The Sleeping Potato Eatery Opens at The SoNo Collection

Norwalk, CT: Norwalk's premierretail, lifestyle, and event space, The SoNo Collection, welcomes The Sleeping Potato to its level 3 marketplace of eateries. Recruited through its parent company, Brookfield Properties, The SoNo Collection will introduce this restaurant franchise’s Norwalk location on Friday, September 23 at Noon. The SoNo Collection management team, along with the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, and Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, will be on hand for the official ribbon cutting.

The Sleeping Potato’s Norwalk team is comprised of founder and owner Har’rell Chisolm, Norwalk Franchisee owner Darrell Tyson, and Chef Bion “BG” Green. Chisolm, a Bronx, NY native, has been on diverse professional career path over the years, including time as a Metro-North railroad conductor, entertainment and business service provider, paralegal, and author. Now he can add restaurateur to his portfolio. 

The Sleeping Potato’s recipes are developed by chef Bion “BG” Green, a longtime chef and restaurateur in the Atlanta, GA area.  The unique concept consists of gourmet loaded baked potatoes, fries, and chips topped with fresh vegetables, seafood such as crab, lobster, salmon, and shrimp; and meats such as chicken, lamb and steak, plus delicious homemade sauces. Signature combinations such as the Midnight Steak n Cheese with steak, onions, chives, and the Dusk Til Dawn Chicken Alfredo with chicken, broccoli, carrots, in addition to build-your-own options are offered. 

Chisolm has partnered on the new venture with longtime friend, Darrell Tyson, who is The Sleeping Potato’s franchisee at The SoNo Collection. 

The Sleeping Potato is the first tenant at The SoNo Collectio to be recruited through owner Brookfield Properties’ Partner to Empower program, which is “dedicated to addressing and breaking down the systemic racial barriers that members of our communities face.”

Through the initiative, Brookfield has committed to investing $25 million through 2025 to help Black and other minority business owners open brick-and-mortar stores in its malls by providing one-on-one business planning and guidance, networking opportunities and resources, funding for store construction, marketing and advertising support,and a four-week retail workshop led by industry experts. Across Brookfield, there are 44 PTE-supported stores that are open or under construction. In The Sleeping Potato’s case, the PTE funding supported the rebranding, including new signage, of the kiosk that it took over. 

In addition to sit-down and takeout service at the eatery located at The SoNo Collection, the Sleeping Potato also offers deliveries through DoorDash, Grubhub and UberEats.

“I want The Sleeping Potato to be able to fit in the hood and fit in upscale areas. I want us to be able to fit everywhere,” Chisolm says of growing the brand, “And the way that people will believe that you can is coming from a place like The SoNo Collection.”

100 North Water Street, South Norwalk, CT  06854