opportunity to serve clients who might be underserved by other providers,” she said.

“Hearing loss is a lot more visible than wearing hearing aids might be,” Marotto said. “Spending a couple thousand dollars might make the difference between being able to hear and social withdrawal.”

The audiology clinic accepts insurance plans such as Medicaid, Medicare and other private plans.  Typically, most insurance companies will cover the cost of the hearing examination.  Coverage for hearing aids is more variable; Medicare will not pay for hearing aids while Medicaid will typically cover the cost of two hearing aids. Some private insurance plans offer a benefit towards the purchase of hearing aids.

The clinic also accepts donated hearing aids, with the aim of giving back to the local community. “Previously, we have fitted donated hearing aids through the Oticon Hearing Foundation to children and adults in Guatemala,” Marotto said. 

The Speech-Language-Pathology (SLP) program at Sacred Heart University offers an annual service-learning program that travels to Antigua and the Greater Panchoy Valley in Guatemala where SLP, occupational therapy and physical therapy students actively collaborate on an inter-professional team. Specifically, SLP provides hearing-related services and hearing aid fittings to children and adults in need. The inter-professional team will return to Guatemala in the fall.

To make an appointment or find out more about the clinic, call 203-396-6895 or email audiology@sacredheart.edu.

PHOTO CAPTION: Professor Jamie Marotto, right, works with a patient in the audiology clinic at Sacred Heart University’s Center for Healthcare Education. Photo by Sean Kaschak 


About Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University, the second-largest independent Catholic university in New England, offers more than 80 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and certificate programs on its main campus in Fairfield, Conn., located less than 60 miles from Manhattan and approximately 150 miles from Boston. With its five miles of shoreline, marinas, parks, open space and plenty of shopping and fine dining, Fairfield is consistently recognized as a top community in the Northeast in which to live. In 2018 the town earned an A+ in a ‘report card’ by Niche on “Best Places to Live” in Connecticut. Sacred Heart also has satellites in Connecticut, Luxembourg and Ireland. It comprises more than 300 acres of land, including an 18-hole golf course and the former global headquarters of General Electric.  Rooted in the 2000-year-old Catholic intellectual tradition and the liberal arts, Sacred Heart embraces a vision for social justice and educates students in mind, body and spirit to prepare them personally and professionally to make a difference in the global community.  More than 8,500 students attend the University’s six colleges: Arts & Sciences; Health Professions; Nursing; the Jack Welch College of Business; the Isabelle Farrington College of Education; and St. Vincent’s College. Consistently recognized for excellence, The Princeton Review includes SHU in its guides, Best 382 Colleges–2018 Edition, “Best in the Northeast” and Best 267 Business Schools–2018 Edition. It also placed SHU on its lists for “Best College Theater” and “Most Engaged in Community Service,” each of which comprises only 20 U.S. schools. U.S.News & World Report ranks SHU in its Best Colleges 2018 guidebook and calls SHU the fourth “Most Innovative School” in the North. The Chronicle of Higher Education also names SHU one of the fastest-growing Roman Catholic universities in its 2016 almanac. Sacred Heart has a Division I athletics program. www.sacredheart.edu

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Chestnut Tree Tour at Fairfield's Lake Mohegan, July 19 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47178-chestnut-tree-tour-at-fairfield-s-lake-mohegan-july-1947178-chestnut-tree-tour-at-fairfield-s-lake-mohegan-july-19 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/47178-chestnut-tree-tour-at-fairfield-s-lake-mohegan-july-1947178-chestnut-tree-tour-at-fairfield-s-lake-mohegan-july-19

Fairfield, CT - On Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 4:30 pm at Lake Mohegan's parking lot, 960 Morehouse Highway (across from Tahmore Drive), Fairfield's Conservation Director, Brian Carey, will lead a tour of the stands of American chestnut trees gifted and planted by members of the Fairfield Garden Club, a member of the Garden Club of America, and Fairfield Public Works in 2012. 

Joining the tour, which includes an inspection of the trees, are Fairfield Garden Club members, including current Club president Barbara Geddes Wooten and Dr. Sandra Anagnostakis, who's retired from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station's Department of Plant Pathology and Ecology. Both Ms. Geddes Wooten and Dr. Anagnostakis were instrumental in the process of developing this tree-planting project. The American Chestnut Restoration Project was created by the Fairfield Garden Club to celebrate The Garden Club of America's Centennial in 2013. As of July 1, 2017, 61 of the 100 trees planted were thriving in eight public spaces in Fairfield. 

Planting these 100 hybrids may be a linchpin in the return of the giant of the forest to southwestern Connecticut. In the late 19th century, a blight wiped out the American chestnut. The strong wood was used in the building trades. Many turn of the century Connecticut products made were made from Chestnut including musical instruments and pianos (in Ivoryton). 

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Retro Game Week for Teens July 30-Aug. 3 at Fairfield Library https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/47177-retro-game-week-for-teens-july-30-aug-3-at-fairfield-library47177-retro-game-week-for-teens-july-30-aug-3-at-fairfield-library https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/47177-retro-game-week-for-teens-july-30-aug-3-at-fairfield-library47177-retro-game-week-for-teens-july-30-aug-3-at-fairfield-library

Fairfield, Conn. - Drop by the Teen Room at the Fairfield Public Library, 1080 Old Post Road, for a retro game week from Monday, July 30 through Friday, August 3. Every afternoon from 1:00 to 3:30 pm, you can try your hand at retro video and board games. We will have the big TV hooked up along with laptop units and classic board games. From PS2 Star Wars Battle Front to Atari Classics to Sorry, just drop in with some friends and see what we are playing. We will have snacks and even a few prizes for our biggest gamers! No registration is required. For teens and tweens entering grades 6 and up. 

Have you signed up for this year’s “Libraries Rock!” Teen Summer Challenge yet? The Summer Challenge is an online game that gives you a chance to win prizes by reading books, watching movies, listening to music, or attending Library events. Do any of these activities and post a short review on our Summer Challenge blog to qualify for prizes. Sign up any time by visiting the Teen page on the Library’s website.

All programs at the Fairfield Public Library are free. For more information, visit:  fairfieldpubliclibrary.org, or call 203-256-3160. Follow the Fairfield Public Library on Twitter @fairfieldpublib and Facebook @fairfieldlibrary.

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There’s Still Time to Take the Fairfield “Green Survey” https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/47176-there-s-still-time-to-take-the-fairfield-green-survey47176-there-s-still-time-to-take-the-fairfield-green-survey https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/47176-there-s-still-time-to-take-the-fairfield-green-survey47176-there-s-still-time-to-take-the-fairfield-green-survey

Fairfield, CT - If you haven’t yet taken the Town’s first-ever “Green Survey”, it’s not too late – and the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force (SFTF) wants to hear from you!

This Town-wide survey is designed to explore how residents view issues of community sustainability and environmental preservation, and also to give you a chance to say how the SFTF can help you become more involved in preserving our community’s environmental well-being.

Hundreds of residents already have taken the survey, but everyone’s voice is important. To take the survey, please follow the link here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FairfieldGreen

The survey takes only 5 to 10 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. The findings will be shared widely with Town residents.

Formerly the Clean Energy Task Force, the SFTF provides support for Town practices and projects that can help Fairfield manage its growth to safeguard the health of its environment, ensure the reliability and economical use of its natural resources, and preserve the quality of life of its residents – today and for the future.

For more information, please contact Jim Marren/Sustainable Fairfield Task Force, jmarren@aol.com

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