Fairfield Dog Hotel Debate Continues

Fairfield, CT - The Alliance to Preserve Peaceful Fairfield Neighborhoods Steering Committee reported that more than 125 people packed into a chilly Planning and Zoning Commission hearing room Tuesday, Jan. 10, to watch the Spot On dog hotel applicant team present its case for revamping town zoning regulations to permit it to build out 2269 Post Road into a mega dog care facility.
According to the Steering Committee, the applicants seemed intent on running out the clock. And they did. There was no opportunity for public comment by the time the mandatory meeting closure of 10 pm arrived. When the meeting ended, P&Z officials announced that the hearing would continue on January 24 and perhaps additional hearings would be required after that in order to properly discuss and understand all the issues involved before a vote was taken. 
Importantly, questioning by P&Z commissioners was rigorous and well informed, per the Steering Committee. It seemed clear they read the dozens and dozens of emails local residents sent. They were keenly aware of the significant opposition that exists for this project. One commissioner asked the applicants if it was possible to re-design plans for the outdoor dog runs so they were fully enclosed with proper walls and ceilings and HVAC support so they were effectively part of the building.  
What also was clear to the Steering Committee was that Spot On intends to have as many as 35 dogs at a time outside the facility in the dog runs supervised by staff. The facility itself will have 77 dog care suites inside. The applicant, who also disclosed that an emergency generator would be built on the property, if plans went ahead, claimed that an arborvitae hedge of 40 trees on the perimeter of the property would help to address all sound issues.
Steering Committee action items:
  •  The committee will be meeting with its legal counsel to determine next steps and refinements to its strategy. 
  •  The committee will provide updates on how the Jan. 24 hearing might look and sound from its side.
  •  The committee recommends keeping pressure up on P&Z through additional emails that note that important questions were raised and we appreciate their time and effort studying all aspects of the objections to this noisy and intrusive big box dog hotel idea. The committee urges that local residents continue to send emails to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
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