Fairfield's HamletHub https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield Thu, 16 Jul 2020 10:27:28 -0400 HamletHub.com CT's Beardsley Zoo Announces Photo Contest & Exhibit https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49435-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-announces-photo-contest-exhibit49435-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-announces-photo-contest-exhibit https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49435-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-announces-photo-contest-exhibit49435-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-announces-photo-contest-exhibit

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is proud to announce its second non-juried photography exhibition will be held online this year, an opportunity for the Zoo’s many dedicated amateur and professional photographers to submit their best work for public viewing. Photographers are invited to upload their submissions at  https://www.beardsleyzoo.org/photography-exhibition.html. Judging will take place the first week in August, with a Facebook Live Winners Presentation held afterward.

Exhibit Rules

  • Each photographer can submit three photos, with a $10 fee per photo. 
  • Photos must include animals from Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. They may be older photos from a previous year as well as current photos.
  • Milford Photo will provide First, Second, and Third prizes in the form of gift certificates to the store. First prize is $200, second prize is $100, and third prize is $50.
  •  In addition to the judged photos, a People’s Choice will be selected. The general public can vote on their favorite by making a one-dollar donation for each vote.
  • Photos are due to be submitted by July 31, 2020. 
  • If you have questions, email Jessica Taylor at jtaylor@beardsleyzoo.org.
  • For the best quality for viewing the photos online, the recommended image size is 1088 x 816 pixels with a maximum file size of 1MB. 

 “Art is a natural way for people to express their love of animals and appreciation of nature,” said Zoo Director Gregg Dancho. “Our second Photography Goes Wild online exhibit helps to showcase the stunning diversity of species at the Zoo, and we hope, encourage people to focus on preserving wild habitats and animal conservation in new ways.”

In preparation for the Exhibit, a Zoom photography class will be offered by experienced animal photographer and Zoo Volunteer, Jack Bradley. Date and details to be provided online.

About Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo:

Let your curiosity run wild! Connecticut's only zoo, celebrating its 98th anniversary this year, features 300 animals representing primarily North and South American species. Guests won't want to miss our critically endangered Amur tigers and leopards, and Mexican and red wolves. Other highlights include the new Farmyard, Spider monkey habitat, the prairie dog exhibit, plus the Pampas Plains featuring maned wolves, Chacoan peccaries and Giant anteaters. Guests must buy tickets in advance at www.beardsleyzoo.org, and bring and wear a mask. Children under two do not need masks.  For more information, visit beardsleyzoo.org.

About Milford Photo

Since its founding in 1995, Milford Photo continues to be the go-to location for the photo enthusiast in Connecticut. From selling the top lines in cameras, lenses and accessories to providing reprint, enlargement, graphic imagery or photo instruction for photographers of all levels, the crew at Milford Photo works hard to provide the best in product and service to their clients. www.milfordphoto.com

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Seaport Association in Norwalk Offers Weekday and Weekend Charters https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49434-why-not-take-a-seaport-sail-159475167949434-why-not-take-a-seaport-sail-1594751679 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49434-why-not-take-a-seaport-sail-159475167949434-why-not-take-a-seaport-sail-1594751679

Norwalk, CT - It is a perfect summer day and you're wondering what to do that is safe, different, and memorable, all at the same time. Have you ever watched a group of people on a large boat sipping wine and relaxing in the cooling breeze of Long Island Sound? If you have, you are not alone. Some of us might even daydream about owning a boat large enough to accommodate up to twenty-five friends, family, and business associates .
The good news is that the Seaport Association in Norwalk is now offering their comfortable vessel, the T.J. Toth, for charter at pricing that is much less expensive than you think. The charter is two hours long and is available any weekday or weekend, July – September, during the day or at sunset for $750, or just $30 a person for twenty-five of your best friends and family members. And, be assured that your guests will be comfortable. The vessel has so many amenities including comfortable seating in and out of the sun, a bar area that is the perfect place to set up the beverages and goodies you bring aboard, and a full bathroom. 
Your private excursion begins from the Seaport's dock at 10 North Water Street in Norwalk. A captain and mate are on board so you can sit back and relax - it doesn't get more exclusive or fun than that! The boat cruises through Norwalk Harbor under the expert guidance of the boat's Captain while the Mate introduces the passengers to the multifaceted history of the Harbor. Imagine cruising along the waves getting close up views of Norwalk's Islands, nesting ospreys, and, three lighthouses, including Sheffield Island Lighthouse, and two rare examples of sparkplug lighthouses. This private on the water experience is simply exhilarating; so don't forget to bring a camera. 
If you are planning a special occasion or if you and your friends are looking for something really uplifting to do this summer, nothing says “fun on the water” like this exclusive excursion offered by the Seaport Association. For additional information to charter the boat call the Seaport Office at 203-838-9444 or email jerry.toni@seaport.org.
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Why Not Take a Seaport Sail?! https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49433-why-not-take-a-seaport-sail49433-why-not-take-a-seaport-sail https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49433-why-not-take-a-seaport-sail49433-why-not-take-a-seaport-sail

Norwalk, CT - It is a perfect summer day and you're wondering what to do that is safe, different, and memorable, all at the same time. Have you ever watched a group of people on a large boat sipping wine and relaxing in the cooling breeze of Long Island Sound? If you have, you are not alone. Some of us might even daydream about owning a boat large enough to accommodate up to twenty-five friends, family, and business associates .
The good news is that the Seaport Association in Norwalk is now offering their comfortable vessel, the T.J. Toth, for charter at pricing that is much less expensive than you think. The charter is two hours long and is available any weekday or weekend, July – September, during the day or at sunset for $750, or just $30 a person for twenty-five of your best friends and family members. And, be assured that your guests will be comfortable. The vessel has so many amenities including comfortable seating in and out of the sun, a bar area that is the perfect place to set up the beverages and goodies you bring aboard, and a full bathroom. 
Your private excursion begins from the Seaport's dock at 10 North Water Street in Norwalk. A captain and mate are on board so you can sit back and relax - it doesn't get more exclusive or fun than that! The boat cruises through Norwalk Harbor under the expert guidance of the boat's Captain while the Mate introduces the passengers to the multifaceted history of the Harbor. Imagine cruising along the waves getting close up views of Norwalk's Islands, nesting ospreys, and, three lighthouses, including Sheffield Island Lighthouse, and two rare examples of sparkplug lighthouses. This private on the water experience is simply exhilarating; so don't forget to bring a camera. 
If you are planning a special occasion or if you and your friends are looking for something really uplifting to do this summer, nothing says “fun on the water” like this exclusive excursion offered by the Seaport Association. For additional information to charter the boat call the Seaport Office at 203-838-9444 or email jerry.toni@seaport.org.
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House on the Hill: The Changing Face of the Bruce Museum https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49432-house-on-the-hill-the-changing-face-of-the-bruce-museum49432-house-on-the-hill-the-changing-face-of-the-bruce-museum https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49432-house-on-the-hill-the-changing-face-of-the-bruce-museum49432-house-on-the-hill-the-changing-face-of-the-bruce-museum

GREENWICH, CT – The large granite mansion that the Rev. Dr. Francis Lister Hawks, a lawyer, clergyman, and historian, built in the late-1850s was first known as “Hawk’s Nest,” reflecting the name of its owner, local wildlife, and the estate’s commanding location high on a hill overlooking Long Island Sound and the surrounding salt marsh, woods, farmland, and burgeoning village of Greenwich.
In 1858, the imposing private residence was purchased by wealthy merchant Robert Moffat Bruce, who, a half century later, deeded the property to the Town of Greenwich, stipulating that it be used as a “…museum for the use and benefit of the public.” In so doing, he also lent his name to what would become an enduring Greenwich cultural landmark, the Bruce Museum, established in 1912.
Opening on Saturday, August 8, 2020, in the Bruce Museum’s Bantle Lecture Gallery, the exhibition House on the Hill: The Changing Face of the Bruce Museum will explore how the views of the Bruce Museum have transformed over time. Numerous historical images will show the evolution of the structure from its conversion from mansion to modern museum that explores the intersections of art and science.
Some of these changes have been subtle, some have been profound. In the 1950s, the Museum was threatened by the planned route of the Connecticut Thruway (now incorporated into Interstate 95). The state compensated Greenwich for the lost parkland, and funds were used to construct a major addition to the Museum, which was unveiled in 1958. 
The building was modified again in 1992-93, a renovation and expansion that allowed it to keep pace with both its foundational role in the community and museum standards of the day.
Helping tell the story of the Bruce Museum’s architectural history are quotes and citations from founding staff, community leaders, and visitors both young and old over the generations. An online version of the exhibition may be viewed at www.houseonthehillexhibition.com/.
The exhibition will be open to the public through October 11, 2020, a moment in time that coincides with the next iteration of the changing face of the Bruce Museum: the Groundbreaking Celebration for the New Bruce addition, scheduled to take place in mid-October. This transformative project will expand the Museum from 30,000 square feet to more than 70,000 square feet, adding state-of-the-art exhibition galleries for art and science, new education spaces, and a restaurant, auditorium, and public spaces that will ensure the Museum remains a vibrant center for the Greenwich community.
The ambitious project to reimagine the Bruce has been proceeding in phases. A top-to-bottom renovation of the Museum’s changing gallery spaces, begun in September 2019, was completed on time to host the opening of major new exhibitions of art and science on February 1. The current phase of the construction project is now under way: the renovation and reinvention of the permanent science gallery. 
The centerpiece of the New Bruce is the William L. Richter Art Wing. Designed by the award-winning New Orleans firm of EskewDumezRipple, the three-story addition will open directly onto Bruce Park and feature a delicate striated façade of cast stone and glass inspired by the surfaces of Connecticut’s quarries and the rock outcrops of Bruce Park.
“As the Museum proceeds with its ambitious expansion plan, it is important to see the history of how we have arrived at this momentous occasion,” says Timothy Walsh, Collections Manager and, as the Museum’s archivist and resident historian, curator of the exhibition.
The Bruce Museum is grateful for exhibition support from Susan and Bill Mahoney, Heidi Brake Smith and Scott M. Smith, the Charles M. and Deborah G. Royce Exhibition Fund, and the Connecticut Office of the Arts, with special thanks to the Greenwich Historical Society, Greenwich Library, Karin Crooks, and Nils Kerschus. For more information about the Campaign for the New Bruce, visit NewBruce.org.
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Why Small Businesses Matter in Fairfield (Reimagined): The Stand Vegan Cafe https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49408-why-small-businesses-matter-in-fairfield-reimagined-the-stand-vegan-cafe49408-why-small-businesses-matter-in-fairfield-reimagined-the-stand-vegan-cafe https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49408-why-small-businesses-matter-in-fairfield-reimagined-the-stand-vegan-cafe49408-why-small-businesses-matter-in-fairfield-reimagined-the-stand-vegan-cafe

Why Small Businesses Matter Reimagined

Small businesses matter - now more than ever. They are answering the call with innovation and determination like never before.

We hope you join us in supporting them by sharing their story far and wide and shopping local! We are thankful to Fairfield County Bank for their continued support and making this series possible.

Step inside The Stand - Vegan Cafe.

Three questions with Jenna J. McPartland, founder of The Stand. 


What do you want the community to know? Are there ways for the community to help you and other local businesses to prosper?

Great question! First of all, know that we all WANT to be in business, and that means doing everything we can to keep you and our staff safe and healthy. We are not taking our decline in Covid-19 cases for granted; Rather, we are keeping up with all safety measures so that we can beat this long-term without another shutdown. Second, please wear a mask and wear it properly over your nose and mouth. Keeping the staff at your small businesses safe keeps those businesses open.

Are you offering any new products or ways for customers to purchase your products or services that are popular during this crisis?

We have made several adaptations along the way, including contactless service when requested, adding to our menu instead of reducing it, and staying open later instead of closing. We want to be here for you as much as we can be! Plus, serving up healthy, delicious plant foods is one great way to keep a body going. Special requests? Just call us. And, finally, we are paying it forward by making meals for the 60 clients at Feed My Sheep every Tuesday because we’re all in this together.

Are there certain individuals or organizations that supported you and your business through this trying time?

We couldn’t have made it through this without the help of so many. Some of these supporters are individuals, family members, friends, and long-time guests who purchased gift cards ordered take-out or plugged us on social media. A special shout-out goes to Harry’s Wines who has been supporting many local eateries by purchasing meals from them to be then be served at Operation Hope. What outstanding people! Plus, they have a great selection of Vegan wines and spirits!

Jenna J. McPartland would like to nominate Fit Club, located at the Sportsplex. "They immediately pivoted to doing online classes, supporting one another as the facility shut down, and have re-opened very carefully. Training at Fit Club is life-changing for anyone at any age or ability, and I’d really like to see them do well. Gyms have been hit hard, and these are some really terrific people who have lost a lot and now need a hand up."

The Stand Vegan Cafe is located at 85 Mill Plain Road in Fairfield. Visit The Stand Vegan Cafe online here.

HamletHub thanks Fairfield County Bank for making our Why Small Businesses Matter series possible!

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Letter: Ethan Allen Prep's Individualized Blended Learning Combines Academics and Golf https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/life/49431-letter-ethan-allen-prep-s-individualized-blended-learning-combines-academic-and-golf49431-letter-ethan-allen-prep-s-individualized-blended-learning-combines-academic-and-golf https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/life/49431-letter-ethan-allen-prep-s-individualized-blended-learning-combines-academic-and-golf49431-letter-ethan-allen-prep-s-individualized-blended-learning-combines-academic-and-golf

As you may have read, Harvard University recently announced that 60% of its student population will begin the year learning remotely.   Their goal to create a safer environment by reducing the numbers in the classrooms is inspired by a social responsibility to COVID safety protocols.  This decision also highlights the value of remote learning.  It’s interesting to note that Harvard is NOT reducing their annual tuition, essentially stating that remote learning is as impactful and effective as an in-person Harvard classroom.

Additionally, schools in our community are rolling out a blended model of in-person and remote learning similar to Ethan Allen Prep for the fall.  Unfortunately, the 28-1 student to teacher ratio in most area public schools will diminish the value of this experience as teachers cannot possibly provide the personal attention necessary for students to maximize their learning.  

Since EAP’s inception, we have been providing an individualized blended learning opportunity for students 6-PG that enables student athletes to maximize their learning as well as pursue golf. 

The academic team at EAP works with each student athlete to develop a personalized curriculum in concert with in-person courses in Sports Psychology, Mindfulness, College Readiness and Executive Functioning.  The academic schedule is flexible by nature so that students can train with the golf coaches at GPC as well as travel to tournaments in Florida during the winter, all without interrupting their learning. Time is an important factor as student athletes progress at different paces. The GPC/EAP partnership focuses on developing student athletes to achieve his or her own goals on their timetable.

While other schools are scrambling to prepare for the fall, it’s business as usual here when it comes to our academic planning, This allows us to focus on each incoming student and their families individually. We look forward to kicking off the school year in August.

I invite you to visit campus to discuss your child’s potential future with EAP or we can arrange a virtual meeting at your convenience. I anticipate that you may have questions that I’d be happy to address. As a reminder, we offer merit based scholarships to make EAP accessible to all.

Please reach out to me directly at david.newman@ethanallenprep.com or 203.408.2889x133

- David Newman, Executive Director of Ethan Allen Prep

kerry@ducey.org (David Newman, Executive Director, Ethan Allen Prep) Life Mon, 13 Jul 2020 09:12:04 -0400
Step OUT For The Brave 40K Step Virtual Challenge https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49430-step-out-for-the-brave-40-000-step-virtual-challenge-159465132049430-step-out-for-the-brave-40-000-step-virtual-challenge-1594651320 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49430-step-out-for-the-brave-40-000-step-virtual-challenge-159465132049430-step-out-for-the-brave-40-000-step-virtual-challenge-1594651320

Bridgeport, CT - Take the Step OUT For The Brave 40,000 Step Virtual Challenge to support homeless Veterans in the Fairfield County area. This year’s event, presented by Homes for the Brave, will occur virtually from a location of your choice between Saturday, August 8 and Sunday, August 16. Registration is going on now, visit https://www.homesforthebrave.org/ to sign up and sponsor.

To encourage social distancing and national participation, Step OUT will take place in any location over the course of nine days. Participants can take just one step or 40,000 steps to honor each of the 40,000 homeless Veterans across the United States.

“While we must keep our distance to stay safe, maintaining connections between each other and helping one another has never been more important. The funds raised are critical to our ability to help homeless Veterans return to independence,” said Vince Santilli, CEO/Executive Director of ABRI/Homes for the Brave. “Please participate and invite your friends and family to join virtually with you.”

The cost to register is just $40, which includes an event shirt, event bib, and the chance to compete for prizes. To register visit: www.HomesForTheBrave.org and for information on sponsorship opportunities contact Elizabeth Gorenbergh at egorenbergh@homesforthebrave.org or call (203) 338-0669.

“Our goal is to have event participants from each town and city in Connecticut and from all 50 states,” said Santilli. “This is our chance to respond to Veterans who have served our country and need our help.”

Since 2002, Homes for the Brave has helped nearly 1,400 homeless individuals, mostly Veterans, to secure income, find safe and affordable housing, and make meaningful contributions to our community.

Homes for the Brave would like to thank its current sponsors, including Bridgeport Sound Tigers, Friend of Homes for the Brave, iHeartMedia, Webster Bank Arena, PSEG, Fallen Heroes Wilfredo Perez Jr. Memorial Fund, Connecticut Construction Industries Association and it's members, Deadlocked Escape Rooms, Liberty Print Co., Newtown Savings Bank, Subway, T. Arduini Co. Inc., Connecticut Community Bank, Haynes Construction, People’s United Bank, SEAL RDAC, Connecticut Pest Elimination, Hirsh Levy & Fountain, Holiday Inn – Bridgeport, the Leadership Doc, Little Black Business Book, and Dick McKnight.

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Pequot Library Digital Book Club: The Stockholm Octavo, Wed., July 29, 2-3pm https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49429-pequot-library-159449537549429-pequot-library-1594495375 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49429-pequot-library-159449537549429-pequot-library-1594495375

Southport, CT - Pequot Library's Digital Book Club selection for July is The Stockholm Octavo by Karen Engelmann: Historical fiction set in the far north during the turbulence of the late 18th century, The Stockholm Octavo portrays a world of intrigue, betrayal and love infused with cartomancy, folding fans, and the inevitability of fate.

Join the Library's Facebook Group: a place for community reading, discussion, and connection around the Library’s Digital Book Club selections. Share your thoughts, enjoy interviews with the author, and more!

To join the Digital Book Club discussion on Zoom on July 29 at 2:00 p.m., led by Pequot Library’s Chief Librarian Christine Catallo, register at:


Registered participants will receive an email on the day of the event with link/details on how to join the meeting. Limited to 100 participants.

heitmann@pequotlibrary.org (Pequot Library) Events Mon, 13 Jul 2020 06:32:56 -0400
Christine O’Leary & Friends Headline “Virtually LIVE!” Comedy Show July 22 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49428-christine-o-leary-friends-headline-virtually-live-comedy-show-july-2249428-christine-o-leary-friends-headline-virtually-live-comedy-show-july-22 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49428-christine-o-leary-friends-headline-virtually-live-comedy-show-july-2249428-christine-o-leary-friends-headline-virtually-live-comedy-show-july-22

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. -- Christine O’Leary has always been funny. But, it wasn’t until she won a stand up contest in Maine that she quit her day job to pursue a career in comedy. O’Leary is now an award-winning stand up comedian, professional host, corporate consultant, and coach to budding adult and teen comics and improv enthusiasts enrolled in her classes at The Ridgefield Playhouse. Her advanced stand up students will take center stage — via Zoom — at Christine O’Leary & Friends: Virtually LIVE! on Wednesday, July 22 at 7:30. O’Leary will host from the Ridgefield Playhouse, while her team delivers stellar sets from home, to allow for a large capacity online audience. Tickets are on sale now ($20 each) and can purchased via the phone (203) 438-5795 or online: https://ridgefieldplayhouse.org/event/christine-oleary-friends/. Ticket purchasers will be e-mailed a Zoom show link and given instructions the day of the show. At check out, attendees also have the opportunity to donate to The Leir Foundation Arts for Everyone program, which helps make performing arts shows at the Ridgefield Playhouse and elsewhere available to economically disadvantaged area residents.

O’Leary has taught over 50 sold-out comedy classes (182 graduates) at her post at the Playhouse, with many repeat students, who take an 8-week program to develop a tight, economized, 5-minute set -- the first increment of time given to new stand ups at comedy clubs. The students bring weekly material to “Rip and Read” in class to determine winning content, then video conference one-on-one with O’Leary to finalize their material and hone their set. After two months, they’re ready for an audience. This semester, Christine made what she calls a “pandemic pivot,” and continued classes for nearly 3 months past the original schedule. Knowing the Zoom sessions provided connection for her “tribe”during an uncertain time, Christine was determined to check in with students — not only about comedy — but also about their well-being, as they collectively quarantined. Following the new stand up model, she’s adapted and created Virtually LIVE! to deliver her team’s signature entertainment to a more inclusive virtual audience; fans can universally enjoy comedy from their couches. A true win-win. 

“Comedy is a way to tell the truth, solve a problem and sell the material with a feeling. I love and live to share with people the greatest ‘high’ and joy I know -- standing up and getting paid in laughs! Anyone can do this; there’s enough for everyone. For me, stand up is liberation and freedom. You can ‘up your game’ in life whether you’re a parent or a podiatrist,” said O’Leary, Founder, Team Green Light Comedy.

“You’ll never see anything like it...they’ll be born as comics before your eyes,” O’Leary added.  

O’Leary’s stand up class has been a staple at The Ridgefield Playhouse since 2013. The July 22 lineup includes comedians: Eileen Fickes, Dimitri Giatrakis, Laura Isler, Laurie Newkirk, Judy Eckert, Frankie Fuhrman, Stefanie Rosenberg, Jerry Kuyper, Michael Mast, Micky Pasquarella, Bill Green, Laura Von Stein, Barbara Miller, Lee Scharfstein, and Aline Weiller. They include sales people, writers, designers, electrical engineers, creative marketers, insurance brokers, social workers, actors, teachers, activists, and non-profit mavens, among others. The exciting evening will feature surprise visits by celebrities and a door prize to complement the timely Zoom format.

Christine O’Leary has worked with headlining comedians to include Gilbert Gottfried, Joy Behar, Chevy Chase, Sinbad, Tracey Morgan, Robert Klein, Margaret Cho, and Janeane Garofalo. She takes her Team Green Light Comedy comrades to area shows and also hosts and performs at companies, colleges, and charitable, club and pride events nearby and nationally. Christine recently appeared on the Bravo Network pilot, Camp Getaway in April. She can be contacted via christine@christineoleary.com and on all social media platforms. 

The Ridgefield Playhouse is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) whose mission is to present a variety of performing arts to the community and the surrounding area that they can enjoy and experience at a varied price point. The Playhouse presents national and local acts and is the cultural hub for the town of Ridgefield. For details regarding Christine O’Leary & Friends: Virtually LIVE! tickets and comedy classes, visit https://ridgefieldplayhouse.org/event/christine-oleary-friends/.

PHOTO CAPTION: Comedian Christine O’Leary and her advanced comedy students gear up for their Christine O’Leary & Friends: Virtually LIVE! Zoom stand up show on Wednesday, July 22 at 7:30 pm. Tickets ($20 each) are on sale now; purchases can be made by calling The Ridgefield Playhouse at (203) 438-5795 or via https://ridgefieldplayhouse.org/event/christine-oleary-friends/.

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Win 2 Free "Taste of Summer" Clambake Meals To Go https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49427-win-2-free-taste-of-summer-clambake-meals-to-go49427-win-2-free-taste-of-summer-clambake-meals-to-go https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49427-win-2-free-taste-of-summer-clambake-meals-to-go49427-win-2-free-taste-of-summer-clambake-meals-to-go

Westport, CT – Local radio station WEBE 108FM, a sponsor of the “Taste of Summer – a Clambake to Go” effort by Chowdafest, will offer listeners of the WEBE Wake Up Show with Storm N Norman the chance to play the "Five Question Quiz" at 7am to win a Clambake to Go for two worth $82. The promotion begins July 13. Two meals will be given away.

“We're thrilled to have WEBE 108 as part of the Chowdafest family,” said Jim Keenan, CEO of Chowdafest. “They've been part of our success for the past 10 plus years. It makes sense to have our “Taste of Summer” effort with the station known for their “108 Days of Summer”.

Every “clambake to go” comes in a pot that the customer keeps and easily cooks from. Each meal includes a 1.5 lb lobster, clams, mussels, sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. They're convenient and simple to cook as you just add water, beer or wine to the pot, then steam it between 20 and 40 minutes depending on how many meals you have.

Aside from the promotion, these clambakes can only be ordered online at www.ClambakeToGo.com through Thursday July 23rd or while supplies last. Chowdafest introduced its “curbside clambake” last month, for Father's Day, to much acclaim.

To emphasize the “taste of summer”, this effort features a complimentary two-pack of summer ale from Sam Adams and The Blind Rhino restaurant with each meal. It gets even sweeter with complimentary butter from Cabot Creamery to enjoy with your lobster, clams, mussels, potatoes and corn on the cob. Customers will also enjoy a summertime flavored seltzer compliments of Polar Beverages. 

“These sponsors and their efforts just exude what summer really tastes like,” noted Keenan. Of course, all meals still receive lobster bibs, wet naps and a “Shuckaneer” lobster tool..

For additional information about this “Taste of Summer 2” effort by Chowdafest please visit  www.ClamBakeToGo.com or visit www.Chowdafest.org. The Taste of Summer brought to you by Chowdafest and is sponsored by Cabot Creamery, CCO Habitats, Copp's Island Oysters, Polar Beverages, Sam Adams, The Blind Rhino, The Westport Hub and WEBE 108 FM.

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Fairfield Sidewalk Sale: Sat. July 18, 10am-4pm https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49426-fairfield-sidewalk-sale-sat-july-18-10am-4pm49426-fairfield-sidewalk-sale-sat-july-18-10am-4pm https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49426-fairfield-sidewalk-sale-sat-july-18-10am-4pm49426-fairfield-sidewalk-sale-sat-july-18-10am-4pm

Fairfield, CT - First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick announced that the Town of Fairfield and Fairfield Chamber of Commerce will again co-sponsor the Fairfield Sidewalk Sale event, which will be held, rain or shine, in Fairfield Center on Saturday, July 18, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Select merchants will offer a preview of sale merchandise beginning Thursday, July 16th.   

Vendors will set up stands and offer a variety of merchandise for sale on Sherman Green and along the Post Road, from the Heritage Square Shopping Center to the Promenade at the Brick Walk.  From the latest fashion apparel and jewelry to sporting goods and best-selling books, there’s something for everyone!  Shop the summer’s hottest deals offered by Fairfield’s local merchants.  Admission to the event is free.

Take a break from shopping, relax and enjoy lunch “al fresco” at one of Fairfield’s many fine restaurants.  All business participants and attendees are expected to adhere to public health and safety protocols, including social distancing and facial coverings to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with State and local guidelines.

First Selectwoman Kupchick said, “I encourage everyone to come and be a part of this fun-filled event and help support our local business community, but use good judgment and follow all public health guidelines to observe social distancing and to wear a face covering.”  Fairfield Director of Economic Development Mark Barnhart added, “These last few months have been a challenging time for many of us, especially our local merchants and our small businesses that form the backbone of our local economy and help make Fairfield what it is.”

Beverly Balaz, President of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, said, “The Chamber is happy to, once again, co-sponsor this annual event with the Town. The upcoming July 18 date is very timely, because now more than ever, Fairfield’s much-anticipated Sidewalk Sale Day really helps support our local business community!” 

For additional information on participating vendors, restaurants and activities, please visit www.fairfieldct.org/sidewalksale.

The Town of Fairfield and Fairfield Chamber of Commerce would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank Fairfield Moms and Massage Envy for helping sponsor this year’s event.

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Fairfield Chamber & FELO Award Scholarships https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/49425-fairfield-chamber-felo-award-scholarships49425-fairfield-chamber-felo-award-scholarships https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/neighbors/49425-fairfield-chamber-felo-award-scholarships49425-fairfield-chamber-felo-award-scholarships

Fairfield, CT – The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce presented its sixth annual FELO Scholarship Awards this year, even though there was not an in-person student awards night due to the Covid pandemic.  “We were so happy that we could still provide the scholarships, even during these difficult times," said Beverly A. Balaz, President of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.

FELO is an emerging leaders group, and the acronym stands for:  Fairfield Emerging Leaders Organization. Their goal is to network amongst themselves, share ideas, and discuss challenges to help them achieve success as they continue their career path towards more senior-level management positions.

Beverly continued, “In addition to FELO’s many events, professional development and educational series, ’community give-back’ is core to their mission. FELO members often volunteer for non-profits and schedule events to help raise money for the FELO Scholarship Awards.  These annual scholarships honor a graduating high school student from both Ludlowe & Warde High Schools, who will be attending a Business School or majoring in business."  

“I’m very excited about the Chamber’s involvement with scholarships through FELO," said Beverly. "I respect education and I regard the business community … and, we want to be part of each student’s college success! Business is a great major, and mastering basic business principles (whether in finance, marketing, sales, operations, etc.) can always be applied to any business or industry … whether entrepreneurial or corporate.”

Last year, FELO presented two $1,500 scholarships, and this year, FELO raised enough money to, once again, present two $1,500 scholarships.  “This is a huge achievement by our FELO members, of whom we are very proud, given the fact that many of their events were cancelled between March and June because of Covid pandemic safety requirements,” Beverly said. 

In six years, FELO has awarded a total of $16,000 in scholarships.

The 2020 FELO Scholarship Awards were presented to Connor Burt, of Fairfield Warde High School, and Sion Moon, of Fairfield Ludlowe High School. Both students maintained standards of excellence throughout their four years of high school, revealed a strong interest in business, and displayed excellent volunteer and leadership qualities.

The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and FELO congratulate these already accomplished students, wishing them much success and happiness as they move next into their college years and throughout their career.

Connor Burt:  Warde High School

Connor will attend Hamilton College whose approach to education is “Study What You Love”.  He will major in Business.

Sion Moon: Ludlowe High School 

Sion will attend Boston College, where he will major in Business and Math.  He feels blessed to be going to Boston College, studying to be an actuary, as he hopes to live a comfortable life and be able to disperse money to missionaries, homeless shelters, and children who want to further their education.

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CT BBB Seeks Entries for Marketplace Excellence Awards https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/49424-ct-bbb-seeks-entries-for-marketplace-excellence-awards49424-ct-bbb-seeks-entries-for-marketplace-excellence-awards https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/publicsafety/49424-ct-bbb-seeks-entries-for-marketplace-excellence-awards49424-ct-bbb-seeks-entries-for-marketplace-excellence-awards


CROMWELL, Conn.— The Better Business Bureau has always celebrated companies that exemplify ethics and integrity and who make supporting the local community an integral part of their business model. It is BBB's hope that by shining a spotlight on these leaders in the business community, they will stand out as trailblazers in the joint mission of building an ethical marketplace.
2020 has been a year of challenges and change. In response to that, BBB Serving Connecticut has updated their Marketplace Excellence Awards to reflect the new essentials for success in today’s competitive and demanding business arena.
BBB Serving CT’s 2020 Marketplace Excellence Awards are as follows :
Community Care Award - This award is given to a business that generously contributes time, talent and/or financial donations to charities or community organizations.
BBB Spark Award - This award is given to entrepreneurs whose new businesses are less than three years old and are actively working to maintain an ethical marketplace while connecting with the community.
Innovative Marketing Award - This award is given to a business that, within the last 12 months, launched a new marketing campaign that displays their commitment to ethics in the marketplace, educates consumers, or serves the community. This campaign can include but is not limited to print, outdoor advertising, audio, video, traditional media, website, content, digital ads, and social media.
BBB Diversity Entrepreneur Award – Entrepreneurs representing ethnic, cultural, and diverse members of the community bring unique perspectives and ideas for innovation in business ownership. Diversity is defined as including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and age. This award is created to celebrate those leaders in Connecticut.
Phoenix Award – This award is given to the business that has, like the Phoenix, transformed itself by creatively restructuring its business model, introducing new products, or rethinking the way they interact with their customer base and the community, leading the business to not only sustain, but to thrive.
Winners of a BBB Marketplace Excellence Award receive a physical award to showcase in their place of business, a digital award logo to place on their website and marketing materials, and a video showcasing their business to share on social media. They will also be highlighted as winners on BBB.org. Lastly, the Community Care Award winner will receive a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice.
Visit https://bit.ly/BBBAwards20 for more information on how you can enter your business to win one of the 2020 BBB Marketplace Excellence Awards. Businesses may enter for more than one award.
Entries are open from July 1st, 2020 to October 1st, 2020. Enter today!






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Bruce Hosts Zoom Concert w/ Nikolaj Hess, July 19 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49423-bruce-hosts-zoom-concert-w-nikolaj-hess-july-1949423-bruce-hosts-zoom-concert-w-nikolaj-hess-july-19 https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/events/49423-bruce-hosts-zoom-concert-w-nikolaj-hess-july-1949423-bruce-hosts-zoom-concert-w-nikolaj-hess-july-19

GREENWICH, CT — To celebrate the artistry of L.A. Ring — the Danish master painter presented in the Bruce Museum’s current visiting exhibition — the Bruce Museum is pleased to host a virtual solo concert performed by internationally renowned Danish jazz and improvisational artist Nikolaj Hess. Filmed on June 24 before a live audience at SMK, the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen, the audiovisual hybrid concert will also feature visuals by acclaimed film director Andreas Johnsen based on the paintings of Ring.

Impressions of L.A. Ring: On a Threshold will be broadcast on Sunday, July 19, 2:00 – 3:00 pm via Zoom webinar. Part of the Bruce Experiences series of special programming for Museum members, admittance to the virtual concert is being offered free of charge for members and AFSMK patrons and $10 for non-members to benefit the Bruce Museum. To reserve a place or to join as a member, visit brucemuseum.org or call 203-869-0376; a link to attend the online concert will be sent to registered attendees one hour prior to the program.

Nikolaj Hess, whose influences can be described as a Nordic mix of International jazz, European classical, and Scandinavian folk music, has composed a unique concert reflecting on the themes in L.A. Ring’s artistic universe to paint a modern impression of one of Denmark’s most celebrated artists. The performance explores Hess’ interest in the five main themes of Ring’s work as highlighted in the exhibition, such as the naturalism seen in the landscape paintings, and the humanity captured through portraiture.

On view through August 9, 2020, in the Bruce Museum’s recently renovated and expanded main art gallery, On the Edge of the World: Masterworks by Laurits Andersen Ring from SMK—the National Gallery of Denmark showcases 25 of Ring’s most important paintings, which represent the key themes, sheer variety, and complexity of his work.

The exhibition was initiated by the American Friends of Statens Museum for Kunst, the National Gallery of Denmark, which holds the largest collection of Ring’s paintings and drawings. The Bruce Museum is the only East Coast venue to host this first exhibition outside Scandinavia to be solely devoted to L.A. Ring.

“It is part of our mission at SMK to inspire and spark creative thinking by making the art of our collection known to a wider audience, which includes audiences outside the Nordic region,” says Mikkel Bogh, Director of SMK. “L.A. Ring was a sensitive and profound interpreter of the changing conditions of human existence at the threshold of modernity, in Denmark and elsewhere. We believe his painting has an appeal to U.S. audiences and that his works, while embedded within specific geographic and historical circumstances, speak to us today in a powerful artistic language that matters as never before.”

“The opportunity to present the work of this great Danish artist to audiences on the East Coast is unprecedented, and the Bruce strives to engage museum visitors both near and far with new experiences and insight,” says Robert Wolterstorff, The Susan E. Lynch Executive Director.

“The issues Ring addresses, and the visual and psychological means he uses to address them, remain relevant today. Ring is unusual, at the turn of the 20th century, because he addressed modern issues in a traditional style. That makes him fascinating to me. His landscapes and images of peasants on the land and of workers in the town or city address contemporary issues of land reform, rapid population growth, and people moving to the cities. At the same time, the railroad and the telegraph knit the nation together, but speeded up life. Ring captured a world that was poised between traditional values and modernism. That’s a balance, and a tension, that we here in Connecticut—the gateway to New England—grapple with to this day.”

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WFM & Artists Collective Announce Youth Photo Contest https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49422-wfm-artists-collective-announce-youth-photo-contest49422-wfm-artists-collective-announce-youth-photo-contest https://news.hamlethub.com/fairfield/places/49422-wfm-artists-collective-announce-youth-photo-contest49422-wfm-artists-collective-announce-youth-photo-contest

Westport, CT – Every year at about this time, as the bounty of summer food and flora explode with color, the Westport Farmers’ Market launches one of its most popular programs – Young Shoots. Young Shoots is a friendly photography contest for budding creatives sponsored by the WFM in conjunction with the Artists Collective. In past years, Kids ages 8 to 18 have taken to the market, digital camera in hand, to capture the abundance of local food as they see it. This year the program has a new twist, Young Shoots is being brought into the home.  Kids are challenged to show the WFM back at their homes, the produce, flowers, prepared food and more that they buy and the food that is prepared for their families.     

“Young Shoots is an opportunity for kids to demonstrate their creativity through digital photography while at the same time appreciating the beauty of real food,” said Lori Cochran-Dougall, executive director of WFM. “Kids in three age groups (8- to 10-years-old; 11- to 14-years-old; and 15- to 18-years-old) are invited to submit photographs to be judged by a panel of local artists. This year we are excited to see the market in their homes through their artwork.  It will bring a fresh variety of images to this program.”

Jurors for the competition this year include Kerry Gale, local visual artist; Emily Laux, local visual artist; Bill Taibe, local chef and President of the Westport Farmers’ Market Board of Directors; and Eileen Sawyer, local photographer and member of the Westport Farmers’ Market Board of Directors.

The jurors select the best photos in each age group. First place winners in each category will receive a $100 cash prize and second place winners will each receive a $50 cash prize.  The public will also have a chance to vote online for their favorite submissions. All photos will be on display in a gallery-like setting at Sugar & Olives in Norwalk.

The application to enter the contest is available at youngshootsathome.artcall.org. 2020 submissions are due by August 10th, and selected winners will be notified by August 31st. A reception for all the photographers will follow.

“This is one of my favorite programs of the market,” said Cochran-Dougall. “These kids are our future. We love to see the appreciation they have for real food in such a creative way.”

About the Westport Farmers’ Market

The Westport Farmers Market is committed to providing fresh, local, healthy and seasonal food. We aspire to create a fun, safe, and healthy community environment for education and socialization. Our mission is to increase awareness, knowledge, and support for local producers focused on sustainable and healthy growing practices.

For more information, visit www.westportfarmersmarket.com, or email director@westportfarmersmarket.com. Find the WFM on FBInstagram, and Twitter, too.

About the Artists Collective

The Artists Collective of Westport is a vibrant group of 150 creative individuals who have joined forces to discuss, create, and develop dynamic experiences for the Fairfield County community. The Collective is open to all active artists in pursuit of expanding their careers and in developing a strong, diverse arts community. In the Barn at the Westport Country Playhouse, The Collective brings together various creative practices in unique monthly forums, in order to plan and stage public events, pop-up exhibitions, and stimulating experiences. We also tutor, volunteer, and curate various other art related activities and events.

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