Pequot Library Has Scored a Specialist for its New Scrabble Sessions

Southport, CT – Sixteen-year-old Scrabble aficionado Dusty Brown leads Pequot’s Scrabble Club for children starting Thursday, December 7, 2017. Pequot Library announces nine new sessions running through February 22, 2018 from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. Under the supervision of Children’s Librarian, Jane Manners, Scrabble expert and word whiz Brown will lead the classes, which are designed for students in grades 3-12.

If you like learning new words like “quartzy” (resembling quartz) or “syzygy” (an alignment of three celestial bodies), you might want to channel that great vocabulary into an illuminating game at Pequot’s Scrabble Club. Here students learn winning plays, key strategies, and new vocabulary with Brown, a recent competitor in the 2017 North American Scrabble Championship (the largest Scrabble competition in North America) and the North American School Scrabble Championship. For Brown, the championship experience was thrilling. “It’s awesome being in a giant room with tons of players that all enjoy playing the same game,” he says. “I also get to reunite with friends from around the country that compete in the tournament each year.” 

Brown was introduced to the game six years ago at Pequot’s Scrabble Club. What he loves about the game is both the math component and the many possibilities present when drawing and rearranging the tiles while trying to find a word. “The skill is necessary for most word games,” he says, “which is why I love them so much.” Brown encourages children as young as third-graders to join the club. “Not only will they sharpen their addition and multiplication skills,” he says, “but it’s a great opportunity to learn a lot of words and make new friends that share a common hobby.” Pequot Library welcomes beginners as well as seasoned Scrabble players. If you want to have fun with words while having fun with friends, old and new, and you’re in grades 3-12, take your tiles out of the bag at Pequot Library’s Scrabble Club. 

Note there will be no class on December 28, January 18, and February 15. Online registration is required at www.pequotlibrary.org. Cost: $100/student. For more information, please contact: (203) 259-0346 ext. 116.

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