Fairfield Chamber Presents FELO Scholarship Awards

Fairfield, CT – The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce presented its third annual FELO Scholarship Awards on Wednesday evening, June 14th.  “FELO is a new group within the Chamber, said Beverly A. Balaz, President, which was created three years ago.  FELO is an emerging professionals group, and the acronym stands for:  Fairfield Emerging Leaders Organization.  Their goal is to network amongst themselves, share ideas, and discuss challenges to help them achieve success as they continue their career path towards more senior-level management positions.”  

In addition, their mission is to help raise money for Scholarship Awards.  These scholarships are presented annually, to a graduating high school student from Ludlowe & Warde, who will be attending a Business School or majoring in business … and one who has financial needs.  

“I’m very excited about the Chamber’s involvement with scholarships through FELO”, continues Beverly.  I love education and I love business … we want to be part of each student’s college success!  Business is a great major, especially because basic business principles (whether in finance, marketing, sales, HR, operations, etc.), are very important to understand.  And once mastered, they can be applied to any business or industry … whether entrepreneurial or corporate.”

Last year, FELO presented two $1,500 scholarships, and this year, FELO raised enough money to once again, present two $1,500 scholarships.  “A huge achievement by our FELO members, of whom we are very proud” says, Beverly. 

The 2017 FELO Scholarship Awards were presented by Beverly A. Balaz and Ryan Santoro, Connect Computer to recipient Gareth Gacetta, Fairfield Warde High School … and to Thomas Wyckoff, Fairfield Ludlowe High School, by Beverly A.  Balaz and Jackie Kosiba, Delamar Southport.  Both of these students had outstanding backgrounds in their 4 years of high school, demonstrating high standards of excellence in academic, volunteer and leadership qualities.

In addition to the actual Scholarship, both Ryan and Jackie will make themselves available to each student, throughout the year, if Gareth or Thomas have a question about a particular subject, class or business concept … and they will also be happy to meet with the students in person next summer 2018, to discuss their Freshman year experience and mentor in any way they can.    

The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and FELO congratulate these two already accomplished students, wishing them much success and happiness as they move next, into their college years. 


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