Meet Nick Novak: From First Tee to Class A PGA and Custom Club Guru at The Golf Performance Center

Meet Nick Novak: From Inner-City Kid in First Tee Program to Class A PGA Member and ACE Custom Club Builder and Fitter at The Golf Performance Center

Nick Novak, Director of Custom Clubs at The Golf Performance Center, says that the game of golf changed his life. “From a young inner-city kid in the First Tee program to a Class A PGA member, it has given me so many opportunities, “ he says.

Novak is the real deal when it comes to golf and he has made it his mission to give back to the game that has given so much to him. “I do this by using my gift to help as many people reach their goals as possible, not just in golf but in life,” he says.

Novak, who has been fitting clubs and building clubs for over a decade, prompts the question: Do you like what’s in your bag? “You wouldn’t build a house with a broken screwdriver, so don’t play golf with clubs that you know don’t work for you. Instead, start growing your toolbox,” says Novak.

Here, Novak talks about custom clubs and unveils why The Golf Performance Center is closest to the pin when it comes to clubs.

So you have decided to take the leap and get a golf club (or two, three, or a whole bag) made especially for you. How does that work at the Golf Performance Center?

The Golf Performance Center offers a club fitting experience unlike any other.  We combine state of the art technology, a world-class facility and expert PGA Professional club fitters and club builders to give you the trust you need in your equipment. 

Once a customer is fitted, how long does it take to create the club (s)? Where are they manufactured? 

At other club fitting facilities, clients have to wait 7-10 business days for their new clubs to arrive.  Here at The Golf Performance Center we have a state-of-the-art build shop on site, which enables us to turn around most of our orders within 48 hours.

Can a golfer get fitted for just one category or do you need to order a set of clubs?

You can get fit for one club, all clubs or anything in between.  Our team will work with you to pinpoint your equipment needs.

I hear your custom club fittings take about 2 hours per category (per club) which is longer than most typical fittings. Can you explain why?

Our club fitting process is highly detailed and designed to give you the ultimate peace of mind when purchasing new clubs. 

First Tee got Novak swinging

You can feel (really) good about swapping a club in your bag for a brand new custom club. Novak says that The Golf Performance Center works with First Tee to help young golf enthusiasts who may not be able to afford a set of golf clubs. “If you are not familiar with The First Tee, it is a junior golf program designed to get inner-city kids on the golf course, kids that maybe wouldn’t otherwise ever be introduced to the game.  The kids earn these clubs by doing community service in their community.  As a kid, I earned my first real set the same way,” says Novak. 

Call Nick Novak today at 203-790-4653 or 303-981-0029 and start swinging!

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