Creativity Connects Fairfield: Meet Steven J. Santoli, Principal at Assumption Catholic School

Creativity Connects Fairfield

What fuels a vibrant, connected, and creative community? What makes people feel good about living in Fairfield?

When locals share the creativity that they uncover in the nooks and crannies of their community it brings about connectivity and makes us all feel good. Believe it or not, you discover creativity every day as you walk, shop, work, and play in Fairfield. 

Creativity connects us. 

 Steven J. Santoli, Principal, Assumption Catholic School in Fairfield.

Where do you go for inspiration and creativity?

Within Fairfield, I find inspiration, creativity and passion every day. Whether it be in a pew at Our Lady of Assumption Parish where I am spiritually connected, or on the campus of Sacred Heart University where I first began my professional educational and athletic path in Connecticut after leaving New York, or in my home surrounded by my family - Fairfield provides for me a sense of community.

Tell us about an organization in your town that makes you feel good

As a proud educational leader at Assumption Catholic School nestled in the Stratfield section of Fairfield, I feel blessed to be a part of our school community and the greater area of Fairfield and surrounding towns. Assumption is unique because it draws nearly 170 students from within Fairfield, Bridgeport and other communities. Assumption prides itself on being an inclusive, faith-filled community that celebrates diversity and provides the opportunity for learners to become the best version of themselves in grades PreK-8th. As you walk the halls of Assumption you immediately feel a sense of family, and the joy of a Catholic education. During such a different year for so many in our community, Assumption proudly served its students Full-time, 5 days a week in a safe, nurturing academically focused environment. I feel honored each day to be a part of a strong, dedicated faculty, surrounded by amazing students!

What do you love about your community?

What is there not to love about Fairfield and specifically Assumption? Assumption Catholic School is surrounded by love, joy and peace, we have lots of fun as a school community but also never forget the importance of our strong academic rigor, nurturing atmosphere and welcoming diverse community. During this time of year, especially this year, I am reminded of what drew me to Assumption and Fairfield in the first place. The people, my faith, nature, close proximity to family and friends and so much more. Many things to love and be grateful for.

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