2017 Choral Scholar Award Winners Announced

Fairfield County, CT - Three high school seniors were recently honored by Fairfield County Children’s Choir for their commitment to choral music, composition, and scholarship. Three of the graduating seniors, Abby Noyes of Orange, Stephen Kelly and Natalia Zhiltsova of Fairfield, earned this year’s Choral Scholar Award for their dedication and participation in the internationally recognized FCCC. All of the recipients have been choir members for the past nine years, from fourth through twelfth grades.

In addition to the Choral Award winners, ten other high school seniors graduated from the FCCC this month. They include Adele Hancock and Kelly Karazulas of Easton, Hallie Lavin and Ellery Saluck of Westport, Nicole Marino, Daphne Saloomey and Abi Varsos of Fairfield, Emma Palomba of Monroe, and Clarice Pennock and Anika Vanderwal of Bridgeport.

Conductor and Music Director Jon Noyes is very proud of all 13 FCCC graduates. “This group of seniors is a unique and talented group of young people who have made a big impact on the FCCC," he said. "We will look forward to hearing about their musical activities in college. We wish them all the best in their new endeavors.”

The FCCC, now ending its 22nd season, is an internationally recognized choral program for children in grades 4 through 12, and is known for intensive instruction in vocal and choral technique. The choir has performed in numerous national and international choir festivals, and its Chamber singers are planning to travel to Ireland in June to perform in the Limerick Sings Choral Festival with a concert at Holy Trinity Abbey Church, Knock Basilica, Clonard Monastery and performances with Ireland’s leading composer and harpist Ann-Marie O’Farrell. The four choirs of FCCC are comprised of over 300 students hailing from nearly every town in Fairfield County. To learn more about the FCCC, or to hear the group sing, visit SingFCCC.org


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