Fairfield Chamber & FELO Award Scholarships

Fairfield, CT – The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce presented its sixth annual FELO Scholarship Awards this year, even though there was not an in-person student awards night due to the Covid pandemic.  “We were so happy that we could still provide the scholarships, even during these difficult times," said Beverly A. Balaz, President of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce.

FELO is an emerging leaders group, and the acronym stands for:  Fairfield Emerging Leaders Organization. Their goal is to network amongst themselves, share ideas, and discuss challenges to help them achieve success as they continue their career path towards more senior-level management positions.

Beverly continued, “In addition to FELO’s many events, professional development and educational series, ’community give-back’ is core to their mission. FELO members often volunteer for non-profits and schedule events to help raise money for the FELO Scholarship Awards.  These annual scholarships honor a graduating high school student from both Ludlowe & Warde High Schools, who will be attending a Business School or majoring in business."  

“I’m very excited about the Chamber’s involvement with scholarships through FELO," said Beverly. "I respect education and I regard the business community … and, we want to be part of each student’s college success! Business is a great major, and mastering basic business principles (whether in finance, marketing, sales, operations, etc.) can always be applied to any business or industry … whether entrepreneurial or corporate.”

Last year, FELO presented two $1,500 scholarships, and this year, FELO raised enough money to, once again, present two $1,500 scholarships.  “This is a huge achievement by our FELO members, of whom we are very proud, given the fact that many of their events were cancelled between March and June because of Covid pandemic safety requirements,” Beverly said. 

In six years, FELO has awarded a total of $16,000 in scholarships.

The 2020 FELO Scholarship Awards were presented to Connor Burt, of Fairfield Warde High School, and Sion Moon, of Fairfield Ludlowe High School. Both students maintained standards of excellence throughout their four years of high school, revealed a strong interest in business, and displayed excellent volunteer and leadership qualities.

The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and FELO congratulate these already accomplished students, wishing them much success and happiness as they move next into their college years and throughout their career.

Connor Burt:  Warde High School

Connor will attend Hamilton College whose approach to education is “Study What You Love”.  He will major in Business.

Sion Moon: Ludlowe High School 

Sion will attend Boston College, where he will major in Business and Math.  He feels blessed to be going to Boston College, studying to be an actuary, as he hopes to live a comfortable life and be able to disperse money to missionaries, homeless shelters, and children who want to further their education.


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