Sen. Hwang to Provide Update on State Control vs. Local Control on Several Matters, April 14, 4:30pm, Southport Train Station

Southport, CT - State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28th Senate), as ranking member of Planning & Development (P&D) Committee and the former Co-Chairman of the Housing Committee in the CT General Assembly, is hosting an informational rally at the iconic Southport Train Station to update community on proposed legislations on: 

- Transit Oriented Design (TOD) HB 5429

- Fair Share/8.30g - HB 5204

- Open Beach Access, HB 5254

- Impact on local Planning & Zoning Board - Public Act 21-29 (HB 6107)

- Environmental Impact of density development - Public Act 21-29 (HB 6107)

- Commission on CT's Development & Future - Public Act 21-29 (HB 6107)

Speakers will include a bipartisan group composed of P&D Committee legislators, local Zoning Officials, Environmental Advocates, and Community/Conservancy Leaders! Join us to hear how Hartford policies are impacting our communities and to voice residents' concerns against overdevelopment and irreparable damage/alteration to residences & environment.

WHEN:    Thursday, April 14, 4:30PM

WHERE:    West/NYC Bound Southport Train Station, 400 Center Street, Southport, CT


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