Fairfielder Sahel Anwar New Squash Director for Chelsea Piers

Stamford, CT – Chelsea Piers Athletic Club is thrilled to announce that Sahel Anwar and his team of accomplished professionals from Premier Performance Squash (PPS) have joined Chelsea Piers to lead the Squash program. Anwar and the PPS team bring a unique squad training philosophy that provides a highly structured training environment under the watchful hand of the skilled coaching staff.  

Squad training sessions for all levels refollow a disciplined, systematic approach, touching on each fundamental element of squash. Lessons are set within situational gameplay versus traditional methods that focus on repetitive drills designed to develop muscle memory. As players progress, sessions encompass an intense mixture of theory, court work, and post-game analysis.  Also included in the program to ensure all players are prepared to compete at the highest level are essential off-court complementary training, including strength and conditioning, mental gamesmanship, and nutritional recommendations. The goal of squads is not only to make squash players better but also to prepare them to train themselves and their squadmates. Squad training is an ancient practice with modern applications. Over the past decade, Egypt, not a traditional powerhouse, has consistently dominated the top rankings by utilizing this training approach. 

“Sahel distinguished himself from many highly regarded squash professionals we considered due in large part to his innovative and internationally acclaimed approach to developing juniors.” commented Kevin Burton, Athletic Director, Chelsea Piers Athletic Club. “The PPS team brings a proven squad training philosophy and training methodology to Chelsea Piers that is without peer in the area. As a member of the US National Team coaching staff and head squash coach at Fordham University, Sahel’s ability to connect with players and prepare them to be successful at the next level is unrivaled.” 

“Chelsea Piers offers us a unique platform to build a true squash community for all,” commented Sahel Anwar, Squash Director, Chelsea Piers. “Seeing so many enthusiastic young athletes, I am excited to share our passion and love for the sport with the many talented athletes at Chelsea Piers. I am certain we will see many juniors competing at the top junior levels, college – and maybe even beyond.  We have a shared commitment to an athletes’ journey from beginner through retirement.”

Squash programs for children ages 5+ begin on September 8. More information on the Squash program at Chelsea Piers can be found at www.chelseapiersct.com/squash

About Chelsea Piers Athletic Club Teams

Chelsea Piers Athletic Club provides an unprecedented opportunity for student-athletes to train and compete under one unified banner. Chelsea Piers athletes have full access to both off-surface training, led by certified trainers in our dedicated Competitive Team Training Center, and on-surface coaching in their sport of choice. The world-class facilities attract top-level instructors from around the world, including seasoned and certified youth coaches with Olympic, NCAA, and professional backgrounds. As a sports club, the goal is to prepare athletes for success, not only in their sport of choice through age-appropriate goal setting and training, but also in their lives through the development of essential teamwork and leadership skills.


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