Fairfield Girl Scout Starts "Days of Helping"

Fairfield, CT - Fairfield teen Clare McCurley has been in Girl Scouts since kindergarten and has progressed from being a Daisy to a Senior scout. Clare earned her Bronze and Silver awards during middle school. As a high school student at Sacred Heart Academy, Clare decided she wanted to earn her Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts.

In order to earn the Gold Award, Clare needed to spend at least 80 hours researching issues, assessing community needs and resources, building a team, and making a sustainable impact in the community. While working on her Sow What journey during her freshman year, Clare began thinking about where she wanted to make an impact in her community. “I’ve seen my senior neighbors and grandparents struggle to keep their yards up. I wanted to find a way to help them and other seniors in my community with their yard work," she said.

Clare approached the Youth Group leaders at St. Pius and St. Thomas to seek their support in creating what she called “Days of Helping”. With their support, Clare decided to start a community service project for the youth group. She reached out to seniors and began recruiting teens from the youth group, St. Thomas school, and friends to help her.

In the fall, she organized a group of 25 people who raked about 170 bags of leaves for seniors around Fairfield. In the spring, the teens went back to the seniors’ homes and weeded gardens, laid mulch and soil, picked up fallen branches, and swept garages. All in all, the volunteers logged over 165 hours of service and now the St. Pius youth group will continue this activity every fall and spring as part of their annual community service plan.


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