Pre-Schooler's Drawing Inspires Fairfield-Based Clothing Brand, Now Marking 10-Year Anniversary

Fairfield, CT - Locally based Little Fish Clothing is marking its 10-year anniversary, a milestone that has owner Teresa Rainieri pausing to reflect on the origin and growth of the "little company that could".
"My eldest son, Payton (now 15), came home from his kindergarten classes 10 years ago excitedly waving a drawing he had completed that day," Rainieri shared. "As an artist, I was inspired by his thrill for what he had accomplished. With a degree in Fine Art and in the midst of working on a plan to market my own art on apparel, I was inspired by his enthusiasm and completely swapped out my idea for his. I re-formed the business plan and, thus, Little Fish Clothing was born!"

The company's mission is to offer artistically created and inspirational apparel and goods, a much-needed orientation during this challenging time when the world is in the throes of a massive public health crisis. Through expressive, creative wear and gifts, Little Fish strives to reflect the innocence of your inner child.

"Art is the heart and soul of Little Fish Clothing. Our images are stylized to be recognizable as one brand. We are continually honing our creative focus to positively inspire and impact our community, locally and globally," said Rainieri, who added that the journey to this point was a tough one. "Not knowing much about web design, the apparel industry, branding, marketing etc., we needed to research a lot and save up even more just to figure out where to start. The savings took a bit more time for us because I am a single mom running a single-income home with two growing boys (Rainieri's youngest son, Tegan, is 10)." 


Little Fish Clothing offers clothing and accessories for everyone. Apparel to outfit infants, little kids, big kids & adults (hats, tees, long sleeves, tank tops, raglans, hoodies, onesies, leggings, socks, raglans). They also design sterling silver jewelry (necklaces & bracelets) and offer housewares such as blankets, mugs (for both righty and lefty), tote bags & stickers.
Currently, Little Fish is donating 50% of its profits to The Yale New Haven Health Covid-19 Support Fund: 
"In the future, we would like to start a give-back to school art departments," said Rainieri. "Every year, when the school budgets are cut, art is at the top of the list. Many art supplies are bought by teachers or parents. Little Fish Clothing would like to give back to schools because we know the importance of art and the therapy it provides for many." 
Little Fish Clothing works with a fulfillment partner to print and ship its orders. They are in regular communication with them for the latest updates on what is going on. Their fulfillment partner is still operating and Little Fish continues to accept orders. Fulfillment and shipping will take longer but your order will reach you.

"Your support means a lot to us, especially during this time. Please be patient with us," Rainieri encouraged.
Teresa Rainieri


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