Sen. Tony Hwang Applauds Construction Grants and Maintained Ed Funding for Fairfield

Hartford, CT — State Senator Tony Hwang today voted for the school construction package which includes grants for two schools in Fairfield. Ludlowe High School will receive $31,133 and Warde High School will receive $56,422. Both grants were awarded to help cover the construction alteration costs based on School Security and Safety Assessment conducted by the Fairfield school district administration.

“I am proud to cast this vote for construction costs to improve school security and safety in both Fairfield High Schools,” said Sen. Hwang. “It is a continuation of maintaining school infrastructure to ensure our students, faculty, administration and staff are protected while they focus on the important task of learning in our schools.  Education is critical to our community’s uniquely special quality of life and creating opportunities for future success of our students and families.  I have personally experienced its positive educational impact as both of our children are successful graduates of Fairfield Public Schools.”

Fairfield as a whole received its full share of education dollars this year and will continue to receive it’s expected state educational funding as a result of the new funding formula that passed in the 2017 bipartisan budget, which was kept intact in the 2019-2020 CT State biennial budget.

“The bipartisan budget led by the Republican proposal that created a predictable and sustainable education funding (ECS) system for fair disbursement of education dollars throughout the state for every community,” said Sen. Hwang. “Despite the controversy and frustrations of the current 2019-2020 biennial budget in its spending and taxation, the General Assembly is united and bipartisan to ensure proper state funding of education and construction costs for each respective community and also accounting for the special funding needs and challenges of our Alliance School Districts.”


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