12 Incredible Instagram Contest Ideas to Grow Brand Awareness

Instagram promotion is extremely important to be able to monetize your social network account. But how to make money on Instagram? There are two main ways: to promote your company's profile and offer its products/services or promote a personal brand to sell products/services. Each strategy has its pros and cons, and of course, it's up to you to choose.

If you don't know how to start promoting on Instagram, don't look for the best site to buy Instagram followers. Start with an idea. Companies often fill out a social network page according to the same rules as their website: news in a short text, information on discounts, and advantages over competitors. In fact, people are not interested in reading this. Publish engaging content on what a customer would like to read about - not your company. Do you know what posts get likes and resonate with the audience? We have compiled a selection of the most successful examples.

Choosing themes for Instagram posts

In a business account, all types of content must be associated with a brand. Instagram posts are conventionally divided into the following categories: informational, entertaining, useful, selling, and engaging. There is an infinite number of topics from this set, from company news to quotes and success stories.

How to write an Instagram post about products with humor

Companies are wary of humor in posts, as everyone has different ideas about what is funny. It is best to avoid jokes about nationality, politics, religion, gender, or physical disabilities in a brand account. A safe option is self-irony and popular memes.

Product manufacturing process

Show how your products are created. This is an excellent idea for your Instagram account too! After all, the demonstration of the "wrong side" awakens curiosity and increases confidence. General Electric regularly posts production photos and talks about the merits of its products. If you think the audience is not interested in such reports, take a look at General Electric's Instagram account with 420 thousand followers.

Inspirational quotes

Every third post from Forbes is the statements of famous personalities who gain at least 10 thousand likes. An example of a simple idea for Instagram, but very workable in this case.

Movie reviews

This theme is suitable for a company blog that has something to do with the movie / TV series/entertainment industry. Tell us about interesting findings and news from your company. Or maybe you love movies? Are you crazy about TV shows? Do you watch something new every day? Why not start writing about it. Many people are constantly looking for interesting ideas on how to brighten up the evening with a movie. Publish a selection of interesting movies for an evening/weekend / vacation, etc.

Sports / fitness blog

The topic in which many companies are successfully promoting. Show off your sportswear models. Share customer and customer success. Compose workout ideas, a description of the correct diet for the day/week / month, photos, and videos from your workouts in Stories.

Blog about books

The topic in which many offline books and online stores are successfully promoted. Some people are constantly on the lookout for interesting books to read. Write about interesting finds, share interesting excerpts from the works you like.

IT Blog

The IT market is booming. Still would! Alternative energy sources, reviews of new gadgets, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Elon Musk with his rockets and electric vehicles - this huge field for content creation. Likewise, tech companies can share their successes, use cases of their products, and interesting stories from behind the company's scenes.


Are you constantly looking for interesting ideas on how to simplify and at the same time improve your life? Share helpful ideas that make life easier and more fulfilling.


Are you interested in fashion? Helping others choose their wardrobe? Do you think you have a "sense of style"? Try your hand at creating a fashion/style blog. Reviews of the latest collections, wardrobe ideas for all occasions, how to put together a basic wardrobe - these are all topics you can create content about.

Bright photos for Instagram

On Instagram, you can see the picture first, then the text. Vivid colors attract attention, encourage you to open the photo. Many companies take advantage of this by adding brightness to their accounts. Juice maker Frooti posts images in tropical fruit colors.

Creative presentation of products

Do you want your posts to get more views and likes? Get creative and get inspired for Instagram from designer footwear brand Ganor Dominic. Instead of putting shoes on the models' legs, the company adorned the chair legs with them. The unexpected reception brought hundreds of likes and saves and boosted the popularity of the account.

More videos in posts for Instagram

Instagram is actively promoting the video format. Post short videos about a product, service, manufacturing process, or your team. Vogue magazine regularly features video interviews with people from the fashion world. A bright and non-standard picture increases the number of views.

Working with bloggers

It is almost impossible to pass off native ads from bloggers as organic posts. People see deception, and it annoys them. Better to be honest about the collaboration and offer bloggers the role of experts and brand advocates.

How to fill your Instagram account

  • Show off unusual uses for your product, inspire, tell stories, and reference your audience's values.

  • Decorate data in the form of infographics, layout vivid and original images to spice up your account.

  • Use provocations with caution, otherwise, you can destroy the brand's reputation.

  • Run name and design contests for your product.

  • Publish custom content.

  • Partner with reputable bloggers to build trust in your company.

Choosing a topic for a future blog is an extremely important stage in the life of any Instagram blogger. Because what you will be doing and interested in over the next few months, or even years largely depends on your choice today. Think carefully about your strategy before starting to develop your own Instagram account.