Open Call to Norwalk HS Students for Bus Shelter Artwork

Norwalk, CT - The Norwalk Art Space, in partnership with The Norwalk Transit District, invites all high school students in the Norwalk area to submit artwork for our first-ever Bus Shelter Poster Competition.  Two selected artworks will be documented and installed as posters in the two bus shelters in front of The Norwalk Art Space. In order to assist students with their submissions, two workshops will be offered throughout the summer. Our first workshop by muralist and Artistic Director Duvian Montoya on enlarging drawings using the grid technique will be held on Saturday June 26, 2021 at 1pm and A photography/documenting workshop by Resident Artist, Lorena Sferrlaza will be held on July 31st at 1pm.

The theme for this call is “Daydreams Through the Window.”  

As Artistic Director Duvian Montoya explained, “Quiet moments staring out the window of your home, car or a bus ride can send you into thoughts of childhood, the beach, family, love, loss, or perhaps aspirations for the future.  We ask interested students to allow these daydreams to be the inspiration for this competition.  Let’s inspire others to daydream a little more as they drive by.”

Montoya continued, “Daydreams through the window, was a fitting topic due to the year spent staring out our windows, dreaming of the get-togethers missed, and hoping for the get-togethers to come. With this competition we hope to excite the high school student body and get it  involved with The Norwalk Art Space and its free art programming. We will be a resource for those interested in the arts throughout their high school careers and hope we can make a difference in their advancement. Working with Kathy Herbert and the Transit Authority was a natural fit because of the two prominent bus shelters right in front of The Norwalk Art Space that our students will use throughout their careers in getting to and from our home, ADK House.”

Kimberlee Morton, CEO of the Norwalk Transit District, commented, “I am pleased to partner with the new Norwalk Art Space on this community collaboration using Transit District bus shelters to create visible, artistic place-making that will enhance and beautify our collective and shared public landscape.  Our partnership will also demonstrate the convenience, access and affordability of using public transportation.”

The two winning submissions will be documented and converted into 67” x 45” posters printed from the original pieces. The two locations are directly in front of The Norwalk Art Space at 455 West Avenue. A celebration and Art show of all the original artworks will be hosted at The Norwalk Art Space on Thursday September 2, 2021 and run for one week until September 9, 2021. Winners will be announced and the winning submissions unveiled at the opening reception on September 2nd. The two winners will also receive a $75 gift certificate to Jerry’s Artarama and bus passes from the Norwalk Transit Authority. Five honorable mentions will also receive gift certificates of $25 to Jerry’s Artarama 

Judges for this community project will be Duvian Montoya, Artistic and Educational Director of The Norwalk Art Space, Kathryn Hebert, Head of Special Projects with the Norwalk Transit District and Dennis Bradbury, Art advocate and organizer.

Deadline for delivered submissions to The Norwalk Art Space is Friday, July 31 at 1pm. 


  • Artwork should conform to the following measurements: 11” x 7”, 16” x 11”, 24” x 16”, or 32” x 22” for proper proportional scale. (Work will be distorted in poster if not at this scale/s).  Bus stop poster size is 67” x 45”
  • Artwork must be delivered to Mr. Montoya at The Norwalk Art Space at 455 West Avenue by Friday, July 31st by 1pm with name, title, grade and high school
  • A short artist statement about the work should accompany the artwork
  • Up to 3 pieces are allowed per student
  • All mediums accepted


  • Workshop on enlarging your drawing using the grid technique, by muralist Duvian Montoya - Saturday June 26, 2021 at 1pm
  • Hand delivered Submissions - Friday July 31, 2021 by 1pm
  • IPhone Photography 101 workshop by Resident Artist Lorena Sferlazza  - Saturday July 31, 2021 at 1pm
  • Exhibition of original works - Thursday, September 2 - 9
  • Announcement of winners - Thursday, September 2 during opening
  • Installation of posters at Bus stops by September 1st
  • Original Artwork picked up at The Norwalk Art Space by September 17,2021


  • Artist name
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Grade, High School
  • Short Description or statement (if desired)
  • Instagram handle (if desired)



Using the Grid Technique to Enlarge Your Sketches 

Duvian Montoya (Artistic Director)

Saturday, June 26, 2021 | 1 PM to 4 PM | The Norwalk Art Space

Free and open to high school students (grades 9-12); up to 10 spots; registration required

Have you ever wanted to turn your favorite sketches or artworks into larger paintings or murals? Then join The Norwalk Art Space’s Artistic Director and Muralist Duvian Montoya for a three hour demo on how to use the classic grid technique to enlarge those images. This technique has been used for centuries to help artists enlarge their creative ideas into large scale works of art. Duvian will use his own sketches of projects he has completed throughout Norwalk as reference and inspiration. 

Suggested materials: Any small sketch or artwork that you would like to enlarge to a 30 inch x 30 inch piece of paper

This workshop is meant to help understand the need in drawing in scale for our Bus Shelter Competition “Daydreams through the window.”


iPhone Photography 101: Documenting Your Art with the Tools You Have Lorena Sferlazza (Resident Artist)

Saturday, July 31, 2021 | 1 PM to 4 PM | The Norwalk Art Space

Free and open to high school students (grades 9-12) up to 10 spots; registration required

Have you created inspiring artwork lately but feel intimidated by how to save or share it digitally? Join the Norwalk Art Space's resident artist and educator Lorena Sferlazza to learn how to document your artwork with one of today's most commonly used tools: a cell phone! In this workshop, you will be guided step-by-step through the process of photographing your 2D or 3D artwork through the settings of an iPhone or smartphone: from understanding and arranging the most ideal lighting scenarios, to mastering how to frame, capture, crop, and edit your photos to match as closely as possible to your original artwork. 

Suggested materials: iPhone or smartphone, 2D or 3D artwork sample We will have the artworks professionally photographed for proper clarity and proportion.

Please note: Images captured during this workshop can be used for archiving, printing, or submission to open calls, including the Norwalk Art Space's Bus Shelter Competition “Daydreams through the window”


These workshops are free and open to high school students (grades 9-12) on a first come, first serve basis for up to 10 spots; registration required.


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