High Achieving Student Earns High School & HCC Degrees

Bridgeport, CT - Later this month, at age 17, Mason Perry will graduate from both Capital Preparatory Harbor Charter School in Bridgeport, and Housatonic Community College (HCC). With a strong grasp on hard work and time management, the dual high school and college graduate from West Haven, Connecticut is well prepared for the next step on his academic journey.

Perry entered HCC at age thirteen, attending an Intermediate Algebra class which happened to be comprised entirely of adult learners. Undaunted, Perry earned an A in the class.

“At first, I was really nervous. The class was filled with adults, like all grownups,” said Perry, “but over time I became familiar with the campus and met students. Everyone made it really comfortable.”

A five-year partnership between the two schools paved the way for Perry’s achievement. Capital Prep students fulfill their high school fine arts course requirements at HCC, saving the school space while still providing a healthy offering of electives.

“I can’t say enough about the collaborative experience with HCC,” said Rich Beganski, Chief of Schools at Capital Prep. “They’re a great partner, and their professors want our kids to be ridiculously successful.”

In addition to earning an associate’s degree in Humanities/Behavioral & Social Sciences from Housatonic, Perry will graduate with a 4.26 GPA from Capital Prep. All the while, he held down two part-time jobs working at a movie theater concession stand and washing dishes at a restaurant.

“HCC helped me to understand what it really means to go to college and also how to get work done on time,” said Perry. “If I needed help, I learned that I need to go get it, it’s my responsibility. What made my dual graduation possible was time management, I learned that you just need to manage your time.”

“Mason Perry is a shining example of what is possible when students are given access to quality education, set high goals and work hard to achieve them,” said Dr. Thomas G. Coley, Acting President Housatonic Community College and Regional President, CSCU Shoreline-West. “We’re very proud of our partnership with Capital Prep and will be honored to call Mason an HCC graduate.”

In the fall, Perry, who is the son of Capital Prep founder and CNN education contributor Dr. Steve Perry, will attend the University of Pennsylvania, where he plans to major in business. After that, his goal is law school, with aspirations to become an entertainment lawyer.


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