Memorial Day Hot Air Balloon Charity Rides

Fairfield, CT - Ever wanted to ride in a hot air balloon? This Memorial Day, before you head to Fairfield's parade, come take a ride and support local charities with RE/MAX Heritage and First Church Congregational.

Hot air balloons are romantic, fascinating and fun! RE/MAX Heritage is offering rides in a RE/MAX hot air balloon at First Church of Fairfield to raise money for First Church outreach programs. Take in the morning view along the CT coast and feel the breeze as you participate in the oldest form of human flight. Bring the family, bring your sweetheart, and bring your camera to capture the spectacular views. Be there by 7:00am if you want to see the balloon being set up - it’s quite the sight to see!

Donations can be made ahead of time through Eventbrite. Recommended donation is $20 per person. Up to four people can ride at a time. There is no age restriction, but children should be accompanied by an adult. Rides are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis from 8am to 10am. While every effort will be made to ensure each donor receives their opportunity to fly, weather conditions can change quickly. The safety of all riders is our first priority, and our licensed hot air balloon pilot will have final say on all flights. (Note: this is a tethered balloon ride, so calm wind conditions are necessary to ensure safety). Please remember that this is a charity event, and donations will not be refunded for flights canceled due to unfavorable wind conditions, inclement weather, or time constraints.

Proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Learning Center, Operation Hope, and CIRI (CT Institute for Refugees & Immigrants). We hope you will join us for this fantastic Memorial Day event, help support these worthy causes, and enjoy a ride to remember!

DISCLAIMER: All safety determinations will be made by our expert pilot. Wind conditions on the ground can be very different than at balloon height. If the pilot decides that wind or other weather conditions constitute a danger, the balloon will be grounded until the conditions improve or the event ends. The balloon event has a hard stop at 10am, so if participation is high, some people at the end of the line may not get to ride. This is unfortunate, but unavoidable. Please be aware that donations will not be refunded in such cases. We appreciate our donors’ understanding and support of First Church’s outreach programs.


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