Calling All Fairfielders to Discover Local Creativity and Connect the Fairfield Community!

HamletHub teamed up with LIFEWTR for a series called "Why Creativity Matters"! We want YOU to participate!

HamletHub is on a mission to connect the Fairfield community by showcasing the beauty and creativity in Fairfield as observed through the eyes of locals.

Believe it or not, you discover creativity in the ordinary every day as you walk, shop, work or play in Fairfield. HamletHub reaches a large number of residents in your community, and with just 10 minutes of your time, we can help connect the great members of your community!

You can choose ANY 3 questions to answer (or more if you are so inclined). Here they are:

  1. What organization in town makes you FEEL GOOD?

  2. Is there a person or organization using CREATIVITY to provoke change in Fairfield?

  3. Any place in town where you go for inspiration and creativity?

  4. Where do you see CREATIVITY when you shop locally?

  5. Is there an organization in town that inspires you?

  6. When I think of CREATIVITY in town I think of …

Your answers will appear in Fairfield HamletHub as well as our social media pages and in our e-newsletter.

We’d LOVE the answers in THREE days (if possible!) In addition to the answers, you can include:

  • the names/contact info of Fairfield residents you think would like to be featured! 

  • One sentence on how you would like to be introduced [example: “three questions with Pat Smith who has been a resident for 5 years”].

  • Any social tags that you would like us to include in social posts

If you would like more information, please click here or email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

*Image courtesy Mike Lauterborn



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