Fairfield's HamletHub https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield Mon, 27 May 2019 00:42:25 -0400 HamletHub.com CT Open House Day at Pequot Library: June 8 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48314-pequot-library-155881204348314-pequot-library-1558812043 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48314-pequot-library-155881204348314-pequot-library-1558812043

Southport, CT - Visit Pequot Library on the 14th annual Connecticut Open House Day, Saturday, June 8, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. This is a fantastic opportunity for residents to learn about Pequot’s diverse offerings, Special Collections, exciting exhibitions, and large family events scheduled throughout the year. Stop by Pequot Library to check out these programs:

10:00-10:30 a.m.: Pequot Library Building and History Tour
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.: Genealogy Roundtable
1:30-2:00 p.m.: Open House Storytime for Little Ones

For more information, go to www.pequotlibrary.org.

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SFTF Offers Tips on Eating Local https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/life/48313-sftf-offers-tips-on-eating-local48313-sftf-offers-tips-on-eating-local https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/life/48313-sftf-offers-tips-on-eating-local48313-sftf-offers-tips-on-eating-local

Fairfield, CT - As the fruit and vegetable growing season kicks into high gear, Fairfield residents interested in enjoying the many benefits of locally produced food can look to the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force (SFTF) to learn more about our region’s wide choice of farmers’ markets and stands – and get some guidance on how to grow their own produce too.

An updated listing of local farm stands and farmers’ markets is now available on the SFTF webpage as part of the SFTF’s “Local Food for All” initiative -- designed to help residents support farmers and retail locations offering locally produced food, and to create community connections that support our growers and our local economy.

The listings include stands and markets in Fairfield and several surrounding communities. In Fairfield, the Greenfield Hill Farmers Market, 75 Hillside Road, is now open Saturdays through October 26, and the Fairfield Farmers Market on Sherman Green will be open Sundays starting on June 16 through October 6.

At the markets, most vendors are Connecticut-based farms and businesses; all of the markets offer farm products from Fairfield or a bordering town, including Bridgeport, Easton, Trumbull, Weston or Westport.

When it comes to produce, nothing is more local than growing your own, so the SFTF also offers backyard gardeners some tips on starting and maintaining your own fruit or vegetable garden, as well as making your garden as eco-friendly as possible.

Don’t have room for your own garden? The SFTF provides a listing of local community gardens where residents can grow produce for their own use or to donate to those in need. And for additional leads on purchasing or dining out on healthy food, you can check out a listing of local restaurants, markets and other stores offered through Fairfield’s “Eat Well” initiative.

“Consuming locally produced food helps sustain our local growers and reduce the carbon impact of transporting food long distances,” said Kiersten Chou, SFTF member. “And, it helps boost a health-conscious lifestyle, because the nutritional value of local produce is unbeatable – and what’s more, it simply tastes better.”

Ms. Chou added, “We want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the SFTF’s information resources to learn more about the benefits and appeal of locally produced food.”

For more information about the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force’s programs and initiatives, please visit www.fairfieldct.org/sftf or contact SFTF member Kiersten Chou at 203-895-4865. 

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Bruce Museum Art Appraisal Day: June 15 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48312-bruce-museum-art-appraisal-day-june-1548312-bruce-museum-art-appraisal-day-june-15 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48312-bruce-museum-art-appraisal-day-june-1548312-bruce-museum-art-appraisal-day-june-15

Greenwich, CT - Following a highly successful appraisal event for heirloom jewelry and other collectible accessories at the Bruce Museum in February, a team of expert appraisers from Rago Arts & Auction Center returns to the Bruce on Saturday, June 15, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

The search this time around is for paintings, prints, photographs and “outsider art,” as well as unusual curiosities such as scientific/botanical models and spiritual/mystical art and objects.

The appraisals are open to Museum members and the public free of charge, though reservations are required. To make an appointment for an appraisal, contact Jennifer Pitman, Rago’s senior account manager for Connecticut and Westchester, at 917-745-2730 or jenny@ragoarts.com. Rago will donate a portion of its commission on property consigned from the Appraisal Day event to the Bruce Museum.

“While fine art evaluations are well understood, people may not be familiar with the term ‘outsider art,’” says Pitman. The category generally refers to self-taught or naïve art makers who are unconnected with the mainstream art world or institutions and who create works of personal expression apart from any conventional practice or style.

It’s a hot market, to be sure,” says Pitman.

“Rago is in search of outsider and self-taught art by, among others James Castle, William Edmondson, Minnie Evans, Howard Finster, Madge Gill, Lee Godie, William Hawkins, Morris Hirshfield, Lonnie Holley, Clementine Hunter, Martín Ramírez, Royal Robertson, Jon Serl, Bill Traylor, George Widener, Adolf Wölfli, and Purvis Young,” she explains.

Rago is also interested in appraising uncommon objects, including articulated mannequins, sideshow and carnival figures and signage, automata, Victorian taxidermy, and amusing erotica. The property consigned at the Bruce Museum Appraisal Day will be included in Rago’s Curiouser and Curiouser Auction on October 22, 2019. Consigned fine art will be included in Rago’s art auctions on November 9, 2019.

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CT's Beardsley Zoo Mourns Loss of Brazilian Ocelot Kuma https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48311-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-mourns-loss-of-brazilian-ocelot-kuma48311-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-mourns-loss-of-brazilian-ocelot-kuma https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48311-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-mourns-loss-of-brazilian-ocelot-kuma48311-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-mourns-loss-of-brazilian-ocelot-kuma

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – The family at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is saddened to announce the passing of Kuma, a Brazilian ocelot (Leopardus pardalis mitis), on May 23, 2019. Kuma was one of only five Brazilian ocelots in the past twenty years to give birth after successful laparoscopic artificial insemination, and she did so twice. As a young kitten, Kuma was accidentally injured by her father and lost her left rear leg and tail as a consequence. This disability precluded Kuma from breeding naturally but did not decrease her genetic value nor her ability to bear and raise offspring. She was always a favorite of guests and beloved in the Rainforest Building. 

Her two daughters, Milagre and Alya, now reside at the Dallas Zoo and the Buffalo Zoo, respectively. Both females have bred naturally and produced kittens of their own, ensuring Kuma’s genetic contribution will carry into the future. Brazilian ocelots are becoming increasingly endangered due to human population growth and associated habitat loss. In North American zoos, a small number of ocelots are managed by the Ocelot Species Survival Plan (SSP), which makes breeding recommendations based on each individual’s genetic importance to the population as a whole. 

Dr. Bill Swanson, coordinator of the Ocelot SSP, said, “I’m saddened to hear of the passing of Kuma.  I cannot think of another ocelot that has contributed so much to the sustainability of the Brazilian ocelot population that we manage for conservation in our zoos.  Despite her physical impairment due to the loss of a rear leg at an early age, Kuma was able to conceive twice through artificial insemination, give birth to two healthy female kittens, and raise them successfully.  Through her daughters, Kuma now has five grand-kids and four great grand-kids, and her descendants represent almost one-third of all Brazilian ocelots managed in the SSP population.  She will be greatly missed but her genetic legacy will live on.”

Kuma was born on August 28, 2004, and arrived at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo in September, 2007.Consistent attention from the Zoo’s medical team and her professional animal care staff allowed her to live her very long life in comfort. 

“Kuma was one of the most beloved animals in our Zoo family,” said Zoo Director Gregg Dancho. “She was a beautiful and significant ambassador for her species, and the epitome of how conservation programs in zoos help contribute to protecting and preserving our precious friends. From her favorite spot in the tree in her habitat, she inspired a love of wildlife in many Zoo guests over the years.” 

About Brazilian ocelots

Ocelots (Leopardus pardalis) are one of the more beautiful feline species. Their coat is short and soft, either whitish or tawny yellow to reddish grey. Markings run into chain-like streaks and blotches, forming elongate spots bordered with black enclosing an area darker than the ground color. An excellent hunter, the solitary ocelot primarily hunts small rodents and also will take small deer, armadillos, reptiles, and other small animals. Though it can climb trees and even swim well, the ocelot spends most of its time hunting on the ground, as long as the habitat provides thick plant cover and abundant prey. Brazilian ocelots have been classified as “vulnerable” by the Brazilian government. Population projections indicate that several small cat species, including the ocelot, will see their generic diversity reduced to dangerously low levels within the next 50 years. 

About Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

Let your curiosity run wild! Connecticut's only zoo, celebrating its 97thanniversary, features 300 animals representing primarily North and South American species. Guests won't want to miss our Amur (Siberian) tigers and leopards, Red and Mexican wolves, and Two-toed sloths. Other highlights include the Natt Family Red Panda Habitat, our South American rainforest with free-flight aviary, the prairie dog exhibit with "pop-up" viewing areas, plus the Pampas Plains featuring maned wolves, Chacoan peccaries, Giant anteaters, and more. Guests can grab a bite at the Peacock Café, eat in the Picnic Grove, and enjoy a ride on our colorful carousel. For more information, visit beardsleyzoo.org.

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Sherman PTA Wins 2019 Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48310-sherman-pta-wins-2019-jan-harp-domene-diversity-and-inclusion-award48310-sherman-pta-wins-2019-jan-harp-domene-diversity-and-inclusion-award https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48310-sherman-pta-wins-2019-jan-harp-domene-diversity-and-inclusion-award48310-sherman-pta-wins-2019-jan-harp-domene-diversity-and-inclusion-award

Fairfield, CT - First Selectman Mike Tetreau is very pleased to announce that the National PTA has honored Roger Sherman Elementary School’s PTA with the 2019 Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award!

The award honors one state (The Colorado PTA), one district/council/region (the Durham Council of PTAs in Durham, North Carolina) and one local PTA (Sherman PTA) for achievement in the areas of diversity and inclusion.

According to the National PTA, Roger Sherman’s PTA has focused on diversifying its leadership and membership by identifying obstacles that impact family engagement, brainstorming ways to overcome the obstacles and revising its outreach efforts. These efforts have included shifting PTA meetings from mid-day to evenings and livestreaming meetings; creating scholarships for PTA membership and for admission to events; offering programs to accommodate families facing socioeconomic barriers; and expanding Roger Sherman PTA Diversity Day to Diversity Week, focusing on kindness and inclusion (anti-bullying), learning abilities (empathy training for physical and mental disabilities/differences), and family, cultural and gender diversity. Roger Sherman PTA (the Sherman Sharks!) also created a new program called JAWS (Just Ask, We Serve), which matches new families with senior families to serve as a contact and ensure new families feel welcome.

Sherman PTA Co-President Marney White said, "Sherman has a long history and reputation as a welcoming community, which makes us a very cohesive neighborhood school. This year we expanded our diversity education program and implemented multiple policies to promote an even more inclusive atmosphere. Dozens of parent volunteers helped in this effort. We are thrilled that Sherman's efforts to focus on diversity education and inclusion are being recognized by this national award!"

First Selectman Tetreau stated, “On behalf of the entire town, I want to congratulate the Sherman PTA for earning this distinguished award! My special thanks to the all the PTA members, Dr. Ian Banner and Sherman’s teachers, administrators and others who, together, have created a most inviting, diverse and inclusive school community that has garnered national attention and serves as a model for others.”

The Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award is named after past National PTA President (2007-2009) Jan Harp Domene, who was dedicated to ensuring that families of all backgrounds felt welcomed in PTA and their school communities.

Colorado PTA, Durham Council of PTAs and Roger Sherman PTA will be honored with the award during the 2019 National PTA Convention & Expo in Columbus, Ohio. The PTAs will also receive a $1,000 grant to further their efforts.

“Our school communities are incredibly diverse, and it is essential that all families feel welcomed and that the perspectives and needs of all families are represented and supported,” said Jim Accomando, president of National PTA. “The efforts of Colorado PTA, Durham Council of PTAs and Roger Sherman PTA in the areas of diversity and inclusion have resulted in positive change. We are thrilled to recognize them with the 2019 Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award.”

“It is critical that we recognize, value and embrace the diversity of our communities to create inclusive school environments and ensure that all families feel welcomed, engaged and supported,” added Nathan R. Monell, CAE, National PTA executive director. “We are looking forward to recognizing achievement in diversity and inclusion and celebrating Colorado PTA, Durham Council of PTAs and Roger Sherman PTA’s efforts at our annual convention.”

About National PTA 
National PTA® comprises millions of families, students, teachers, administrators, and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of family engagement in schools. PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that prides itself on being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for public education. Membership in PTA is open to anyone who wants to be involved and make a difference for the education, health and welfare of children and youth.

The photo, taken at yesterday’s Board of Selectmen meeting where the First Selectman and Selectmen honored the Sherman PTA, shows l:r Alexis Donovan (Diversity Chair), Marney White (Co-President), Dr. Ian Banner (Principal), Kate Garin (Co-President-Elect), and Melanie Ross (Co-President).

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"From Butterflies to Battleships" Exhibit to Open at Bruce Museum, June 22 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48309-from-butterflies-to-battleships-exhibit-to-open-at-bruce-museum-june-2248309-from-butterflies-to-battleships-exhibit-to-open-at-bruce-museum-june-22 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48309-from-butterflies-to-battleships-exhibit-to-open-at-bruce-museum-june-2248309-from-butterflies-to-battleships-exhibit-to-open-at-bruce-museum-june-22

Greenwich, CT - On view beginning Saturday, June 22, 2019, From Butterflies to Battleships draws from the Bruce Museum Photography Collection to present a selection of work by four singular American photographers: Margaret Bourke-White, Carl Mydans, Patrick Nagatani, and Brett Weston. The exhibition will showcase the diversity of artistic and documentary approaches taken by photographers in the twentieth century and demonstrate how they expanded on earlier experiments in portraiture, scientific record, and photomontage. 

Although renowned for her breathtaking photo essays for Fortune and LIFE magazines, in which she captured the glories of the industrial age, Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971) had a lifelong interest in the natural world. Selected for this exhibition is a collection of small insect portraits made in the 1930s in which butterflies, moths, and praying mantises are hazily depicted in various stages of metamorphosis. A far cry from the epic scale of her images like that of the construction of Montana’s Fort Peck Dam, these photographs show a surprisingly intimate and experimental side of Bourke-White’s oeuvre. 

First trained as a reporter, acclaimed photojournalist Carl Mydans (1906-2004) captured landmark events in the United States, Europe, and Asia over the course of 36 years as a staff photographer for LIFE magazine. There he skillfully honed what would become his trademark, the ability to capture the enormous gravity of an event with a single image. The exhibition includes two iconic photographs taken in 1945 while on assignment during World War II with General Douglas MacArthur and his regiment.

By the time photographer Patrick Nagatani (1945-2017) moved from California to New Mexico in 1987, he had already demonstrated a remarkable talent for a clever layering of imagery to construct surreal photographic satires. He found an ideal subject for his particular brand of politicized artistic intervention in the discordant Southwest landscape, where Native American ancestral grounds rest alongside nuclear weapons test sites. On view in the exhibition are a number of works from the resulting series, Nuclear Enchantment (1989-1993), in which Nagatani makes a powerful statement about the environmental and spiritual consequences of nuclear technology.

The son of the pioneering photographer Edward Weston, Brett Weston (1911-1993) began taking pictures as a teenager while living in Mexico with his father. The young Weston displayed an extraordinary eye for subject and form from the start. Over time, Brett would reach beyond the modernist aesthetic championed by his father, to the brink of abstraction, as shown in a series of stunning photographs taken around 1970, in which natural elements such as sand, trees, and water are transformed into expressionistic compositions.

According to the show’s curator, Stephanie Guyet, Zvi Grunberg Resident Fellow 2018-19: “It’s been fascinating to spend the past nine months working at a Museum that functions as a space for both scientific and aesthetic inquiry. This is a first for me, having worked previously at museums and galleries that are exclusively dedicated to fine art. I wanted therefore to develop an exhibition that would reflect the multifaceted, idiosyncratic, and extremely generative space of the Museum itself. Given that the Bruce has a wide and varied photography collection, and that photography lies at the intersection of art and science, this seemed like the perfect subject to explore. I hope that Museum visitors will be as excited and inspired as I am by the beautiful and provocative work on view.”

From Butterflies to Battleships: Selections from the Bruce Museum Photography Collection will be on view in the Museum’s Arcade Gallery through September 1, 2019. The Museum is grateful for exhibition support from The Charles M. and Deborah G. Royce Exhibition Fund and the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

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Author Herb Boyd to Speak at Westport Playhouse's Sunday Symposium, June 9 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48308-author-herb-boyd-to-speak-at-westport-playhouse-s-sunday-symposium-june-948308-author-herb-boyd-to-speak-at-westport-playhouse-s-sunday-symposium-june-9 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48308-author-herb-boyd-to-speak-at-westport-playhouse-s-sunday-symposium-june-948308-author-herb-boyd-to-speak-at-westport-playhouse-s-sunday-symposium-june-9

Westport, CT - Herb Boyd, an award-winning author and journalist, will be guest speaker at Westport Country Playhouse’s Sunday Symposium on June 9, following a 3 p.m. performance of the gripping drama, “Skeleton Crew,” about four factory workers in a Detroit export auto plant on the brink of closing.  Boyd’s most recent book “Black Detroit—A People’s History of Self-Determination” (Amistad, 2017has received several awards, including a finalist for an NAACP Image Award.  “Skeleton Crew” is written by Dominique Morisseau, 2018 MacArthur Genius Grant Fellow, and directed by LA Williams. 

The Playhouse Sunday Symposium program is free and open to the public. Boyd will engage in conversation with David Kennedy, Playhouse associate artistic director, about the play, his book, and the vibrant history of Detroit. 

Boyd has published a number of books and articles for national magazines and newspapers.  In addition to “Black Detroit—A People’s History of Self-Determination,” his other books include “The Diary of Malcolm X” (Third World Press, 2013), co-edited with Malcolm’s daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz, and “By Any Means Necessary—Malcolm X, Not Reinvented” (Third World Press, 2012), co-edited with Dr. Haki Madhubuti, Dr. Ron Daniels, and Dr. Maulana Karenga. “Brotherman—The Odyssey of Black Men in America—An Anthology” (One World/Ballantine, 1995), co-edited with Robert Allen of the “Black Scholar” journal, won the American Book Award for nonfiction. He teaches African American History and Culture at the City College of New York in Harlem where he lives.

Boyd’s book, “Black Detroit – A People’s History of Self-Determination,” will be on sale in the lobby following the symposium, with Boyd available to sign copies.

The Sunday Symposium Series is supported, in part, by the White Barn Program of the Lucille Lortel Foundation.

“Skeleton Crew” Production Sponsors are Judy and Scott Phares. Corporate Production Partner is Fidelity Investments.

“Skeleton Crew” runs from June 4 – 22. The contemporary play is recommended for ages 14 and up.  Single tickets start at $30 and are subject to change based upon availability.  Buy early for best prices.  Special offers are available for seniors, students, educators, and playwrights.  For details, visit westportplayhouse.org/special-offers

All play titles, artists, and dates are subject to change.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit www.westportplayhouse.org, or call the box office at (203) 227-4177, toll-free at 1-888-927-7529, or visit Westport Country Playhouse, 25 Powers Court, off Route 1, Westport. Stay connected to the Playhouse on Facebook (Westport Country Playhouse), follow on Twitter (@WCPlayhouse), and on YouTube (WestportPlayhouse).

The mission of Westport Country Playhouse is to enrich, enlighten, and engage the community through the power of professionally produced theater worth talking about and the welcoming experience of the Playhouse campus.  The not-for-profit Playhouse provides this experience in multiple ways by offering live theater experiences of the highest quality, under the artistic direction of Mark Lamos; educational and community engagement events to further explore the work on stage; the New Works Initiative, a program dedicated to the discovery, development, and production of new live theatrical works; special performances and programs for students and teachers with extensive curriculum support material; Script in Hand play readings to deepen relationships with audiences and artists; the renowned Woodward Internship Program during the summer months for aspiring theater professionals; Family Festivities presentations to delight young and old alike and to promote reading through live theater; youth performance training through Broadway Method Academy, Westport Country Playhouse’s resident conservatory program; and the beautiful and historic Playhouse campus open for enjoyment and community events year-round.

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Stamford's "Space Invasion" Spacecrafts to be Installed May 28-30 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48307-stamford-s-space-invasion-spacecrafts-to-be-installed-may-28-3048307-stamford-s-space-invasion-spacecrafts-to-be-installed-may-28-30 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48307-stamford-s-space-invasion-spacecrafts-to-be-installed-may-28-3048307-stamford-s-space-invasion-spacecrafts-to-be-installed-may-28-30

STAMFORD, Conn. – Thirty fiberglass spacecrafts will be positioned in their new places of residence throughout Stamford Downtown for the summer of 2019. These spacecrafts are part of the Stamford Downtown’s outdoor summer sculpture exhibit, UC Funds presents Space Invasion! in Stamford Downtown. Thanks to the talent of 26 artists who have magically transformed fiberglass spacecrafts into works of art full of creativity and humor, 30 originally designed and painted rockets, UFO beams and UFO crashes will be on display on the streets and parks of Stamford Downtown. Upon completion of the exhibit, the spacecrafts will be auctioned off with a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Veterans Park Initiative.

Installation will begin on Tuesday, May 28 and will continue through Thursday, May 30 from 5 am to 9 am.  It will take the city traffic division team, Stamford Downtown operations Events Team, two fork-lifts and a loader truck to install them. Their installation is an event in itself and is more than likely to draw a crowd with very curious onlookers as each piece is hoisted from the holding area and transported via an open-air truck to its location amid ongoing activity. A list of the spacecrafts is attached.

Space Invasion! in Stamford Downtown is certainly bound to make a grand appearance on the streets and in the parks of the Downtown. UC Funds presents Space Invasion! in Stamford Downtown runs June through August.

On June 12, Stamford Downtown will host an opening reception for UC Funds presents Space Invasion! in Stamford Downtown, the official kickoff celebration and viewing for sponsors and the public at the Residence Inn by Marriott Stamford Downtown at 25 Atlantic Street. For an invitation to the opening reception and a map of locations and more information about UC Funds presents Space Invasion! in Stamford Downtown, Art in Public Places 2019, please visit http://stamford-downtown.com/events/stamford-downtown-invasion/ or call 203-348-5285.

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SHU Awards Tenure, Promotion to Eight Faculty https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48306-shu-awards-tenure-promotion-to-eight-faculty48306-shu-awards-tenure-promotion-to-eight-faculty https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48306-shu-awards-tenure-promotion-to-eight-faculty48306-shu-awards-tenure-promotion-to-eight-faculty

FAIRFIELD, Conn.— Sacred Heart University has awarded tenure and promotions to eight faculty members. Additionally, ten other professors earned separate promotions.

Tenure and promotion to associate professor:

Benjamin J. Alper of Rye Brook, NY, associate professor of chemistry. 

Alper’s interests include the cerebral accumulation of plaques made up of neurotoxic amyloid beta peptides, which is a primary event in Alzheimer's disease pathology. He and his team are developing methods to disrupt amyloid plaque formation and to promote destruction of neurotoxic amyloid beta peptides. 

Jing (Jack) Jiang of Trumbull, associate professor of finance. 

Prior to joining SHU, Jiang spent several years at M&T Bank and Regions Bank in the risk management and quantitative analytics group. He is a member of the American Finance Association and Financial Management Association. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Nankai University in Tianjin, China and his master’s in business administration from Tsinghua University in Beijing before obtaining his doctorate in finance from the University at Buffalo. 

Marcus B. Mueller of the Luxembourg Campus, associate professor of management.

Mueller received his bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbruecken, Germany; a diploma in business administration from Manchester Business School, University of Manchester in the United Kingdom; a master’s in business administration from Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, Australia; and a doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Prior to his full-time appointment at SHU, he worked for 16 years in finance industry fields such as strategy, mergers and acquisitions, principal investments and private equity for companies such as Arthur Andersen, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and Fortress Investments. 

Kristin Rainville of Fairfield, associate professor of education.

Rainville, a full-time faculty member also serves as the director of teacher preparation in the Isabelle Farrington College of Education. She teaches courses in curriculum and pedagogy, literacy and instructional leadership. Rainville’s research and scholarship focus on teaching, professional learning and leadership. She has co-authored two books: Changing Suburbs, Changing Students (Corwin, 2012) and Literacy Leadership in Changing Schools: Ten Keys to Successful Professional Development (Teachers College Press, 2015) and several book chapters, and she has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as: The Reading TeacherReading & Writing QuarterlyYoung Children and Networks: An Online Journal for Teacher Research. Before joining the faculty at SHU, Rainville was department chair and assistant professor in the Department of Literacy at Manhattanville College. She also previously worked as an instructor at Teachers College, Columbia University. A former coordinator for the New Jersey Department of Education’s Office of Early Literacy, she also has experience as a literacy coach in New Jersey and as a third-grade and first-grade teacher in Stamford.

Jessica Samuolis of Trumbull, associate professor of psychology.

Samuolis joined SHU in the fall of 2011 as a full-time faculty member in the psychology program. Prior to joining the department, she was a research scientist for a health promotion organization in New York, where she helped write grants for federal funding to help develop and evaluate prevention programs for youth. Samuolis is a prevention scientist with a program of research focused on public health issues among adolescents and young adults. Her research focuses on mental health, risk behaviors, risk and protective factors and the evaluation of prevention programs. Samuolis completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in the School of Public Health at Columbia University. 

Mary Lou Siefert of Fairfield, associate professor of nursing.

Siefert is an advanced oncology certified nurse and joined SHU in 2016. Her professional and scholarship interests include the implementation and use of evidence-based practice, oncology nursing care, patient and family quality of life, nursing management of patients’ symptoms, palliative care and end-of-life care. Her service includes volunteer mentoring for refugees and immigrants, and serving vulnerable populations in the local communities. She holds degrees from Yale University, Fordham University and Emmanuel College. 

LaTina Steele of Milford, associate professor of biology.

Steele’s research interests include marine community ecology, aquatic/marine plant chemical ecology, invasive plant ecology and the effects of pollutants on coastal ecosystems. Her specific research areas include: the role of chemical interactions in determining invasion success of non-native aquatic plants, using native herbivores to mitigate invasive aquatic plants, using stable isotopes to examine habitat connectivity, the effects of habitat and predator diversity on salt marsh community structure and the role of phenolic compounds as inducible chemical defenses against herbivory and pathogenic infection in seagrasses.

Diana Veneri of Prospect, associate professor of physical therapy.

Veneri’s teaching and program responsibilities primarily include promoting and coordinating evidence-based practice principles throughout the curriculum, including student research projects. She also has a smaller role in the neurologic curriculum. Her research interests cover adult neurologic rehabilitation, physical therapy education, yoga interventions, prosthetic rehabilitation education in developing countries and weight status in children. 

Other faculty promotions:

Professor: Jeanine Andreassi, management; Joseph Audie, chemistry; Nathan Lewis, art and design; Jason Molitierno, mathematics; Nicole Roy, biology; Thomas Terleph, biology; Deirdre Yeater, psychology. 

Clinical associate professor: Linda Cook and Linda Morrow, nursing.

Associate lecturer: Daniel Rober, Catholic studies.  

PHOTO: Top, from left, are Benjamin Alper, Jack Jiang, Marcus Mueller and Kristin Rainville. Bottom, from left, are Jessica Samuolis, Mary Lou Siefert, LaTina Steele and Diana Veneri.


About Sacred Heart University

As the second-largest independent Catholic university in New England, and one of the fastest-growing in the U.S., Sacred Heart University is a national leader in shaping higher education for the 21st century. SHU offers more than 80 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and certificate programs on its Fairfield, Conn., campus, which is located about an hour from Manhattan and 2.5 hours from Boston. Sacred Heart also has satellites in Connecticut, Luxembourg and Ireland. More than 8,500 students attend the University’s eight colleges and schools: Arts & Sciences; Communication, Media & the Arts; Computer Science & Engineering; Health Professions; the Isabelle Farrington College of Education; the Jack Welch College of Business; Nursing; and St. Vincent’s College. Sacred Heart is rooted in the rich Catholic intellectual tradition and the liberal arts, yet at the same time develops students to be forward thinkers who enact change—in their own lives and professions and in their communities. A spirit of service, entrepreneurship and social justice is the essence of who we are and can be seen inside and outside the classroom as students learn how to make a difference far beyond Fairfield. The Princeton Review includes SHU in its Best 384 Colleges–2019 Edition, “Best in the Northeast” and Best 267 Business Schools–2018 Edition. It also placed SHU on its lists for “Happiest Students” and “Most Engaged in Community Service,” each of which comprises only 20 U.S. schools. Sacred Heart has a Division I athletics program. www.sacredheart.edu

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Housatonic Community College Commencement Celebrates 620 Grads In The Class of 2019 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48303-housatonic-community-college-commencement-celebrates-620-grads-in-the-class-of-201948303-housatonic-community-college-commencement-celebrates-620-grads-in-the-class-of-2019 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/48303-housatonic-community-college-commencement-celebrates-620-grads-in-the-class-of-201948303-housatonic-community-college-commencement-celebrates-620-grads-in-the-class-of-2019

Bridgeport, CT - The 620 members of the Housatonic Community College (HCC) Class of 2019 celebrated their graduation on Wednesday, May 22nd when the college held its 51st Commencement Ceremony at Webster Bank Arena.

Dr. Edward Keane, HCC’s Professor of Psychology and Human Services, served as Grand Marshal for the ceremony. Keane is the school’s longest serving faculty member, having been with the college for 49 years.

Members of the Bridgeport Military Academy presented the colors and the Jonathan Law High School Choir opened the ceremony, singing the National Anthem. Special guests at the event included Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education Member Elease Wright, and 16 year-old author and HCC dual enrollment student Natalee Williams, who also currently attends Capital Prep Harbor School.

Celebrating the fourth largest class in the school’s history is no accident. With an average student age of 27 years old, and the majority of HCC students holding down at least one job while taking classes., HCC institutes strategies that close achievement gaps and keeps students in school so they can graduate and achieve their dreams.

“Each of you is a prime example of what it means to stay close and go far,” said HCC President, Paul Broadie II. “Among you are those transferring to universities nationwide as well as individuals entering the workforce to fill much needed labor market demand. Thank you for being role models to others as an example of what success looks like.”

Janet Yarrow MS, RDN, Professor of Nutrition Science at Housatonic Community College received the Excellence in Teaching Award, and HCC alumnus, Jermaine Burke delivered the keynote address. An employee of Balding Precision in Milford CT, Burke graduated from the school’s Advanced Manufacturing Program.

“To me, the key word in the title Housatonic Community College is community,” said Burke. “It works to serve and build up the community by investing in each of us. Working to serve and build up the surrounding area in which the edifice calls home.”

“This is the beginning of the American Dream,” said Sebastian Martinez, originally from Columbia and furthering his studies at UCONN in the fall to study Business Administration. “I came to this country to work hard and change the thinking about immigrants.”

This year's commencement ceremonies included nineteen Veterans, and featured Surgical Technology graduates for the first time. The most popular majors in the class included Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Advanced Manufacturing Machine Technology, Early Childhood Inclusive Education and General Studies.

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Fairfield Museum Honors The Fairfield Garden Club https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/48305-fairfield-museum-honors-the-fairfield-garden-club48305-fairfield-museum-honors-the-fairfield-garden-club https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/48305-fairfield-museum-honors-the-fairfield-garden-club48305-fairfield-museum-honors-the-fairfield-garden-club

Fairfield, CT - In 1974, The Fairfield Garden Club, member club of The Garden Club of America, answered the Fairfield Historical Society’s call to provide an appropriate garden setting for the 18th century Ogden House that the Historical Society had just acquired. The Garden Club commissioned Anne Leighton, an authority on American gardens, to design an early 18th century style garden for the house, and Club members committed to maintaining the newly installed beds.   

Those Garden Club members from the 1970s would be amazed to see the extraordinary Ogden House grounds today, 45 years later, that feature a beautiful Colonial Dooryard herb Garden, a thriving bee colony and a scenic riparian border along Brown’s Brook.  Those early Ogden gardeners would perhaps be most impressed to see how the Ogden House gardens have become such an essential teaching tool for our community—visited by hundreds of school children each year to learn the history of medicinal herb, teaching adults the value of conservation and celebrating three centuries of our human adaptation of Fairfield’s landscape. 

Whitney Vose and her extraordinarily dedicated team of volunteers are the most recent of so many dedicated Garden Club members who have shared their passion and tremendous hard work to make the Ogden House gardens the beautiful destination they are today.  Through bad weather, devastating floods, infestations and drought, Fairfield Garden Club members have been there for the Fairfield Museum, always dedicated to sharing their love of gardens and history.  As a token of our deep gratitude, The Fairfield Garden Club was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Tom Kreitler, President of Fairfield Museum’s Board of Directors.

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Author Bren Smith Speaking on 3D Ocean Farming at WSHU, June 13 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48304-author-bren-smith-speaking-on-3d-ocean-farming-at-wshu-june-1348304-author-bren-smith-speaking-on-3d-ocean-farming-at-wshu-june-13 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48304-author-bren-smith-speaking-on-3d-ocean-farming-at-wshu-june-1348304-author-bren-smith-speaking-on-3d-ocean-farming-at-wshu-june-13

FAIRFIELD, CT – WSHU Public Radio will host a “Join the Conversation” event with Bren Smith on Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 7 p.m. at the WSHU Broadcast Center in Fairfield, CT.  A former commercial fisherman, Smith pioneered the development of restorative 3D ocean farming.  He has been featured on 60 Minutes and in The New Yorker, and his ocean farm was named one of TIME magazine’s Best Inventions in 2017.

Smith will discuss his new book, Eat Like A Fish: My Adventures As A Fisherman Turned Restorative Ocean Farmer.  The event will also feature audience Q & A, and will be moderated by Davis Dunavin, award-winning WSHU reporter and host of the podcast, “Off The Path.”

Tickets are $10 and available at wshu.org.  Books will be available for purchase at the event, and the author will sign them. 

Smith now farms seaweed, oysters, mussels and clams, and scallops.  He is the owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm, and Executive Director of the non-profit Greenwave, which trains the next generation of ocean farmers.

About WSHU Public Radio

WSHU Public Radio is a group of not-for-profit, member-supported stations that bring the best in public broadcasting to 268,000* listeners in Connecticut and Long Island.  An NPR member since 1984, the station airs highly regarded national programs such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, and Marketplace; locally-produced classical music; and its own regional news coverage for which it has won five national Edward R. Murrow Awards and scores of other prizes.  Its classical music program Sunday Baroque is syndicated and heard on over 100 stations nationwide.  In addition to broadcasting on 12 traditional radio frequencies, it streams all of its programs atwww.wshu.org.

*Source: Nielsen National Regional Database Fall 2017, P12+ M-Su 6a-12 midnight


Event Details

WHAT:           “Join the Conversation” with Bren Smith, restorative ocean farmer

An author talk, audience Q & A and book signing

WHEN:          Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 7 p.m.

WHERE:        WSHU Broadcast Center

                    At Sacred Heart University

                    5151 Park Avenue – Fairfield, CT  

TICKETS:     $10 each.  Available at wshu.org

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Fairfield County Bank Employees Graduate from Connecticut School of Finance and Management https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/48302-fairfield-county-bank-employees-graduate-from-connecticut-school-of-finance-and-management-155854876248302-fairfield-county-bank-employees-graduate-from-connecticut-school-of-finance-and-management-1558548762 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/48302-fairfield-county-bank-employees-graduate-from-connecticut-school-of-finance-and-management-155854876248302-fairfield-county-bank-employees-graduate-from-connecticut-school-of-finance-and-management-1558548762

Fairfield County Bank announces the graduation of Karen Dauk, Senior Financial Analyst, Sean Hargraves, Sales and Service Quality Associate, Luis Lucero, Senior Accounting Specialist, and Walter Romero, Assistant Branch Manager (Tunxis Hill Office), from the Connecticut School of Finance and Management (CSFM).

CSFM is an intensive two-year bank management training program sponsored by the Connecticut Bankers Association (CBA). The program provides an opportunity for bank management personnel to obtain more comprehensive knowledge and awareness of banking. Topics include banking theory, practice and procedures, management functions and capital markets as it pertains to the bank and their line of work.

“We are extremely proud of our graduates. They worked very diligently over the past two years, and we are excited for them to implement what they learned to help our customers and the Bank as a whole better,” said Dan Berta, President of Fairfield County Bank.

Fairfield County Bank believes in providing its employees with the necessary tools to develop well-trained and experienced professionals to meet the needs of their customers. Jacqueline, Tanya, and Michael were selected by their Bank management to attend CSFM to enhance their understanding of the banking industry as well as Fairfield County Bank.

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Rocco & Assoc. Returns as Fairfield Police Sunset 5K Sponsor https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48301-rocco-assoc-returns-as-fairfield-police-sunset-5k-sponsor48301-rocco-assoc-returns-as-fairfield-police-sunset-5k-sponsor https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48301-rocco-assoc-returns-as-fairfield-police-sunset-5k-sponsor48301-rocco-assoc-returns-as-fairfield-police-sunset-5k-sponsor


FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Rocco & Associates Wealth Management, Inc. (roccoandassociates.com) has announced that it will return as the presenting sponsor for the 2nd Annual Fairfield Police Sunset 5k Race. The race will be held on Wednesday, July 24th at Penfield Beach.This charity event will raise funds and awareness for two town run agencies, the Fairfield Police Department (specifically the Fairfield Police Union Scholarship Fund) and the Friends ("the Friends") of the Bigelow Center for Senior Activities (a 501(c) (3) nonprofit volunteer organization). 
The Fairfield Police Union Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 and benefits the children of Fairfield Police Officers.  Each year, scholarships are awarded to the children of current Fairfield Police Officers.  In addition, the Fairfield High School Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships annually to graduating Fairfield High School seniors who plan to pursue a career in law enforcement or are the children of a Police Officer. 
The mission of "the Friends" is to provide funding for enhancements to the programs, services and facilities of the Senior Center of Fairfield. 100% of all proceeds will be divided equally between the two charities. Last year the event raised over $23,000 for the two organizations.
"Fairfield police officers and their union are a vital part of our community. We think there is no better way to give back to that community then to support the men and women who keep us safe and their children," said Charlie Rocco, President & CEO. "In addition, The Bigelow Center for Senior Activities plays a critical role and offers valuable programs and outreach to the greater senior community," says Rocco.
The idea for the inaugural race last year was inspired by Lieutenant Keith Broderick of the Fairfield Police Department and Eric Johnson, COO, of Rocco & Associates. The Kids Scamper will be held at 6:00pm, with the main event going off at 6:15pm. Following the race from 7:00pm-9:00pm, there will be food trucks including Colony Grill and Taco Loco, along with refreshments provided by Sierra Nevada. There will be games and face painting as well for the kids. The entry fee for runners ($25.00-$40.00 contingent upon time and age) will include all of the post-race activities, food, drinks and race shirt. Non-runners and family members will also be able to participate in all the post-race fun and food by purchasing a $10.00 meal ticket. To learn more about the race, the activities and to sign up, please refer to the registration site at fpdcops.com/5k.
Sponsorship inquiries and other questions should be directed to Lieutenant Keith Broderick at KBroderick@fairfieldct.org or Eric Johnson at eric.johnson@roccoandassociates.com. Sponsorship levels range from $300.00-$5,000.00. 
"In addition to the cause, this timed event will be one of just a few "twilight" mid-week 5k races in the state," said Eric Johnson, COO of Rocco & Associates. "We are really looking for this to be an event to be enjoyed by the entire family, whether you are a runner or not. There will be something for everyone to enjoy, while taking in picturesque Long Island Sound and the entire Penfield Beach Area," said Lieutenant Broderick.
To accommodate the runners and insure a smooth race with limited disruption to the area, the race directors have partnered with MS Running Productions, a statewide veteran race organization who is also responsible for the Fairfield Half Marathon/5K course.
About Rocco & Associates Wealth Management, Inc.
Rocco & Associates Wealth Management, Inc. was founded in 1973 to assist individuals and families across all aspects of their financial lives. The firm provides life planning and seeks to create financial stability and independence for each client. In doing so, Rocco & Associates Wealth Management has earned a reputation for excellence within the community by providing high-touch, personalized, service. Our team has provided objective advice and guidance for over 40 years.

PHOTO: Race organizers Eric Johnson, COO, Rocco & Associates & Lieutenant Keith Broderick of the Fairfield Police Department 

Photo Credit - Steve Geaney






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Norwalk Seaport Association Sets Bird Cruises to Sheffield Island https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48300-norwalk-seaport-association-sets-bird-cruises-to-sheffield-island48300-norwalk-seaport-association-sets-bird-cruises-to-sheffield-island https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/48300-norwalk-seaport-association-sets-bird-cruises-to-sheffield-island48300-norwalk-seaport-association-sets-bird-cruises-to-sheffield-island

Norwalk, CT - Although Connecticut is a small state, it is rich in birdlife with more than 430 different bird species to spot. If you are a bird lover with a checklist of bird species that you have seen in Connecticut, and want to add seabirds to your list, hop on board the CJ Toth Quest, a 49 passenger ferryboat with the Seaport Association on Sunday, June 9, June 16 or June 23 for the annual Bird Cruise that runs from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. only in June.  
Each cruise is exciting and different because you can never anticipate what will fly your way.  The final destination of this three-hour cruise is Sheffield Island, a noted birding hotspot.  The Stewart B. McKinney Wildlife Refuge that is part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is on part of Sheffield Island and offers a crucial waterbird and nesting ground.  It is an excellent place to spot birds because it offers many different habitats in a relatively small area from woods and grasslands to the beach.  The trees on Sheffield Island attract herons and egrets, making the island an invaluable place to view and learn about wildlife and birds. There is also a small population of herring and great black-backed gulls that nest along Sheffield’s rocky shoreline.
This cruise is ideal for novice and experienced birders so whether you are looking through your binoculars for the first time or for the hundred thousandth time this excursion never disappoints. Best of all, these three birding cruises are guided by an experienced and avid birder, Preston Lust who will help participants spot and identify seabirds. Preston is an officer in the Connecticut Young Birders Club who has a special interest in nocturnal migration and has conducted research on nocturnal flight calls for the last three years.  He has also participated in bird-watching competitions such as the World Series of Birding and the Megabowl of Birding (the latter of which placed first place for three years straight!).  
Among the types of birds, you may see on these National Geographic styled cruises are nest sites and nesting colonies of ospreys, and long -legged egrets with their graceful S-curved necks and long dagger like bills.  On this three-hour cruise, passengers may also spot American oystercatchers, herons, terns, gulls, cormorants, and many others.
The importance of Sheffield Island to wildlife, especially migratory birds is enormous, and these special bird cruises give passengers the chance to spot these magnificent creatures on and off the water at an awe-inspiring and safe distance with a knowledgeable guide.
The cruise will depart at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 9, 16 and 23. Passengers are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure. The boat leaves from the Seaport Dock at 4 North Water Street adjacent to the Stroffolino Bridge at the corner of Washington and Water Streets in South Norwalk.  Parking is available at the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium Parking Lot. Tickets are Adult: $28, Members and seniors: $23, Children 4-12 years old: $16 and Children 3 and under are $7.  For Reservations contact 203-838-9444.  On the day of the cruise contact the dock phone at 203-838-2898.  For Tickets click here.
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