CT’s Beardsley Zoo Declares New Mayor, Harry the Guinea Hog

 Bridgeport, CT -The election to decide Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo’s next mayor was neck and neck between Harry the Guinea Hog Piglet and Clara the Bison, but at the tail end of the day on November 18, Harry pulled ahead by a whisker.  All votes were counted, and Harry the Guinea Hog Piglet was declared the Mayor of the Zoo this morning. The Farmyard resident thanked his supporters and promised to be a mayor for all the animals.


The other four candidates have all conceded the race. The Apex Predator Party issued a statement on behalf of the current mayor, Kallisto the Amur leopard, promising allegiance to Harry and a smooth transfer of power. As the second-place winner, Clara the Bison will serve as runner up if Harry is unable to fulfill his duties through the duration of his term.


The highly contested race was decided by online votes, with the general public voting for the candidate of their choice by making a one-dollar donation for each vote.


“We’re all whole hog behind Harry as our new mayor, but the real winner of this election is the Zoo,” said Zoo Director Gregg Dancho. “We thank everyone who voted for their generosity in supporting this fundraiser.”


The winning Mayor will hold a 12-month term. All donations to the ballot box will be used to support the Zoo’s mission of conservation, education, research and fun. 



About Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo:


Let your curiosity run wild! Connecticut’s only zoo, celebrating its 99th year, features 350 animals representing primarily North and South American and Northern Asian species. Guests won’t want to miss our Amur tigers and leopards, maned wolves, Mexican gray wolves, and red wolves. Other highlights include our new Spider Monkey Habitat, the Rainforest Building, the prairie dog exhibit, and the Pampas Plain with Giant anteaters and Chacoan peccaries. Guests can ride on the carousel, grab a bite from the Peacock Café and eat in the Picnic Grove. Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is a non-profit organization approaching its 100th year at a time when the mission of helping fragile wildlife populations and eco-systems is more important than ever. 


Tickets must be purchased on the Zoo’s website at beardsleyzoo.org. In accordance with the state of Connecticut COVID-19 guidelines: we recommend that guests continue to wear masks while visiting the Zoo, but when guests are outside and can maintain social distance, masks may be removed. In any indoor area, or when social distancing cannot be maintained, masks are required. Everyone over the age of two, except for those with medical conditions that preclude wearing them, should have a mask available.







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