Sen. Hwang Proposes CT Cybersecurity Czar Position

Hartford, CT - Just last month, Apple iPhone and Mac users were shocked to hear that a glitch in the device’s FaceTime app allows anyone calling to use the recipient’s phone to eavesdrop. The glitch allows anyone to place a FaceTime call to any number, and even without the recipient accepting the call, the caller could gain access to the recipient’s microphone and even a live feed of the recipient’s front-facing camera.

This is an incredibly concerning breach of privacy, and highlights the need for government and private sector to coordinate and cooperate to ensure individual user privacy as well as the security of government and corporate entities. 

State Senator Tony Hwang has introduced a bill to the CT General Assembly that, if passed, would establish the Office of the Cybersecurity Czar within the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP). This bill will enhance and broaden the scope of our current Chief Cybersecurity Risk Officer beyond the Department of Administrative Services focusing on governmental and homeland security. This bill stipulates that the position would have the responsibility to develop policies, suggestions, and resources that will address the needs of (1) National and State Homeland Security including security of utilities and infrastructure, (2) Corporate Cybersecurity to protect trade secrets and clients’ data privacy, and (3) protection for individual consumer’s personal data and application security.


“It is time that our state has a dedicated group of people that deals with every level of cybersecurity in our state. We know that the pervasiveness of cyberspace and the World Wide Web has created opportunities for criminal and possible terror tactics to operate within it. Our personal and business dependency on unruly digital and cyber technology pose a real threat to the security of our state and the safety of Connecticut residents,” said Senator Hwang. “Government institutions, major corporations and individuals have suffered from hacking, and I believe the creation of this position within DESPP is a necessary step towards confronting the problems we are facing now and will continue to face in the future.”

“I envision this senior cybersecurity position to have the vision and responsibility to consult with and advise the Governor, the Legislature, state agencies, and private companies in the state to develop and implement a more integrated approach to protecting our cyber space, in addition to creating very clear recommendations and accessible resources for individuals,”Hwang continued. “It should be in everyone’s interest to protect our own and each other’s information, data, finances, etc. and the person who fills this position would have the expertise and the mandate to ensure we are all on the same page in this pursuit.”

This legislation has been reserved for a subject matter public hearing on February 14th at 11:00am. For any individuals, agency officials, and private sector professionals wishing to testify on this bill, please contact my office to arrange in-person testimony or send a copy of your written testimony to the Public Safety and Security Committee ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and to my office ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).


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